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Chapter 129: Freedom And Honesty

“Is this Wei Feng Please come to my office.” The lead editor hung up immediately after finishing the short sentence.

Wei Feng thought delightfully,The lead editor is going to praise me in person!

His footsteps were brisk and light as if the goddess of luck was welcoming him with open arms and treating him with kindness.

The path to success,

Was right in front of him.

He lifted his foot and,

Stepped forward,

Like a carp leaping over the Dragon Gate and,

Transformed into a dragon!

As for the bones and flesh buried beneath him,

Who cared anyway!

“Knock-knock-knock!” He regained his composure upon reaching the lead editors office and knocked on the door.

“Please come in,” The lead editors voice traveled from the other side of the door.

‘A girl who uses her family background to act superior to me, Wei Feng thought contemptuously, but his emotions were well-concealed as he entered the room with a polite smile on his face.

A smart-looking, short-haired woman in her late-twenties sat behind the desk while reading a printed copy of the article in her hands.

She was Tang Xiu, a lead editor of the news and information department.

“Wei Feng, good work on your article,” said Lead Editor Tang plainly.

The smile on Wei Fengs face deepened, but he maintained a certain degree of formalities without putting on a smug look.

“Im just a newcomer serving my journalism internship.

This is all thanks to your guidance.” Wei Feng reluctantly complimented the lead editor, but there was not the slightest hint of disinclination noted in his tone.

“However, this news will bring a huge impact on society, so forget about it,” said the lead editor indifferently as she put the printed article down and pushed her black-framed spectacles.




Lead Editor Tangs words exploded in Wei Fengs ears like a thunderous boom, violent to his ears.

Something was wrong! This must be a shady deal!

Wei Feng was instantly infuriated.

This must be a backroom deal! Someone must have persuaded this f*cking b*tch to suppress this news under the table!

His heart began to race at an incredible speed.

His brain instantly went into overdrive as multiple thoughts whizzed past his mind like a bullet train.

“You can go back now.

Keep up the good work.

I have faith in you,” said Lead Editor Tang coldly.

Enraged, Wei Feng lost his head and rooted to his spot.

It was undeniably a good article.

He had spent most of his already low salary to search for an informant.

In order to produce a detailed and accurate article, he had also visited Sea City General Hospital, a godforsaken place, in the middle of the night, and had even dealt with a group of people who smelled heavily of booze and tobacco.

All those hard work but for what!

His sole purpose was to publish news that could send everyone in shock!

Who the hell did she think she was to disallow that!

Wei Feng quickly calmed down, sorted out his emotions and suppressed his rage.

“Lead Editor Tang, can I ask why”

“The influence is too huge, and the content isnt suitable.

Once its published, itll bring lots of trouble to the company.”

“As a free and honest journalist, I perform tasks with a clear conscience,” replied Wei Feng loudly with a straight face, almost getting impressed by his own words.

“I know this article will offend some people, but no matter what kind of resistance or pressure awaits me, even if Im physically threatened or—”

“Thats enough!” Lead Editor Tang raised her head and stared at Wei Feng coldly.

“Are you sure what you said is true”

“Im sure!” answered Wei Feng energetically.

He had to endure the overwhelming stress, and the idea of resigning and exchanging his article for a job in a major newspaper firm in the South even occurred to his mind in this instant.

The major newspaper firm in the South loved this type of news.

Lead Editor Tang picked up her cell phone, seemingly sending messages on WeChat.

This very sight irritated Wei Feng even further.

In his viewpoint, she was obviously planning on giving him a cold shoulder.

This was Lead Editor Tangs unspoken words.

“This matter ends here.

This draft wont be published to keep the newspaper office out of trouble.”

‘Trying to avoid trouble and bring about peace! No wonder this is just a small newspaper office in a remote city. Wei Feng sneered.

“Lead Editor Tang, I understand your concern.” Wei Feng decided to put up a fight.

The article was simply too good.

Once it was published on the right platform, he was certain that a bright future would be waiting for him.

He would regret it for life if he backed off now.

Wei Feng had seen the “greater world”, so he was unwilling to spend the rest of his life rotting in Sea City.

“If the newspaper office receives unnecessary stress because of my article, I owe you a sincere apology,” Wei Feng said coldly, “But the ownership of this article belongs to me, and I think it deserves a better place.

I wont let the society—”

His phone rang all of a sudden and interrupted his speech.

“This isnt a presentation in a university and no one will listen to your lecture.

Please be quiet and take a look at the photographs.” Lead Editor Tang gave Wei Feng a cold and piercing gaze.

Wei Feng was taken aback.

Photographs Had someone taken a photograph of him giving money to the informant or receiving cash from the professional troublemakers

A shiver ran down his spine as he turned on his cell phone.

In the first photo, the family members were holding a silk banner high in the air, surrounded by a huge crowd, at the main entrance of Sea City General Hospital.

The second photo, which had been taken from a different angle and much closer than the first, showed a man holding the silk banner with densely embroidered words clearly seen on it.

‘They… Wei Fengs heart sank immediately.

‘Please, let this be the last picture. He desperately prayed in his heart.

However, when his finger swiped to the left, a picture of a dark corner appeared before his eyes.

It was a photo of him and the yellow-toothed, tattooed man.

The yellow-toothed, tattooed man was stuffing a stack of red banknotes into his hands.

Seeing that Wei Feng was frozen on the spot, Lead Editor Tang picked up the printed article and threw it onto his face.

“Arent you going to resign Take your article and get lost!

“F*cking idiot, not only had you received money, but you had also left evidence behind!

“Its a good article, and I really want to endure all kinds of pressure and publish it, but youve been blackmailed! You dared to lecture me about fairness and freedom!

“Didnt you want to take it to a place that it deserves to be in Get out, now! Right away! Immediately! It belongs to the trash can, so throw yourself into the garbage bin along with it!


The smart and competent Lead Editor Tang cursed out loud, unable to control her anger.

Blood drained from Wei Fengs face as the papers floating weightlessly down onto the ground like snowflakes.

In Sea City General Hospital emergency ward.

Zheng Ren was reading a book, Chang Yue was documenting medical records, and Su Yun was playing on his phone behind Zheng Ren.

Zheng Ren would check on the patient with tetanus every half an hour on average.

Even though there was no significant improvement noted in the patients symptoms following the infusion of tetanus toxoid, at least there was no further deterioration either.

The absence of deterioration proved that the drug had worked, which was a good sign.

Half an hour later, Zheng Ren once again stood up to check on the patient.

“Chief Zheng, are you not going to wear a mask” asked Su Yun as he trailed behind Zheng Ren.

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