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Chapter 119: Be My Doctoral Student

Unusual arteries were usually thinner and more complicated, so it was particularly difficult to superselect the designated artery on the first attempt.

Arteries such as the hepatic, uterine and renal arteries were considered straight highways compared to the next artery Zheng Ren was going to superselect.

The radiculomedullary artery had a very complicated network.

Zheng Ren carefully worked out the dosage of the contrast medium and parsimoniously made every injection after precise analysis and calculation.

He was worried about excessive contrast medium administration, which could force the end of the surgery.

Prolonged radiation exposure, which was constantly on Old Chief Physician Pans mind, did not concern him in the slightest.

The Systems reward, the lead apron with radioactive energy conversion properties, was extremely powerful.

Rather than become more tired, the longer Zheng Ren stood in the interventional radiology suite, the more energetic he felt; even his manipulation became increasingly accurate.

Professor Pei, who was attentively watching Zheng Ren attempt to superselect the radiculomedullary artery from the operators console room, sighed in amazement when it was successful.

Old Chief Physician Pan was afraid that Zheng Ren had reached his physical limit and immediately asked, “Professor Pei, whats wrong”

“Chief Physician Pan, your chief resident is truly amazing!”


“The radiculomedullary artery has a very distinctive anatomical structure and varies hugely between each individual.

I wouldnt even have touched it had I been the surgeon in charge.”

He paused momentarily and excitedly pointed to the screen.

“Had I been in his position, my body definitely wouldve given out.

Therefore, my maneuvering would be erratic and imprecise.

However, from Chief Zhengs manipulation, its as if his physical state is actually improving as time goes by.”

Old Chief Physician Pan was flabbergasted.

The man was actually getting more energetic despite performing the surgery in a lead apron that weighed a few kilograms for three hours Was that a joke

Even ancient generals could only fight at peak performance for a limited time in full body armor.

Was Zheng Ren possessed by the spirit of Zhao Zilong of Changshan, who charged seven times through the ranks of his enemies during the Battle of Changban

Despite the successful superselection of the radiculomedullary artery, the angiography revealed that it was not the one feeding the tumor.

Everyone in the operators console room simultaneously felt disappointment and relief.

If that artery had been the culprit, the surgery could not proceed any further.

Zheng Ren had superselected a few possible arteries, but none of them had been responsible for supplying the tumor according to the angiography.

Short gastric… Intercostal… None of them were responsible for feeding the tumor.

Like finding a needle in a haystack, Zheng Ren had no choice but to keep trying.

Most arteries had been excluded…

Zheng Ren started searching for an answer from within his Master-rank interventional radiology recollections.

Could it be the phrenic artery It was highly unlikely, but he had to try despite the low possibility.

Just when Zheng Ren was about to superselect the phrenic artery, a bell suddenly rang out in his ears.

[Doctors with Parental Heart 2: Countdown initiated.]



Zheng Ren was briefly stunned as he had completely forgotten the mission at hand.



If he ended the surgery now, he would be able to receive the rewards—skill and experience points—that he desperately needed.

However, after a brief moment of hesitation, he ignored the Systems cold, monotonous robotic female voice and stubbornly began superselection of the phrenic artery.

The mission

F*ck that fickle-minded *sshole!

An unfinished task was not a big deal.

The Systems robotic female voice vanished into thin air as soon as the countdown was complete.

Zheng Ren did not give a damn about it and directed his entire attention towards superselecting the phrenic artery.

The micro-guidewire successfully entered the artery…

Commencing microcatheter insertion…

Using the pressure injector, Zheng Ren began injecting the desired dosage of contrast medium with extreme caution and precision.

One second after the administration of contrast medium, the upper half of the liver tumor, like a shy woman, gradually appeared on the screen in the operators console room.

“Woah!” Chu Yanzhi immediately jumped up in excitement.

Chu Yanran slowly exhaled and leaned against the wall.

Once her overly-tensed up nerves relaxed, energy drained from her body and her legs turned to jelly.

Clenching his fists tightly, Old Chief Physician Pan triumphantly waved his right arm as if had just watched his soldiers gloriously charge through heavy suppressive fire and take down an enemy command center.

On the other hand, Professor Pei reclined into his wheelchair and narrowed his eyes.

The subsequent steps were no longer difficult as everything would be done according to standard procedure.

This young man…

He wanted this talented man!

The surgery ended ten minutes later.

Zheng Ren used a piece of sterile gauze to compress the puncture site on the patients femoral artery.

Su Yun entered the interventional radiology suite, placed his hand on the gauze and silently shouldered Zheng Ren aside, avoiding any direct eye contact.

‘He is pissed. Zheng Ren wanted to say something, but fought the urge to do so due to his inexperience in such matters.

He tore off his surgical gown and threw it into the biohazard waste bin before leaving the interventional radiology suite.

Upon noticing the darkness outside the window, Zheng Ren thought,Time really flies.

A bottle of water emerged before him.

It was from Xie Yiren.

Zheng Ren smiled awkwardly to express his gratitude.

“Chief Zheng, thank you.” Chang Yue conveyed her sincere appreciation in a straightforward, simple manner.

“Dont mention it.” Zheng Ren accepted the bottle of purified water and gulped it down.

“Little Zheng, come here.” Professor Pei smiled and waved his hand.

Zheng Ren approached him.

“You must have studied somewhere to acquire such skills,” Professor Pei inquired, “Perhaps a tutor specifically trained you in this field.”

Zheng Ren kept quiet and smiled.

Professor Pei was merely showing his heartfelt admiration without looking for an answer.

“Therell be a national interventional radiology annual conference in the near future; would you be interested” Professor Pei said.

“It depends.

To be honest, I… Im actually a general surgeon,” answered Zheng Ren.


“Im licensed to practice general surgery,” Zheng Ren explained, “Due to my recent transfer to the emergency department, Im qualified to perform related emergency surgery as well.”

Professor Pei noticed Zheng Rens anxiety and smiled.

“Thats not what I asked, so why are you so nervous Youre obviously talented and have a high level of competency and patience.”

Zheng Ren responded to Professor Peis compliments with another slightly embarrassed smile

Old Chief Physician Pan asked out of concern, “Are you tired Do you want to take a break”

“Im not tired,” answered Zheng Ren, who was standing upright.

Old Chief Physician Pan gave him a gentle punch on the chest as he was standing at just the right angle.

This was an old habit in the army as a form of commendation, but no one did this in a hospital, especially when Zheng Ren had just been performing surgery for almost four hours while wearing a lead apron that weighed a few kilograms.

Old Chief Physician Pan immediately became embarrassed upon realizing his mistake.

Like King Kong climbing the Empire State Building, Zheng Ren quickly beat his chest with his own fist, producing several loud thumps to indicate that he was absolutely fine.

“Little Zheng, whats your educational background” asked Professor Pei.


“Ive a slot for a successive master-doctoral program next year.

Are you interested in becoming my doctoral student There wont be any examinations.

You just have to come in and Ill personally handle your registration.”

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