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Zhu liangchen sat in his office, staring at the computer screen.

Countless thoughts were intertwined in his mind, but in the end, it became a blank.

The huge commotion in the opposite Ward area caused his internal organs to burn.

But there was no way, no way at all.

He was only regretting that all of this should have belonged to him and not Zhou chunyong!

Early in the morning, boss Kong had called to tell him that Zhou chunyong had come to pick up boss Zheng.

Boss Kong described Zhou chunyongs condition in a serious manner.

He stood at the entrance of the ward area.

He did not even enter the ward area, let alone the doctors office.

He bent his waist slightly and showed a respectful attitude.

These descriptions were enough.

Zhu liangchen sat in his office and cursed in his heart,”shameless dog!”

But in the end, he sat down dejectedly, knowing that he was wrong.

He had been wrong from the beginning.

In terms of acute senses, he was not inferior to Zhou chunyong.

After the disaster relief, boss Kong came back from the front line and went to the door.

But what happened later on why did boss Zheng and I get further and further apart

Zhu liangchen did a lot of self – reflection.

Time passed by bit by bit, and the image that appeared on the computer screen was the scene of Xing Lin Yuans live surgery stream.

The surgeon was performing the surgery skillfully.

Based on Zhu liangchens understanding of Zhou chunyong, he knew that director Zhous surgical skills had made great progress in just half a month.

He had already been left behind unknowingly.

He quietly looked at the image on the screen while the hemostatic forceps continuously hit the surgeons radial process.

In Zhu liangchens opinion, the hemostatic forceps were a little harsh, and he even thought that it was done on purpose.

The young man with the hemostatic forceps in his hand was showing off his authority!

Those details were insignificant and even unnecessary.

However, the spell caster did not resist at all and seemed a little scared.

Zhu liangchen would not have believed it if he did not know that Zhou chunyong was the one who performed the technique.

An image appeared in his mind.

In the operating theater, Zhou chunyong had a kind expression on his face.

He had a humble expression on his face as he allowed the hemostatic forceps to hit his radial vertebrae.

To be beaten and still have to say that it was a good beating … Was this a master beating up his disciple

Zhou chunyong was actually willing to endure this kind of humiliating action that Zhu liangchen thought was a waste.

Could it be that he was wrong Zhu liangchen was deep in thought as he looked at the computer screen.

He knew Zhou chunyongs level better than he did.

As Zhou chunyongs enemy, Zhu liangchen had studied Zhou chunyongs surgery countless times!

Zhu liangchen knew every little mistake and every detail that could lead to the failure of the surgery.

However, these flaws and details were slowly disappearing.

This wasnt the main point.

With the help of the young boss Zheng, Zhou chunyongs improvement was expected.

Zhou chunyongs technique had added many small details that he had thought were unnecessary.

At first glance, these details did not seem necessary.

Zhu liangchens first thought was that it increased the complexity of the operation and shortened his professional career.

After all, they were all around 50 years old, and the deterioration of their body functions was inevitable.

However, when Zhu liangchen flipped through the surgery that had just been performed, he felt that it was natural.

While watching the live broadcast of the surgery, the surgery process was broken into pieces because of the beating of the hemostatic forceps.

However, if one focused on the image and removed the part where the hemostat was hit, the entire surgery was almost perfect!

Was this the meaning of being hit by the hemostatic forceps

Zhu liangchens hands were shaking.

He also desired to improve.

Only by improving could he stand in an undefeatable position.

He had been fighting Zhou chunyong in close combat for so many years, but neither of them had won.

This was because the two of them had similar skill levels.

Zhou chunyong was arrogant and domineering, and Zhu liangchen was no worse than him.

It was hard to tell whether it was a contest of strength or soft power.

Although Zhu liangchen was at a slight disadvantage, it was not a big deal in a battle of this level.

However, with boss Zhengs appearance, the balance began to tilt.

It was even accelerating, which terrified Zhu liangchen.

That would be meaningless.

The past was in the past.

No matter how much he regretted it, it would be of no use.

Zhu liangchen knew that he should think about what to do next.

For a moment, Zhu liangchen even had the urge to resign and go to 912 boss Zhengs medical treatment group to study.

There were plenty of surgeries on the other side.

Boss Kong said that the community Hospital was in the process of renovation.

There were a hundred beds, and there was almost no limit to the number of additional beds.

In other words, in a month, boss Zhengs surgery volume on September 12 would break the record.

In the country, no one could compare.

Even the Department of interventional services of the largest village hospital in the universe could not be compared to boss Zheng.

There was no doubt that there would be surgeries to perform if he went over alone.

Whether it was his skill level or his relationship with boss Kong, boss Zheng would treat him differently.

However, the thought only appeared for a moment before Zhu liangchen snuffed it out.

After many years of hard work, Zhou chunyong was finally promoted to the position of director of the second Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery in Beijing.

Was he going to give up everything and start all over again

Zhu liangchen knew that he did not have the courage to do so.

Perhaps 20 years ago, he had lost it in a moment of passion and could start all over again.

But now, he was already fifty …

When he thought about this, all Zhu liangchen could think of was Zhou chunyongs fawning face.

Du rarely saw Zhou chunyong smile, let alone in – Service training doctors, even family doctors, or even group professors.

In front of the young boss Zheng, his naturally gloomy face no longer existed.

It was as if he had become a different person.

Zhu liangchen was angry when he thought of Zhou chunyong standing at the entrance of Ward 912 with his back slightly bent at five degrees and a respectful look on his face.

What he could do, why couldnt he

This belief supported Zhu liangchens improvement in his skills, and in the end, he managed to separate half of the world from Zhou chunyong.

And now, this belief appeared once more.

Face That was not important.

Face was given by others, not by ones own self.

Zhu liangchen closed his eyes and stopped watching the live broadcast of the surgery.

At his level, it was enough for him to see this.

If he wanted to improve further, he would need the hemostatic forceps to constantly hit his wrist and the pain from the radial process to level up.

“Thats it then.” Zhu liangchen stood up.

His eyes were calm and gentle.

The struggle and hesitation disappeared, and all that was left was the firm belief that he had when he fought against Zhou chunyong a few years ago.

He put on his white clothes and tidied himself up in front of the mirror.

He wanted to smile, but the muscles on his face were stiff.

Zhu liangchen frowned.

He put his hands on his face and smiled.

“Woof!” Zhu liangchen called out to the mirror.

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