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“Are you going to leave” Zheng Rens heart skipped a beat as he asked.

“Boss Zheng, I know youre a sentimental person.

We are considered comrades in Pengxi village.

“You and Yun GEer are the main Gunners, Im just a carrier of ammunition …” As he spoke, Liu xuzhi felt guilty and glanced at Feng Xuhui, who had been silently standing behind him with a beautiful lady, each carrying a large suitcase.

They were the ones transporting the ammunition, and he didnt seem to have done anything.

There didnt seem to be much difference whether he had himself or not.

“Well, if you dont have any food to eat, the boss will definitely find you a job.

Dont worry, I wont starve to death.

” Su Yun patted Liu xuzhis shoulder as he spoke.

In fact, doctors from the interventional services Department who could perform TIPS did not need Zheng Ren to find a job at all.

He could go to any town – Level hospital in the Yangtze River or Pearl River Delta, and the annual salary would be at least five hundred thousand Yuan.

Before Zheng Ren had improved the TIPS surgery, there were less than a hundred people in the country who could perform this surgery.

It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that he was a golden lump.

Liu xuzhi shook his head and said,”my parents, father – in – Law, and mother – in – Law are all here, so medical insurance is a big problem.” With his entire family How would he deal with the house after he went there How to solve the problem of their children going to school These are not things that can be settled with a few hundred thousand.

When there were many children at home, this was not a problem.

Liu xuzhi was still a bit better off, as he had one or two siblings.

The situation was even worse for the middle – aged doctors who were younger than him and had not yet learned any skills.

Their standards were average, and they had a family of their own.

They were all the only children, and the burden was enough to crush people.

This was a difficult problem that had no solution.

“Boss Zheng, Im sorry.” Liu xuzhi let out a long sigh and said,”I shouldnt be telling you this.

Youre really kind to be able to come.

I was planning to go to the Gobi to play for two days after my surgery.

As he spoke, he thought of his wifes private money and felt extremely aggrieved.

After a long sigh, he stopped talking.

In the era of only one child, middle – aged men did not have the courage to leave.

“Lets go,” Zheng Ren sighed.”Im going to take a look at the patient.”

Zheng Ren did not take Liu xuzhis question seriously.

People would laugh at the fact that a Doctor Who knew how to perform TIPS would starve to death.

Although Zheng Ren did not ask, he estimated that the TIPS surgery performed by Liu xuzhi himself would not take more than one and a half hours.

At the beginning of this century, when professor Xu Ke from Chinas Medical University first started performing TIPS surgery, he and his mentor performed tips for eleven hours before they successfully completed a case.

Even though the time for a successful surgery had been reduced to three to four hours as his skills improved, Liu xuzhis skill level was already outstanding.

If he really couldnt, he would go to Rong city.

That was the area with a high risk of hepatitis B, which was also a densely populated area.

There would never be too many doctors who knew how to perform TIPS.

Old Liu was so used to being cowardly that he always thought he couldnt do it.

Everyone was at a loss.

They went to the Department of Gastroenterology to check on the patient before the surgery, and Liu xuzhi arranged for his accommodation.

Xie Yiren replied with a WeChat message, telling Zheng Ren that Chang Yue and Liu xuzhis wife had gone shopping.

Zheng Ren was also very convinced by Chang Yues basic character design.

He told Liu xuzhi to put his mind at ease.

The patient was well prepared, and his overall condition was very good.

There was no surgical taboo at all.

Zheng Ren was very impressed with her solid work.

After that, Liu xuzhi borrowed a key and the group went to the hospitals demonstration room to take a look at the environment.

This place was countless times worse than the concert – like teaching conditions that Zhou chunyong had prepared for him.

However, he could still make do with it.

In Zheng Rens opinion, there was no problem at all.

More than an hour later, Zhou chunyong arrived with a team of more than 40 experts.

They did not inform the hospital beforehand.

This was just a spontaneous on – the – spot observation of the surgery.

Even Zhou chunyong had felt that Westwood province was too far away and did not want to come 18 hours ago.

After seeing Su Yun, Zhou chunyong guessed that she was in the demonstration room.

His mood suddenly brightened up, and all the fatigue in his body disappeared.

“Director Zhou, you must be tired.” Su Yun said with a smile.

“Im not tired.

” “When do we start” Zhou chunyong asked.

“Call me old Zhou.

Director Zhou is too polite.” Zhou chunyong chuckled.

He was so happy that Zhu liangchen didnt show up, and he even talked more happily.

“Then I wont be polite.

I feel like youre up to no good when you call me director.

” Su Yun laughed.

Zhou chunyong broke out in a cold sweat.

Who can be more practical than you, doctor su, when it comes to playing dirty

“Old Zhou, lets have an anatomy class first.

The conditions might not be as good as yours … No, its not justmaybe, its definitely not as good as yours.

Its the same situation in Mayo.

” Su Yun said.

It was true! Zhou chunyong and the other experts were excited.

When watching the surgery, if one did not go up and receive the hemostatic forceps, the improvement would not be great.

The reason why he followed them was that everyone was here.

If he didnt come, he would feel like he was missing a hundred million.

He didnt expect that there would really be a surprise!

Zhou chunyong quickly led the group of experts into the small demonstration room.

It was indeed a small demonstration room, and the small seats could only seat about 20 people.

Liu xuzhi was dumbfounded as he watched more than 40 people squeeze in.

Blond hair, blue eyes, and yellow skin were so harmonious … In order to grab a front row seat, they fought openly and secretly, and even almost got into a fight.

If it wasnt for Zhou chunyong, who knew what would have happened.

Seeing that the preparations had begun, he quickly went to prepare fresh animal livers.

Su Yun stopped Liu xuzhi and used WeChat to transfer 10000 Yuan to him.

Liu xuzhi was very embarrassed, but he still accepted it in the end.

He didnt give too much.

After all, he didnt deserve it.

He did not come all the way to Xilin town to give Liu xuzhi money.

Liu xuzhi was also very straightforward.

An hour later, he was holding a fresh set of animal liver in his hand.

He placed it on a stainless steel tray and handed it to Zheng Ren.

Zheng Ren put on sterile gloves and attached a $233 Lancet to the handle.

Without any small talk, he began to dissect the body.

The small demonstration room, which had been as chaotic as a wet market, suddenly became quiet.

Over forty people, whether standing or sitting, began to watch Zheng Rens dissection carefully.

Liu xuzhi almost cried.

He had only hesitated for a moment before he was pushed to the back.

On second thought, the small restaurant in the capital was still better.

Only a few people could look at it, and they could look at it however they wanted.

They could even look at it from the big roof.

Unlike now, where he could not even see the MRI scan clearly.

The conditions on his side were really limited.

Even this small demonstration room was borrowed from the Department of Internal Medicine.

Dont worry about it for now, lets just watch.

Liu xuzhi began to focus on the dissection.

In his trance, he had a feeling that boss Zhengs dissection seemed to be more skillful than when he was in the capital.

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