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A few people were still chatting in the office of the doctors from the Department of interventional services.

Su Yun could tell that Chang Yue did not understand, so she comforted Chang Yue with a smile,””Dont say anymore.

Ill drink with you tonight, how about it”

“You” The disdain in Chang Yues eyes hurt Su Yun.

“Im accompanying you to drink, yet youre still so picky.

” Su Yun said angrily.

Zheng Ren hurriedly stopped the two of them.

If they were to choke and get angry, there would be more of Su Yun.

He would perform the surgery for Dr.

Mehar tomorrow.

Although he had practiced the surgery many times in the system operating room, with Su Yun around, he was still a little more confident.

In case something really happened, the future star of the cardiothoracic Department might come in handy.

Although the chance was not big, there were many world – renowned cardiologists accompanying Dr.

Mehall, and Su Yuns level did not have any obvious advantage over them.

However, it was better not to drink too much.

“Drinking is fine, but drink some beer.

Dont drink anything with a high alcohol content.” Zheng Ren said.

“Boss, youre really a busybody.” Su Yun nagged.

“You guys left in a hurry this time.

Lets go down to my place.

Ill treat you to some Munich beer.

Its really good.” Said professor Rudolf Wagner.

“Beer is like water.” Su Yun was not happy.

Zheng Ren, on the other hand, was thinking about the time when Su Yun was carried back after drinking too much green wine.

Drinking too much water was intoxicating.

“What should I eat Im hungry.” Chang Yue asked.

“Barbeque and beer.” Su Yun was obviously listless, but he still had love for the Maotai.

Especially after drinking it a few times recently, his love for it had deepened.

“Whats so good about beer” Chang Yue and Su Yun shared the same opinion on this point.

However, under Zheng Rens repeated insistence, the two of them reluctantly agreed to go for a beer.

Liu Zewei could drink a little less.

He had never seen Chang Yue and Su Yun drink before, so he thought they were just joking.

After getting into a car, they arrived at a nearby barbeque restaurant called winter bull.

Xie Yiren and Chang Yue had eaten here before, and it was said that the meat quality was quite good.

This was an old shop, and Su Yun had been here a few years ago.

She agreed with the two of them.

After entering the shop, Zheng Ren found it strange that the counter was only the size of a palm and could barely fit a person.

“Su Yun, why is this shops counter so small Did you know” Zheng Ren asked.

“Its said that the business was particularly bad in the past.

We changed three to five places, but we lost money no matter where we went.

” Su Yun knew this and explained with a smile,””After that, I got someone to take a look.

They said that there was a problem with the bosss fortune and counter, so they asked him to shrink the counter.

The smaller it is, the richer it will be.”

“Uh …” Zheng Ren didnt understand the logic behind this.

“The boss had no choice.

He was at the end of his rope, so he could only try one last time.” “And so his counter became like this,” Su Yun said.

“In the end, the business got better” Zheng Ren still did not believe it.

“Of course.” “This is the main store,” Su Yun said.”Later on, it opened more than a dozen branches.

No one can stop it from making a fortune.”

Zheng Ren was speechless.

This kind of mysterious thing was really not in his logic.

“Theres also a restaurant in the provincial capital, and its similar to what Dong tianniu said,” Liu Zewei started to gossip.”The boss started out as a worker and suffered a lot.

However, every time his assets reach 2 million, he will lose money.”

“Old Liu, 2 million isnt much.

You cant even buy a house in the capital.

” Su Yun said.

“That was twenty years ago.” “Later, the boss felt that he would lose all the money anyway, so when the price reached 2 million, he took the money and went to Xiangjiang to find a fortune – teller,” Liu Zewei said with a smile.

Zheng Ren knew that most of these things were just rumors, and in the end, he couldnt even listen to them anymore.

It was just like yesterday when the bearded man had talked about himself in the crowd.

Although he didnt believe it, it was good to sit with his own people and gossip when they were eating and drinking.

“The Feng Shui Master might be interested in money or something else.

He flew all the way from Xiangjiang to the provincial capital to look at the Feng Shui.” “Later on, he said that the Fengshui of the office building where he opened his shop was very ominous,” Liu Zewei said.

“Oh What ominous situation D cup or F cup” Su Yun asked lazily.

“Hehe.” Liu Zewei laughed.

He often said this kind of dirty joke on the operating table.

However, in front of Chang Yue and Xie Yiren, he couldnt say anything when Su Yun said it.

“The top floor of that office building is a bathing center.

According to Feng Shui, the wood and fire are below and the water is above.

Its indeed a bad thing.”

“You moved” Su Yun asked.

“No, the Feng Shui Master went to the provincial capital and started to stir up trouble.

In the end, he dug out the fact that several girls were forced to die in the bath center.

After that, the provincial Department got involved and looked for clues and evidence.

They arrested the boss who deliberately set up the five evils pattern and the bathing center was closed.

“After that, the bosss business inexplicably improved, and two million was no longer an obstacle.” Liu Zewei said.

“You know him” Zheng Ren asked.

“Yes, he was often injured back then.

I was also a radiology doctor, so Ill remember him after I came here more often.”

“Its not a big deal if you can remember it, but if the boss can remember it, thats what I call diligent.

” Su Yun laughed heartily as she looked at the menu and ordered her food.

“I heard from my dad that before they build a house, they have to give an explanation.” Xie Yiren glanced at the sizzling barbeque in front of the people around her, and her eyes were filled with greed.

She had no choice but to divert her attention and continue,

“Your home doesnt count.” “A great fortune can change Fengshui,” Su Yun said.

Decades ago, when KFC and McDonalds first came into the market, every big shopping mall would look for these two stores to make up for the Fengshui and popularity.

“My dad said the same thing.

In any case, in the end, he always said things likedo good and dont ask about your future.” Xie Yiren said while swallowing her saliva.

“Waiter, do you have any beer” Su Yun flipped to the last page of the menu, but she did not see any beer that she was satisfied with.

“Would you like to drink white wine or beer”

As they were talking, a beer girl wearing a red promotional uniform walked over.

“Sir, Wusu beer is on special offer.

Would you like to try it”

Zheng Ren didnt know much about beer and didnt have much contact with it, so he didnt say anything.

However, Su Yuns eyes lit up.”The life – stealing great Wu su”

“Yes, sir.

It seems like you really know about beer!” “We sell the purest Wusu beer,” the beer girl said with a smile.

“We have both.

What do you want to drink”

“It must be a red bottle, but first …” After sayingOh, Su Yun took a glance and saw Chang Yues blank face.

She didnt know what the professor was talking about, and only Liu Zewei seemed to know.”Old Liu, Wu su, how much can you drink”

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