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Lin Ge raised his head, his eyes sharp.

This was the normal expression of the staff from the hospital administration Department.

The gentleness that they had when they spoke to Zheng Ren was not normal.

That was a treatment that only boss Zheng had the opportunity to enjoy.

As for the others … Even if they were the departments group of professors, the staff in the hospital administration Department would rarely smile when they spoke.

“Old Zhang, dont be so agitated.

Sit down and talk.” “Its true that emergency patients require emergency surgery,”said Lin Ge indifferently.

If the patient dies on the operating table, it means that he is seriously ill.

If we cant do it, which hospital in the country can do it for sure”

Hearing Lin GEs firm stance, professor Zhang did not say anything.

“Its allowed if you dont have the same opinion, but were all on the same side.

Dont attack us.” Lin GEs expression became stern.

He paused and looked around the office.”Ill go and explain to the patients family later.

If they approve, well go straight to the surgery.

If young Zhao can do it, then do it.

If he cant, Ill give old Gu a call.

Professor Zhang looked very unhappy, but he was relieved.

As long as he didnt have to go on stage, everything would be fine.

“Young Zhao, are you confident in the surgery” Asked Lin Ge.

Zhao Yunlongs expression was serious as he glanced at Zheng Ren.

It was as if he had returned to that stormy night when they ran out of ammunition and supplies.

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He looked at Zheng Ren and saw a familiar determined gaze.

If boss Zheng was around, he would definitely attend the surgery.

Why would they need old Gu

“Im confident!” Zhao Yunlong said with certainty.

“Alright, then the related departments will each speak and share their views.

Young Zhao, can you take me to see the patients family” Lin Ge stood up and walked out with Zhao Yunlong.

Division Chief lingelins position was very stable.

Zheng Ren smiled.

It was obvious that director ye had given him instructions, and he was just carrying them out.

Whatever he said was true.

If he wanted to have surgery, Lin Ge would stand up and solve all the problems.

His ability to execute was really strong!

As for the patients problem, Lin Ge took on the responsibility in the name of the hospital administration Department.

This kind of support was quite strong.

Lin Ge walked out, and no one in the office continued to speak.

The hospital administration Department wasnt even here, so what else was there to say

Moreover, if Zheng Ren could see it, all the second – tier on – duty professors could see it too!

Everyone sighed in their hearts.

Boss Zheng had unknowingly become the key support target of the hospital.

He was afraid that a new top student would rise up.

Not to mention the Nobel Prize, with the support of the 912 hospital, it would be difficult for him not to become famous in the National Medical field.

Some people were envious, while others were waiting to see a joke.

Everyone had their own plans.

In less than ten minutes, Lin Ge returned.

“Young Zhao, boss Zheng, get ready for the surgery.” Lin Ge said directly.

“Alright,” he said.

Zheng Ren immediately picked up his phone to call Su Yun.

He also wanted to ask Yiren to come along with the sterilized surgical equipment.

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“Director Lin, what did you tell the patients family” Zheng Ren asked before he made the call.

“Whats there to explain” Lin Ge laughed,”I told the patients family that if we dont do the surgery, shell definitely die.” After the surgery, there was a 99% chance of death.

As the hospitals representative, I suggest that you receive surgery.

After all, theres a one percent chance of success.

Although he was speaking the truth, Zheng Ren still felt that he was being a little unyielding.

The hospital administration departments work style was really tough … Anyway, Zheng Ren would not explain things to the patients family like this.

“Dont worry.

The success of the surgery is because of your high standards, boss Zheng.

If the surgery fails, youll have the powerful hospital administration Department as your backup.

” Lin Ge said with a smile in front of all the professors on duty.

It wasnt just professor Zhang.

All the other professors on duty cursed in their hearts.

Envy, jealousy, and many other things.

If he had the support of the hospital, would there be any surgery that he could not practice

Sigh, boss Zhengs skill level was high, his luck was good, and the hospital doted on him even more.

It seemed that he had to be closer to boss Zheng in the future.

They had all heard about Division Chief Maos matter.

A junior doctor Who wasnt even a professor could actually shake director Mao, even if he was a Nobel Prize nominee.

It was better to have a good relationship with this kind of young man who was in the limelight than to offend others.

The second – tier professor on duty in the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery thought more.

He knew very well that director Zhang had been beaten up two days ago.

The surgery was performed by boss Zheng, and the patient recovered well after the surgery.

The patients family members were well – behaved and apologized every time they saw Department Director Zhang Lin.

Was it because of director Zhang Lin

That was definitely not the case.

That was boss Zhengs ability.

If he could even take over the cardiothoracic Department, he would have to get closer to him.

What was the most terrifying thing about interventional cardiac surgery

Still unable to get off the stage If cardiac tamponade were to occur, it would be fatal.

With an expert in the cardiothoracic Department behind him, he would not be restricted.

“Boss, Im coming, Im coming.” Su Yun hurriedly walked in.

Before she even appeared, her voice could be heard.

“Oh, Brother Wang is here.

Professor Zhang, youre here too … Division Chief Lin … Is this a hospital – wide consultation” Su Yun hurriedly walked in and said in shock.

“Its done.

Lets go take a look at the patient and get ready to go up the stage.

” Zheng Ren patted his shoulder and brought Su Yun to see the patient.

In the office, departments like the Neurology Department and other unrelated departments dispersed.

But Wang Shaogang, the second – String on – duty professor from the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, didnt leave.

“Director Lin, the hospital is giving boss Zheng so much support now.” Wang Shaogang said in a low voice.

“Youre the one who talks too much!” Lin Ge said with a smile.

He wasnt afraid of people finding out about this, he was only afraid that people didnt know.

He stood by boss Zhengs side with a clear flag.

Even if there were any problems in the future, it would be a matter for the future.

If he couldnt grasp this God – given opportunity, hed better go to the medical dispute office and deal with medical disputes every day.

As for the risk of choosing sides, if he wanted to be on two sides, he would definitely fall into the water in the end.

Lin Ge had thought it through.

“Boss Zheng, are you good at cardiothoracic surgery” Wang Shaogang asked in a low voice.

“Who said that boss Zheng wants to do cardiothoracic surgery” Lin Ge asked, making a strange expression.

“…” Wang Shaogang concluded.

Well, the success of the surgery was boss Zhengs doing.

Failure was not the case.

Division Chief Lin, you cant be so biased.

“Im going to report to director ye.

If theres nothing else, you may leave.

” Lin Ge said as he walked out alone.

However, there were only a few people left in the room, and they did not seem to have any intention of leaving.

It seemed like they wanted to watch the surgery.

Zhao Yunlong brought Zheng Ren and Su Yun to the ward.

Zheng Ren said,”Wait a minute, Ill call Yiren first.”

“By the time you remember, the cucumbers will have gone cold.” “Yiren came with me,” Su Yun replied immediately.”She went to get the sterile equipment.”

Zheng Ren was speechless.

“Old Zhao told me a long time ago, and I guessed that you would be participating in the surgery.” Su Yun chuckled.”Hurry up and see the patient.

Shes in an emergency.”

Looking at Su Yuns anxious look, Zheng Ren felt helpless.

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