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Eating and drinking were interesting things to Su Yun.

However, to Zheng Ren, it was boring.

Zheng Ren was absent – minded.

If elder Lin was not around, he would have run away.

Zhou chunyong was very impressed with Zheng Ren.

This time, it was not just the technical level, but also the standard of the stage.

When Zhou chunyong heard from Su Yun that boss Zheng had stayed in Rong city for three days and three nights, and then stood at the provincial Hospital for four days, he was very emotional.

[Theyre saying that they should quickly write a love song for both elegance and vulgarity …]

Zheng Rens phone rang.

It was a rare call from ye Qingqiu.

Didnt they just fight yesterday Zheng Ren quickly picked up the phone.

“Boss Zheng, is it you again” Ye Qingqius voice was a little strange.

“Ah” Zheng Ren was stunned.

Was it his own fault What did he do After a day of surgery, there was nothing else.

“The higher – ups called director Yans house directly.” Ye Qingqius voice was getting weirder.

“…” Zheng Ren was speechless.

On the phone, ye Qingqiu no longer spoke and kept him in suspense.

After a few seconds of silence, Zheng Ren raised his hands in surrender.

He sighed and asked,””Director ye, whats the matter”

“Its a call from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The nine embassies have been calling all the time.” “Whats wrong with your side”ye Qingqiu laughed.

Zheng Rens mind turned and he realized where the problem was.

He glanced at Su Yun, who was drinking and chatting happily, and did not notice that Zheng Ren was on the phone.

“Director ye, please wait a moment.

Ill ask about the situation.” “Ill call you back in three minutes,”Zheng Ren replied.

“No need,” “Im just joking,”ye Qingqiu laughed.

The relevant departments will find out the reason in no time.

Im just calling to have fun with director Yan.

Zheng Ren was speechless.

“There are too many things on your side.

The hospital doesnt understand the situation and its not easy to explain.

Be careful next time!”

“Yes.” Zheng Ren answered seriously.

“In order to let those experts go together, there was an additional flight up there.

Many of our comrades are still working overtime because of this.

” “Im just informing you,” director ye said.”Tell them to buy the tickets as soon as possible.

If they cant get them, they can book the plane themselves.”

Zheng Rens face darkened.

What did this have to do with him However, he still had to thank her repeatedly before hanging up.

“Su Yun, why are you even bringing this to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs” Zheng Ren returned to his seat and asked.

“Oh Its really over.

” Su Yun held his wine glass and was about to drink when he heard Zheng Rens words.

He smiled and put down his wine glass.”Boss, its good news.”

“Dont talk nonsense.

” Zheng Ren rebuked.

Speaking of which, it was really stressful to talk to ye Qingqiu.

“Who would have the privilege of bringing a group of foreign professors for freelance surgery” Su Yun laughed as she spoke.

Zhou chunyong could guess the reason behind their conversation and quickly asked what was going on.

After explaining the situation in a few simple sentences, Zhou chunyong quickly picked up his phone and asked,””Its the flight tomorrow, right”

“Director Zhou, youd better not go through all this trouble.” Zheng Ren said.

“That wont do,” “I dont have any experience today, so I cant be greedy next time,” Zhou chunyong said.

It was quite difficult to take in twenty patients and perform surgeries in a day.

Ill only take 10 next time.

Boss Zheng, please come again.

“Yes.” Zheng Ren nodded.”One more time, and your noodles will be almost done.”

“Dont mind me.

My standard is too low.

Youll have to come here a few more times.

” Zhou chunyong looked at Zheng Ren and did not know how to continue.

If it were someone else, he would definitely joke that he would pay according to the price of the freelance surgeon.

However, boss Zheng didnt even do it himself.

He sent his assistant to give a lecture and leisurely charged an additional 300000 US dollars for his learning fees.

Did he care about the money for the freelance surgery

“Youre too kind.

” Zheng Ren smiled.

Zhou chunyong found someone to inform the experts and chief physicians at home and abroad to buy their own plane tickets.

He then started to get busy.

After all, elder Lin was old and felt a little tired after sitting for a while.

He asked Zheng Ren to visit him when he had time and left first.

This time, Zheng rensong was much faster.

Since elder Lin was not around, everything could be discussed.

Knowing his temper, Zhou chunyong didnt talk much to him.

He only drank with Su Yun.

‘This person is quite straightforward, Zheng Ren thought to himself.

As he was drinking, Zhou chunyongs phone rang.

“Where are the security guards They all F * cking eat **!”

“Ill be back immediately.

Be careful, dont get hurt.

Zhou chunyong said a few simple words before he suddenly stood up.”Boss Zheng, something happened in Keli.

Ill go back first.

Please enjoy your meal.”

Zheng Rens heart skipped a beat.

It must be something big if it could make the director at the table CALL him back.

He immediately began to recall the patients he had operated on today.

The system had evaluated the 18 patientssurgery completion rates to be 100%.

One of them was 99%, and the other was 98%.

There should not be any problems.

Could it be that something had happened to Zhou chunyongs surgery a few days ago

“Director Zhou, whos the patient”

“I dont know.

They said that dozens of people besieged the ward area.” Zhou chunyongs expression was cold.

He grabbed his coat and put it on.”You really think Im old!”

“Come, lets go back and take a look.” Zheng Ren was still a little apprehensive.

After all, he had operated on twenty patients in one go today.

Even if he had no problems with the surgery, he could not guarantee that the nurse on Zhou chunyongs side would be able to keep up with his care.

At this time, if he didnt see it with his own eyes, he would be worried for a long time when he got home, let alone eat.

Zhou chunyong did not reject Zheng Rens offer to follow them.

They went downstairs, and a young doctor Who did not drink served as their driver.

Zhou chunyong was filled with killing intent.

He no longer had the mood to study the technique, but he had some of the elegance of the past.

Along the way, Zhou chunyong kept making phone calls.

His expression became weirder and weirder.

He just kept asking the doctor and nurses on duty to protect him and leave the rest to the security guards.

“Director Zhou, whats going on” Zheng Ren had some guesses in his heart after hearing those words, so he asked.

“Its not medical negligence.

Its a revenge between patients.

” “That patient has liver cancer.

I operated on him the day before yesterday,” said Zhou chunyong.

Theres no sign of his son, and his nephew is guarding him.

“What” Zheng Ren and Su Yun acknowledged him at the same time.

This was not common.

He didnt care about his son, but his nephew came to the hospital to accompany him.

“Hes my nephew, but he doesnt look like him.

” Zhou chunyong said,”Ive also specially observed him.

The patient is 71 years old this year, and his nephew looks to be around 22 or 23 years old.

Hes fair, clean, and gentle.

He doesnt look like someone who would cause trouble.”

The more he spoke, the more vague Zhou chunyong became.

However, the restaurant was not far from the liver and gallbladder of the imperial capital, so it only took a few calls for the car to arrive.

Zhou chunyong opened the car door and strode in without hesitation.

When they arrived at the entrance of Department 1, dozens of people were making a mess.


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