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“Director Lin, Hello.” Zheng Ren smiled and greeted him.

“Doctor su told me that theres a patient with a intestinal rupture after liposuction.” Lin Ge could tell that Zheng Ren was not in a good mood, so he immediately changed the topic.”Youre planning to do a live broadcast at Xing Lin garden.

Where will you pay for it”

He didnt explain how bad the patients familys financial situation was or how kind he was to want to save the patient.

All of this was meaningless.

There were indeed risks, but Zheng Ren didnt think it would be a big deal.

He still had time for surgery training, so even if there were any accidents, he could remedy it immediately.

This was what Zheng Ren was most confident about.

There was no problem with the surgery, and the legal matters could be dealt with through the medical Affairs Department and the legal department of Xing Lin garden.

“Doctor su has already contacted Xinglin garden.

He said that he will be here soon.

It wont delay the rescue, right” Asked Lin Ge.

Zheng Ren was confused.”Director Lin, didnt you transfer to the Science and Education Department”

“I want to go too, but its only a temporary transfer.

Director ye wont let me go.” Lin Ge chuckled and said,”Im in the Science and Education Department, and Im only in charge of matters related to you, boss Zheng.” I still have to pick some jobs from the hospital administration.

‘So thats how it is.

Lin Ge is still in the hospital administration Department.

Thats good, Zheng Ren thought to himself.

Feng Jianguo was relieved to see Lin Ge here.

He quietly walked out and checked the patients condition.

Feng Jianguo naturally would not refuse boss Zhengs request to save people.

It was a good thing that boss Zheng could do what he couldnt.

Previously, he had only said that he was worried about Zheng Ren.

Their relationship was not bad, and Feng Jianguo admired Zheng Ren a lot.

It was only right for him to remind Zheng Ren.

But when he saw that the hospital had actually sent a well – known Vice Director to escort him, Feng Jianguo was envious and jealous.

In addition, boss Zhengs surgery was so powerful.

He heaved a sigh of relief and thought that there should be no problem.

“Brother Feng, wait for me.” As Zheng Ren was talking to Lin Ge, he saw that Feng Jianguo was going for a physical examination and called out.

“You can go and do your work.

Leave the procedures to me.” “Where are the patients family members” Lin Ge immediately asked.

“Little grass!” Zheng Ren called out.

Quan xiaocao seemed to have teleported and appeared beside him.

“Take Division Chief Lin to the patients family.” Zheng Ren said.

“Alright,” “Yes!” Quan xiaocao quickly agreed.

Zheng Ren and Feng Jianguo went to the resuscitation room.

When they saw the patient, Zheng Ren first saw the red background of the system panel.

It seemed to be a little redder than in the CT room.

Her condition was very urgent, and she needed to go for surgery immediately.

The gastric tube and ureter had been inserted, the venous access had been established, and even the skin preparation for the operating area had been completed.

The gastrointestinal surgery department was very experienced in emergency rescue, and they made preoperative preparations in a short time.

When he checked the patients body, Zheng Ren saw that there was a 3×3 cm skin rupture on the right side of the patients abdomen.

The patients entire abdomen was as hard as a wooden board.

The patient was conscious, but his expression was indifferent.

She looked around, as if she was looking for something.

It was as if he did not hear Zheng Rens question.

“The situation is very urgent.

Lets go for the surgery.” Zheng Ren said directly.

“Yes.” Feng Jianguo nodded.

Normally, for this kind of emergency surgery, a chief resident would be enough.

As long as one was careful, it was not difficult to repair an intestinal rupture by cutting the intestines.

At least, it was not difficult at all in the 912.

However, it was obvious that boss Zheng wanted to do it himself, so Feng Jianguo told the chief resident to send the patient over and accompanied Zheng Ren to the changing room to change his clothes.

“Boss Zheng, your temper is so urgent and righteous …” Feng Jianguo said cautiously as he changed his clothes.

“Sigh, brother Feng, you can just say that I like to meddle in other peoples business.” Zheng Ren sighed.”I saw it.

It can be saved.

We cant just watch the patient die, can we”

“Thats true, but you still have to be careful.

” Feng Jianguo reminded him patiently.

Zheng Ren nodded, changed his clothes, and picked up the phone to contact Hu Yanhui.

Little Hu was already changing her clothes.

She was very good at her work.

Unless there were special circumstances, she rarely left 912 within a 500 – meter radius.

As long as something happened here, they could rush to the hospital with the live broadcast equipment.

As a salesperson, Xiao Hu had long established a good relationship with the nurses in the Department and operating theater.

Although he did not receive the same treatment as his own medical staff, he did not need Zheng Rens special permission to enter and exit the hospital.

“Boss, youre done changing so quickly” Su Yun walked in and saw Zheng Ren waiting for Feng Jianguo.

She chuckled and said.

“Yes, the patients condition is not good.

Hurry up and do the intestinal rupture repair.” Zheng Ren said.

“The Xing Lin garden wants to do a special topic on medical beauty and is asking for your opinion.” Su Yun said.

“Whats there to do” “Im not interested,”Zheng Ren replied.

Seeing Zheng Rens straightforward reply, Su Yun smiled.””I really admire you for not recognizing people after putting on your pants.”

“Dont talk nonsense.

Are you going to participate in the surgery”

“I just took a look at the x – ray film.

Its just a repair surgery for intestinal rupture.

Whats so good about it” “If youre not interested, Ill go and tell Peng Jia,” Su Yun said.”Hes a little anxious now.

I can feel that hes panicking.”

“Boss, dont you know that the boat rises with the tide” Su Yun glanced at him and asked,”youve successfully completed Dr.

Mehals surgery.

The possibility of you winning the Nobel Prize in Medicine is unprecedented.

How can Xing Lin garden not be nervous”

Zheng Ren thought about it and felt that it was true.

“Peng Jia came back from Hyde Castle recently.

She said that she wanted to have an in – depth exchange with you.” When Su Yun said this, her smile was especially frivolous.

Zheng Ren saw that Feng Jianguo had finished changing his clothes and hurriedly walked in with him.

“Boss, do you have any requests for the one at the apricot garden”

“No, you do as you see fit.” Zheng Rens voice could be heard from afar.

Su Yun smiled and muttered to himself,””Its as if I can earn money.

With that, he was not in a hurry to leave.

He took out a cigarette, hid in a corner, lit it, and made a call.

“Uncle ning, how was your meeting” Su Yun asked.

“Im fine.

Its just that the workload is a little too heavy.

I cant handle it.

“Oh, youre too busy.

Back in Pengxi village, you gave me the impression that you were omnipotent.” Su Yun chuckled and flattered him, not feeling ashamed at all.

“I was just thinking that you could come back to the capital and have a meal with me when you have time.” Su Yuns eyes narrowed into slits from smiling.”By the way, the owner of Xing Lin garden is coming back to discuss the next step.

Do you have any thoughts on this”

“Well talk after were done here, you can delay it.

“Alright, as long as you have an idea.

Its much better to communicate with you than with others.”

With that, Su Yun hung up the phone.

It was a pity that uncle ning hadnt come back yet.

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