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Chapter 120: Perfect Ending

Employee poaching in Old Chief Physician Pans presence

That was awkward.

However, Professor Pei thought nothing of it as he merely had a pure love for talented students.

Once young men like Zheng Ren with skills comparable to himself were placed on another high-level platform, they would be flooded with infinite opportunity for development; as the saying went, “the immense sea allows fish to leap at liberty, while the vast sky lets birds freely fly.”

Even those who fell would not fall as far.

Zheng Ren quickly grinned and said, “Thank you so much, Professor Pei, but Im really busy and have lots of work to do, so I dont think Ill be furthering my studies anytime soon.”

His answer slightly relieved Old Chief Physician Pan.

Professor Pei smiled and stopped pushing the subject.

Adults had to choose their own paths, and accept the consequences of missing a golden opportunity.

The surgerys success instantly lifted the gloomy atmosphere.

Just when Zheng Ren was about to wheel Professor Pei out of the room, Chang Yue squeezed past him and took over the wheelchair.

“Just tag along and have a good rest later,” she said to Zheng Ren in an unusually pleasant tone.

Zheng Ren had a feeling that his rank had become higher following the completion of this surgery.

Even though the mission had ended in failure, it was not a big deal.

What could make a surgeon happier apart from a flawless operation

The group left the operators console room, leaving one of the Chu sisters to help Su Yun transfer the patient back to the ward and Xie Yiren to handle postoperative procedures.

The door opened to the deserted and empty hall of the third floor of the emergency building, which was chilly despite being brightly lit.

There, they saw a figure pacing anxiously in the hallway.

Zheng Ren, who was alcohol-intolerant, could detect a strong scent of booze from the man even from three to five meters away.

It was dinnertime, so why was he reeking of drink already

How much had he consumed if he had been binge-drinking since afternoon, leaving such a strong residue

Due to having frequently encountered patients involved in traffic collisions caused by drunk driving, Zheng Ren was rather prejudiced against drunkards.

When the door finally opened, the man quickly stood, bowed so deeply that his head almost hit the floor, and asked humbly, “May I ask which one of you is the manager of Changfeng Microinvasive Surgery”

Feng Xuhui instantly recognized him.

He hurried forward and asked, “Yes”

“My name is Li Huai.

Whatever happened just now was an accident, so please forgive me.

I beg you, please think of me as a fart and let me go.” The man repeatedly bowed, beyond subservient, as if he was merely an insignificant speck of dust.

“My lover has a malignant tumor and I desperately need money for consultation.

Please, I beg you.”

Feng Xuhuis expression darkened as this was the culprit who had driven a tri-wheeled motorcycle into Professor Pei earlier this afternoon.

However, he was reluctant to say anything further due to Li Huais financial difficulties and humility.

Financial compensation was obviously not a viable option, not that it would be significant to someone like Professor Pei.

Besides, Li Huai could end up divorced and his lover too poverty-stricken for consultation, an undesirable outcome for all involved.

Therefore, Manager Feng decided to give him some advice and forgive him.

However, Chang Yue, who was pushing Professor Pei out of the interventional radiology suite, immediately froze and stared unblinkingly at Li Huai for a few seconds before a question squeezed past her gritted teeth.

“Li Huai Are you thirty years old”

“Huh.” The question startled Li Huai, but he promptly smiled and answered, “Yes, you have great observation.”

“Your birthday falls on the second of November” asked Chang Yue with a penetrating glare.

“…” Li Huai was dumbfounded.

Accurately guessed a mans age was possible, but how did she know his birthday Was it possible that she had thoroughly investigated him after the accident

This very thought sent a chill down Li Huais spine and he forgot to answer her question.

“Your ex-wife is Zheng Yunxia” She ignored his silence and drilled harder.

It was him!

Zheng Ren had been confused when Chang Yue, a kind and gentle soul, started interrogating the pathetic tri-wheeled motorcyclist, but now he understood everything perfectly.

Anyone, even the slowest of mind, would know that something was definitely wrong.

“Zheng Yunxia” Professor Pei asked, “Isnt she the patient from earlier”

“Yes, Professor Pei.” Chang Yue stopped inquiring further, averted her gaze and pushed the wheelchair to the elevator.

“Your current wife also has a malignant tumor How unfortunate.”

Chang Yue explained Zheng Yunxias situation to Professor Pei along the way.

Li Huai remained behind, desolate.

Even though drunk driving a tri-wheeled motorcycle was a felony, it was not a conventional motor vehicle, which meant there was still room to bargain.

Li Huai had spent a considerable amount of effort persuading his current brother-in-law to release him on bail through various connections.

However, legal processes such as civil damage compensation were obligatory, and if the victim raised an objection, the drunk driving offense alone would be enough to send him to a detention center for at least half a month.

Since when had Zheng Yunxia developed such a good relationship with these doctors Staring blankly at the departing group, Li Huai tried to summon his courage and plead for mercy, but he immediately changed his mind after recalling Chang Yues piercing gaze.

Why would he approach them and get humiliated again when his lie had just been exposed

However, if he chose not to go…

Forsaken and regretful, he was caught in a dilemma, but that remorse soon changed to shame and rage.

That f*cking b*tch, she had developed such a good relationship with doctors and kept it a secret from him!

When Zheng Yunxia returned to the emergency ward, Professor Pei insisted on checking on her in order to be able to finally relax.

Nausea and vomiting were common side effects of chemotherapy, so Zheng Yunxia was advised to tilt her head to the side to prevent aspiration pneumonia.

The surgery had been successful and its outcome satisfying.

Since Changfeng Microinvasive Surgery had acquired the best materials for publication possible, Feng Xuhui was insightful enough to promise Chang Yue that justice would be served.

Everyone was greatly satisfied.

Traditionally, they had to bring the professor from Sorcery Capital to a meal and see him off after the surgery was over.

That way, it would be easier to contact him in the future as a social connection had been established.

Old Chief Physician Pan asked Zheng Ren to rest in the emergency department out of worry that he was bone-tired.

Yang Lei was instructed to stay back as well to manage any urgent situation that could arise while Zheng Ren had a break in the meantime.

The night was getting late, and the wind mercilessly rammed falling snowflakes into the window.

Zheng Ren and Yang Lei chatted in the office.

They had both gotten along well during their time in the first general surgery department.

Yang Leis parents were laid-off workers in Sea City of average affordability, but he was very enthusiastic and always invited Zheng Ren to his house for dinner after work.

He did not have innate talent, but was a hard worker who constantly devoted himself to work wholeheartedly and without complaint.

However, his efforts had gone unnoticed as if he was invisible.

Despite the intense pressure of the moment, Yang Lei had been Zheng Rens informant for a major event that had happened some time ago.

Even though Zheng Ren had not mentioned it again, this kindness would forever be well-remembered.

Yang Lei was deeply impressed by Zheng Rens abilities and envious of his proficiency in surgery as well.

However, he completely understood that a persons success was due to innate talent, personal effort and fate.

Outside raged a swirling storm of screaming white, but it was warm and cozy inside the office, as if spring had fallen.

Zheng Ren was lazily sitting at his desk and chatting leisurely with his good friend in an office; it was likely the most comfortable moment of his entire life.

It would be even better if they were not in the hospital, being constantly on edge for potential emergency cases.

Yang Lei had ordered food online.

As they waited for it to arrive, an alarm rang out in both the nurses station and one of the wards.

There was a thirty-percent chance that the alarm in the nurses station meant an emergency consultation.

What about the ward, though Everything had been fine during the ward round just now.

Zheng Ren stood up, wondering what was going on.

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