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“Alright,” he said.

“Yes!” Zheng Ren agreed without hesitation.

Department Director Kong smiled and said,”take your phone.

Its best if you dont go on stage.

Wait for my call.” This was Department Director Kongs preparation to welcome Dr.

Mehal and let Zheng Ren go on stage to wait for the news.

Zheng Ren gratefully smiled at the director of punching before he and director Wei hurriedly went on stage.

The two of them might not be able to go up, but they could still stand below and look around.

If there were any difficulties, they could still help give ideas.

After all, the child was a newborn.

As long as there was a slight possibility, who would not want him to be well Su Yun shook her head as she watched Zheng Ren leave in a hurry.

He did not go with them.

Instead, he stayed by Department Director Kongs side.

“Why dont you go” Department Director Kong asked.

“There are too many people and Im not needed, so I wont join in the fun.” “Ill stay behind to help you,”Su Yun said.

“Dont talk nonsense.


Mehal didnt come to me, but to find boss Zheng for surgery.

Its your treatment Groups business, so dont say that youre helping me.

” Department Director Kong knew very well that it was impossible for Su Yun to take advantage of him.

“By the way, director.” Su Yun accompanied Department Director Kong as they slowly walked toward the Department of interventional services.

She suddenly thought of something and asked,”Early this morning, director Zhou from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery asked me if we can organize an International Conference of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery for the people who want to learn TIPS surgery.” Department Director Kong was not surprised.

The so – called International Academic Conference on Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery was just a gimmick to scare people.

It was meaningful.

If it was meaningless, it would not be of any use.

This would depend on what Zhou chunyong was going to do, but there was a lot of room for him to operate.

Su Yun seemed to be asking him this question, but he was actually respecting him and considering his relationship with Zhu liangchen.

He thought for a while and said,”director Zhou put in a lot of effort to help with the reception.” “Moreover, he took the initiative to find department directors from all over the country whom he is familiar with to learn TIPS surgery.

This should be of great help to you in increasing your surgical volume.

If he wants to do it, then let him do it.

Its a good thing.

” “What about director Zhu” Su Yun didnt avoid the question and asked directly.

“Ive given him a chance, and now you want me to chew it up and feed it to him Hes not even my son, why should I” Department Director Kong said.

After hearing Department Director Kongs clear statement, Su Yun chuckled and said,”Director, youre so supportive of boss Zheng.” “I dont need you to tell me.” “I dont support the people I poached.

Do we still have to wait for boss Zheng to go to the eastern tumor hospital and then cry and ask for the people” Department Director Kong said.

“Its a pity that the boss is too frivolous.

He wants to go for the surgery every time he sees it.

If you have time, please talk to him.

” Su Yun started to mix in her private goods.

“Im fine.

” Department Director Kong knew what was going on.

He smiled and said,”Over the years, Ive been running around as a freelance surgeon, and Ive gotten to know the department Director.

Ive contacted a few of them, and theyre all here to learn.

Zhou chunyong had to put in a lot of effort, so he did not join in the fun this time.

But theyll have to stay and learn in the future.

Its not the kind of thing that theyll leave after watching once.

” “Youre preparing to practice your surgeries in Room 912” Su Yun thought, Liu Zewei was in the Department, and now there were a few directors.

How would this matter be settled “The community Hospital will be completed very soon.” Department Director Kong looked at Su Yun and said,”on average, there are six surgeries a day.

If we include me and the other patients who lead the professors, there will be ten TIPS surgeries a day.

Why cant you get used to it even after practicing” It turned out that Department Director Kong had already considered this.

Su Yun smiled.

“Are you 100% confident in Dr.

Mehals surgery” Department Director Kong changed the topic and asked in a serious tone.

He happened to pass by a window, and the sun shone in, making him feel warm.

Su Yun thought that there was a reason why the boss was willing to bask in the sun.

He immediately stood still and looked at Department Director Kong seriously.”Department Director, who has full confidence in the surgery However, based on my understanding of the boss, I think he has improved again after resuscitating Department Director Miao.

” Department Director Kong was speechless.

The sun shone on his face, and it was a little glaring.

The temperature was a little high.

Department Director Kong knew very well what Zheng Rens standard was.

When he participated in the selection of the prostate interventional embolism surgery last year, his standard could only be considered first – Class in the country.

After the earthquake relief, his standard had risen to the international level.

However, it had only been a short time and he had already improved What the f * ck could it be that with high talent, one could break through the technical barrier just by performing a few surgeries Department Director Kong furrowed his eyebrows, as if he found the sunlight too glaring.

He recalled the process of Zheng Ren exercising with both hands while he operated on Department Director Miao.

He was probably forced to do so.

When he had no other choice, his skill level might suddenly improve.

It wasnt as if such a situation had never happened before.

It was just that when it happened to the person in front of her, she couldnt believe it.

If he was a legendary expert, Department Director Kong would also be happy to gossip about him.

The most important thing was that boss Zhengs level was already high, and he had even improved.

Was he preparing to fly out of Earth “Its really … The future generations are to be feared.

” After a long time, Department Director Kong sighed and said,” “Theres nothing to be afraid of, theres only one.

Most of the younger generation are very cowardly.

” Su Yun chuckled.

Department Director Kong thought about it and felt that it was true.

Other than boss Zheng and the one in front of him, the other juniors were not too fast in their pace.

As they were talking, a hospital bed was moved out of NICU, followed by doctors and nurses.

There were emergency drugs on the bed, air sacs and tubes were ready.

As he ran, the beds wheels rumbled.

Su Yun and Department Director Kong leaned against the window and made way for the medical staff and the hospital beds.

As she watched the bed rush towards the elevator, the elevator door opened and someone was guarding it.

Su Yun said,””Lets hope itll go smoothly,” “You have to have confidence in boss Zheng.” Department Director Kong did not seem to care.

He chuckled and said,”How long have you been following him havent you noticed No matter how difficult the surgery is, boss Zheng will be able to handle it.

” “Director, youre being idealistic.

Its very dangerous.” Su Yun said with a smile.

She did not really care about what department Director Kong said.

“As for Dr.

Mehal, please tell boss Zheng to be careful and try to increase the success rate as much as possible.

If he could avoid doing dangerous operations, he would try his best not to.

“Id rather …” Department Director Kong lowered his voice as he spoke.”Id rather the effect be less effective than to guarantee success.” “I dont think the boss would think so.” Su Yun smiled bitterly.

He naturally knew what department Director Kong meant, but with his bosss character, would he agree He was afraid that he would even forget his own last name when he was on the operating table.

“Then Ill find some time to talk to him.” Department Director Kong was obviously very cautious and concerned about this matter.

He said after some thought.

“Fuguier said that there are still two hours before the doctors side leaves.” Su Yun said to Department Director Kong while holding her phone.

Before he could finish his sentence, angry shouts and curses came from the nursery department.

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