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Zhou chunyong didnt hesitate.

He split the crowd and walked straight in.

Zheng Ren and Su Yun followed behind.

Zheng Ren carefully observed the group of troublemakers.

Was it the loan shark It didnt look like it.

There were no tattoos, but there were men, women, old and young.

Only the first dozen or so people were making a scene, and the rest seemed to be watching the fun.

Besides, what was the situation now with cracking down on gangsters and evil how could a small loan shark be so arrogant That was impossible! Zheng Ren immediately denied his own thoughts.

A series of howls came from the ward area, and they were all exhausted.

It was not his familys business, so Zheng Rens heart rate was normal.

If this had happened on 912, his heart rate would have been at least 120 beats per minute.

As Zhou chunyong walked in, he saw a woman lying on the ground, wailing like a pig being slaughtered.

A few of the family members wanted to go up and help him up, but a burly man stood in front of them like an iron tower.

His eyes were fierce and fierce.

A woman was searching him.

It was different from what Zhou chunyong had described.

Zheng Ren was a little surprised.

“Boss, did you see When an unreasonable person meets someone who doesnt want his life, thats it.

” Su Yun saw that nothing had happened and relaxed as she whispered.

“You came to the ward to cause trouble.

If my mothers heart stops beating …” With that, the burly man paused for a moment, and his eyes swept over the group of people who were making trouble.

His gaze shifted very slowly, as if he was trying to remember every face present.

No matter who they looked at, they all felt fear.

Some people even lowered their heads and shrank back.

“Ill find you one by one and destroy your families.

” The burly man didnt use up all his strength and only said one thing in a flat tone.

“Pa~” a slap was heard.”Shut up!”

The young girl next to him was searching his body.

The woman who was making a scene on the ground had a red palm print on her face.

She was curled up like a quail.

The young girl was getting impatient and said directly,””Wheres my identification card”

Zheng Ren found it interesting that everyone was still so calm.

It seemed like this burly man was not an ordinary person.

The woman on the ground took out an ID card with trembling hands.

The girl took a picture and said,”brother, I left the address.”

“Yes.” The burly man sneered.”All of you, get lost!”

The group of troublemakers felt as if they had been pardoned.

Only the man who was confronting the big man in the front pushed up his glasses and smiled bitterly.

He sighed and said,”big brother, we didnt do it on purpose.” I just found out that my dad is here for surgery, so I rushed over.

This matter was getting more and more bizarre.

Even Zhou chunyong stopped in his tracks and looked on in surprise.

It was really hard to say how the situation would develop.

“You dont even know that your father is hospitalized, and youre still shamelessly saying that!” The burly mans disdainful eyes were unscrupulous, and the middle – aged man was embarrassed and angry, but he did not care.

“Its all because of that Little Vixen!” The middle – aged man pointed at a person who was peeking out of the ward to see what was going on and roared.

“He sold his house, his pension is in the hands of this Little Vixen, and he didnt even tell me about his surgery.

What can I do!” The middle – aged man was so angry that he seemed to have forgotten how scary the burly man was.

He roared, his voice echoing in the corridor.

“Lower your voice, you motherf * cker.” The burly man frowned and said.

Zheng Ren looked at the person the middle – aged man was pointing at.

A young man poked his head out to look at the situation.

No, it wasnt him.

Where are the young girls No, there wasnt.

What about the middle – aged woman who still had her charm There was nothing.

Only a few aunties were standing together.

Seeing that there was no danger, they stood together and gossiped.

It was possible that she was an Auntie, but she would definitely not be called a Little Vixen.

Zheng Rens head started to heat up as he thought about it.

This kind of difficult problem was more tiring than performing a surgery.

Zhou chunyong saw that although the matter had not been resolved, he was still being controlled by the burly man.

He walked up and said in a deep voice,””This is a Ward.

Whats the fuss about disperse.”

As the director of the Department, Zhou chunyong naturally had a bearing.

The burly man smiled and glanced at the group of people.

Then, he left and returned to the ward.

The middle – aged man took two steps forward.

Zhou chunyong looked at him and said in a deep voice,””Or do you want to cause trouble”

“Im the director here, Zhou chunyong,” Zhou chunyong was like a lion King whose territory had been invaded.

He spoke directly with a hint of anger in his voice.

“Director Zhou, no, no, please dont be angry.” The middle – aged man looked worried.”There are a lot of people today.

Theyre all my relatives.

I asked them to be witnesses.”

“I want to break off the Father – son relationship with my father,” The middle – aged man had already thought it through and said firmly.

Zhou chunyong was stunned.

He had thought that it was a big disaster, but it was just a family dispute.

However, things still had to be controlled.

Otherwise, family disputes would get out of hand.

If he encountered any family matters on the streets, Zhou chunyong would not be willing to deal with them.

He would be happy to watch the fun.

However, this was the imperial capitals Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, which was the first Department of interventional services.

If something happened, he would have to follow them and eat the pan.

“You go by yourself.

The rest of you wait outside the ward area.” Zhou chunyong said.

The middle – aged man had no choice.

He turned around and gave a few instructions before walking in.

“Boss, I really admire this patient.” Su Yun laughed and said softly.

“Of course.” Su Yun did not explain and followed the patients family.

Zheng Ren did not know what was going on, so he went to take a look as well.

The middle – aged man came to the door of the ward and looked at the young boy, saying,”Little Vixen, are you satisfied now”

The young boy was about 22 or 23 years old.

Just as Zhou chunyong had said, he was a very likable young man.

He looked at the middle – aged Man Without Fear.

“We are true love.” The young man said indifferently.

A bolt of lightning exploded above Zheng Rens head.

The fine silver Snakes slithered around, and his hair stood up one by one.

A burnt smell could be faintly smelled.

Zheng Ren did not discriminate against people of the same gender.

He had no feelings for them at all.

But when he glanced into the room, he had an impression of the patient.

He was the ninth patient to go on the operating table.

He was a 71 – year – old man with a history of hepatitis B for more than 30 years, accompanied by portal hypertension and gastrointestinal varicose veins.

“City people really know how to have fun.” Zheng Ren smiled bitterly.

However, this was good too.

After causing such a ruckus, Su Yun would not drink for such a long time.

The next morning, he had to take a look at the patient and catch a plane.

Zhou chunyong was also shocked.

He watched the middle – aged man and the young man talk about the family property with little interest.

Such a trivial matter had made his blood boil and brought back the feeling from decades ago.

It was really F * cking awesome!

Zhou chunyong sighed.”You guys can go out and talk.

This is a Ward.”

After that, he went to check on the woman on the ground.

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