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When it was time to get off work, the emergency department gradually became busy.

When they arrived at the emergency department, Zhou Litao was having a physical examination.

The three of them did not disturb him and waited quietly.

Zheng Ren felt a little better, and the unbridled spirit in the depths of his heart surged up.

However, when he thought about Xie Yirens smile, which couldnt be compared to the spring breeze, he retreated like the tide.

“Boss Zheng, su … Brother Yun, whats the matter” Zhou Litao squeezed some soft hand sanitizer on his hands and asked as he washed his hands with the standard six – Step washing technique.

“Lets go out for dinner tonight.

Can I take a day off” Su Yun asked.

“Sigh …” Zhou Litao really wanted to go out.

Being a chief resident was the hardest job.

The chief resident of the emergency department was the most resident.

However, it was precisely because of this that it was harder than ascending to heaven to ask for leave.

It was difficult to take leave even with a high fever of 39°C, let alone go out to eat, drink, and have fun.

“Ill leave you to it then.

” Su Yun got the result she wanted and patted Zhou Litaos shoulder.

She smiled and said,””On the day youre released from prison, well hold a banquet to celebrate.

Chief Zhou, how much can you drink”

“A bottle of white wine is no problem.” Zhou Litao said heroically.

Su Yun looked at him with a smile.

“Doctor, this is an emergency, right” A handsome young man in his 20s pushed his wheelchair and asked.

The few of them were used to the signs that were everywhere.

In an unfamiliar place, there would be unfamiliar questions.

No matter how clear the sign was, it was only natural to ask.

The doctors and nurses with bad tempers would secretly complain if they were blind.

However, as long as they felt the same way, they would understand that this was normal.

It was just that there were too many people asking for directions every day and it was really tiring.

“Whats wrong” Zhou Litao waved his hand, indicating that he had to work, and let Su Yun and the rest go.

Zheng Ren took a glance at the female patient in the wheelchair.

She was about 23 or 24 years old, and her makeup was a little heavy, covering her natural colors.

However, her looks were still not bad, but Zheng Ren did not notice it when he saw that her face was covered in mosaic.

The system panel was red, and it clearly marked two fatal diagnoses.

The fallopian tube on the right side of Xuanji ruptured, and the patient suffered a hemorrhagic shock.

The gynecology department was very busy, so Zheng Ren did not want to be a busybody.

Instead, he walked past the patient with Su Yun.

The hospital had its own procedures.

For this kind of illness, as long as you came to the emergency department … Or the emergency department of Room 912,99.999% of people would be fine.

Its just a laparoscopy, a small problem.

“It hurts.

Slow down.” The woman said in a coy voice.

“Im sorry.

Please bear with it for a while.

Weve already arrived at the hospital.” The man said gently.

The young couple is quite good.

I hope they are happy.

As for herself … She also hoped that she would be happy.

However, his detestable father – in – Law was practically the ultimate BOSS of the dungeon.

He was the kind that could fire Dalins machine gun at 360 degrees without any blind spots.

Zheng Ren walked out of the emergency department and let out a deep sigh as he watched the night fall in the capital.

“Boss, your career is on the rise.

Its not right to sigh.” Su Yun smiled as she came over to console him.

“What are we having for dinner” Zheng Ren had nothing to say, so he could only find a topic to avoid being too embarrassed.

It would be best if he didnt have to think about things.

However, there seemed to be something important in her mind, but she couldnt remember it.

If it wasnt something important related to his father – in – Law, Zheng Ren wouldnt have thought too much about it.

However, they were going to meet at this time tomorrow.

If there were things that he couldnt remember now, wouldnt that be fatal

“Hehe.” When Su Yun heard Zheng Ren ask what they were having for dinner, she smiled happily.

Humans were not omnipotent.

His boss was the same.

Yesterday, he was still discussing the last piece of the classic physics puzzle of turbulence with the worlds top professors.

Today, he was dumbfounded.

“Im fine, dont worry.

” Su Yun did not say it out loud, but she still consoled Zheng Ren.

Zheng Ren sighed, thinking that Su Yun was talking about her shares in the apricot forest garden tomorrow.

He wasnt worried about the other side at all.

If Peng Jia didnt agree, he wouldnt have to spend much money on his own.

Now that the Army was strong and strong, what was there to worry about when Peng Jia was given food to eat Zheng Ren had no psychological burden, whether it was to turn the tables on him or to take over his position.

He was the core of the competition.

If there was no live broadcast of the surgery, Xing Lin garden would eventually become a website that kept burning money out of love.

Burning money was thrown in one piece at a time, not the kind that burned bundles and piles.

There was no big capital willing to invest, so there was no pleasure of throwing 100 million a day.

The two of them were thinking about two different things and couldnt continue the conversation.

Su Yun looked at Zheng Rens embarrassed state and was overjoyed.

She did not continue consoling him.

Instead, she called for a meal, hailed a car, and went to the restaurant.

Zheng Ren did not even notice what they were eating.

The current Zheng Ren could be perfectly described as tasteless.

Xie Yiren tried to talk them out of it, saying that they were easy to get along with, but Zheng Rens mind was in a mess, so he didnt notice what they were saying.

An hour later, Su Yun received a call.

Zheng Ren vaguely heard something about an illness and immediately perked up.

Since he didnt know how to deal with his father – in – Law, he might as well go back to the hospital to gain some confidence.

Maybe tomorrow, she would be full of confidence and be able to overcome her fear of her father – in – Law.

Zheng Rens eyes lit up.”What illness Is he from the General Surgery Department or the cardiothoracic Department”

“Im from the gynecology department.

” Su Yun said unhappily.

“Its fine.

Im good at Gynecology too.

” Zheng Ren was halfway through his sentence when he felt a tight grip on his hand.

Xie Yiren had squeezed his hand.

Uh … Ive said something wrong.

Zheng Ren immediately remained silent.

The more he tried to explain, the more mistakes he would make.

“Do you still remember the restaurant that sells pig livers where we first dissected patients” Su Yun asked.

“I remember.

That time, when old Liu wasnt around, Liu xuzhi, mu Tao, and Fu Guier were all around.” Zheng Ren said.

“Do you still remember the chef who said that your knife skill was the Willow knife skill”

Speaking of this, Zheng Ren was so clear that it was as if it had just happened.

But when he mentioned people, he could remember a few of them and what they did at that time.

However, how could he possibly remember what the chef looked like

Su Yun knew that Zheng Ren had face blindness, so she said directly,””His wife is in the hospital.

He thought of us because hes not familiar with the hospital.”

“Oh.” Zheng Ren had little interest.

It was just a boring thing for ordinary friends in society to go to the hospital to take a look and say hello.

It was just going back and forth, and maybe there would be a meal after.

If it was a rare illness, he could use his brain to think about it, search through countless medical cases in his memory, compare, refer, and finally get a perfect answer … Only in this way would he feel a sense of accomplishment and forget the distress of having dinner with his father – in – Law tomorrow night.

“Lets go and take a look.

” “I didnt need you at first,” Su Yun said with a smile.”But look at your state.

Ill teach you how to talk to your father – in – Law.”

“You have experience” Chang Yue adjusted her glasses and asked softly.

In an instant, the sky turned dark.

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