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Last time in the capital, boss Zheng had used a sharp knife with a bulls ear.

This time, he was using a professional scalpel that was shining coldly.

However, there was a subtle feeling between them that Liu xuzhi could still sense.

Boss Zhengs skill level had risen again …

He was particularly helpless.

Originally, he still had a little obsession in his heart.

The skill level of the nameless surgeon in the live broadcast room of Xing Lin gardens surgery was not the best, but at least he was not inferior to boss Zheng.

But looking at it now, it was still far from enough.

Liu xuzhi shook his head, throwing away the thoughts that he shouldnt have, and focused on the dissection.

At a certain point, Zheng Ren said,””Over here, the position shown on the x – ray should be … Su Yun, explain to everyone with the x – ray.”

This was the disadvantage of not having a large projector.

However, the people present did not care.

It was enough for them to see a wonderful comparison between an anatomical dissection and an MRI scan.

Who would be picky

Simple because it was crude, huh

That outrageously beautiful assistant had told him to get lost if he didnt want to learn.

It was easy to get lost.

However, if he held a global academic conference in the future and others knew it but not him, how shameless would he be

Everyone knew the importance of this matter.

The moment Zheng Ren finished speaking and the simultaneous interpreter finished speaking, a group of people rushed up and surrounded Zheng Ren and Su Yun who were in front of the demonstration stage.

Liu xuzhi was dumbfounded …

This was his home ground.

Why did he feel like an abandoned orphan She stood alone at the back of the crowd, looking especially helpless.

He was still too young.

This group of directors, professors, and experts were like wolves and tigers.

If he had tolerated it a little, it would have turned into this situation.

Liu Xu made up his mind.

He didnt care if he was a world – famous expert or professor.

If he wanted to learn, he would squeeze in and take a look.

Just then, his phone rang.

‘Its not my wife. Liu xuzhis heart trembled.

He carefully picked up his phone, and when he saw that it was a call from the interventional cardiac surgery department, he was relieved.

“Ah” Liu xuzhis hand that was holding the phone trembled and he almost dropped it.

“Ill go take a look now, wait for me.

After he finished speaking, Liu xuzhi could not be bothered to read up on anatomy anymore and immediately rushed to the operating theater.

The head nurse told him a piece of bad news.

Because the hospitals medical equipment department had decided to do an inventory check on the weekend at the last minute, all the consumables could not be taken out of the warehouse.

Liu xuzhi knew that it was very likely that someone was deliberately messing with him.

For things like taking inventory, they would need to be notified at least a day in advance, and no surgery would be arranged.

At this time, it was already time to get off work.

The last minute notice was simply for him to invite boss Zheng to perform the surgery.

He was still not sure of his judgment, for fear that he had heard wrong.

After all, he was an invisible person in the hospital.

Why would the leaders of the hospital deliberately mess with him Thats impossible.

Liu xuzhi arrived at the interventional cardiology room as fast as he could, opened the door, and entered.

“Head nurse, when did you receive the notice” Liu xuzhi hurriedly asked.

“I was about to get off work when I received a call from Section Chief MA.

He said that he wanted to do an inventory check, and that the consumables used during the weekend will not be taken out of the warehouse.” The head nurse didnt want to delay her from work, so her attitude was a little bad.

“I cant …” Liu xuzhi rubbed his hands and said anxiously,””We have medical consumables with us, right lets use them first.”

“Section Chief MA said that all the consumables can not be touched.

He informed them one day in advance because he was afraid that they would be scheduled for surgery.” The head nurse said,”if theres an emergency and surgery is necessary, it needs to be approved by the medical Affairs Department and the medical equipment department.” He wont admit to using the medical consumables without approval.

The head nurse then looked at Liu xuzhi pitifully and asked,””Liu, when did you offend Section Chief MA”

“…” Liu xuzhis originally consoled heart suddenly fell down the cliff.

This was what it meant to be targeted!

“Head nurse, how could I have offended anyone With the professor here, what about the surgery tomorrow Ill go find Section Chief MA.

” Liu xuzhi hurriedly said.

“Its already time to get off work, where are you going to find her” The head nurse had already changed her clothes, and her high heels were tapping on the floor in the empty corridor, making a crisp sound.

Liu xuzhi was stunned for a moment.

He stood there in a daze and looked at the head nurses back as she left.

He wanted to cry but had no tears.

In the demonstration room, Su Yun was holding an x – ray while Zheng Ren was dissecting the patient.

The crowd quieted down after Su Yuns anger.

In the end, Zheng Ren decided to divide the seats and draw lots.

There were three groups, and each group had ten minutes.

Although it might take a long time to explain, it was the best choice under such conditions.

After drawing lots, the group of experts quieted down.

Their eyes, which were either filled with doubt or enlightenment, glowed with light, making the dark room a little brighter.

[Theyre saying that they should quickly write a love song for both elegance and vulgarity …]

Zheng Rens phone rang.

He was wearing sterile gloves, so it was not convenient for him to answer the call.

Su Yun put down the hemostatic forceps and took out Zheng Rens phone to take a look.

“Boss, its an unknown number.” Su Yun said.

“Lets see who it is.

” Zheng Ren did not mind and said casually.

If it was a scam call to sell stocks, he could just hang up and blacklist it.

As the funds in his account increased, the number of similar calls Zheng Ren received also increased exponentially.

In addition to promoting stocks, there were also people selling blockchains.

Zheng Ren was not tired of this.

One time, he answered a call and said it was from a virtual currency organization.

Zheng Ren casually asked what the closing price of Bitcoin was today.

The person on the other end made up a number and hung up the phone angrily after being exposed by Zheng Ren.

Nowadays, the quality of scammers was so low that they didnt even learn the most basic business.

How could this be allowed

If you want to be a liar, you have to lie to yourself first.

This was the most basic thing.

He didnt even believe it himself, so how could he lie to others No future.

“Yes, the boss is dissecting the patient.

Who are you”

“Were in the demonstration room of the Internal Medicine Department on the third floor.

With that, Su Yun hung up the phone.

“Hes a friend from song camp.

He said hes here to see you.

” Su Yun said.

“Brother song said he was looking for someone to arrange for us to go play.

Were here so quickly” Zheng Ren was slightly surprised.

This efficiency was way too fast.

A few hours ago, Song Ying had just made a call when he got on the plane.

Now, he was here

“Sister Lin said that she would make arrangements.

I think shes not familiar with this place.

Song camp is more reliable.” The moment Su Yun thought about going out to play, the smile on her face became more genuine.

The black hair in front of his forehead fluttered in joy.

He was extremely happy.

As they were talking, a travel – worn man in a camouflage suit appeared at the door.

The black boots with high edges were so grey that their original color could no longer be seen.

Her body was also covered in dust, the kind that would fall sand when she walked.

He was tall, had a crew cut, dark skin, a pair of sword – like eyebrows, a straight nose, and a big mouth with slightly cracked lips.

“Boss Zheng” The man stood at the door and said in a clear voice.

“I am.” “May I ask who you are …” Zheng Ren smiled.

“Fan Tao.” “Song Ying is my younger brother,” the man replied.

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