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Gene test There were more than 2500 genes.

If he were to check all of them, he would have to spend a million.

This was a huge amount.

However, Dr.

Mehal just casually found someone around him and said something.

Did he say that the top international medical experts did not care about money Zheng Ren felt a little emotional.

Su Yun smiled and shook her head.

It seemed like she had the same thoughts.

Seeing that Zheng Ren didnt object, Dr.

Mehal whispered to the people around him,””Is the machine used to make this noodles the best” “The test for the third generation has just arrived.

The staff is currently undergoing training.” The man said respectfully.

“You do it.

Be quick.” Dr.

Mehal said.

The two of them spoke in Ruidan, so the simultaneous translator did not translate what they said.

Therefore, Associate Hospital director Yuan had no idea what had happened.

He waved his hand and glanced at Su Yun.

“What are you talking about” Vice President Yuan asked in a low voice.

“The patient needs surgery.

The boss has diagnosed that she has cardiac ion channel disease, but there are no supplementary examinations to confirm it.” Su Yun said.

Deputy Dean Yuan felt helpless when he heard that.


Mehar was the worlds top cardiologist.

This was the first surgery he had to see after coming to China, but the patients condition had not been confirmed and could only be considered a preliminary diagnosis.

Little boss Zheng was too careless in his work.

“And then” Vice President Yuan felt that the lights in the hall had dimmed.

“The country imported a machine to detect cardiac ion channel disease.

Its in the capital, so I guess its either outside Fu or in Anzhen.

The person next to him, there, the one whos bent over and talking.

He should be the chief engineer of the research.


Mehal said that he should do it himself and finish it as soon as possible.

” “Cant our hospital do it anymore” “There are over 2500 gene fragments.

If I were to make all of them, the cost would be over a million.

Its not very useful.” Su Yun said,”furthermore, heart ion channel disease is a rare disease.

If we really buy it, we probably wont be able to use it more than a few times a year.” Vice President Yuan nodded, but he was still a little nervous.

Boss Zheng had diagnosed a rare disease without any conclusive clinical evidence.


Mehal wanted to do an examination to confirm the diagnosis.

Was he trying to slap his face It shouldnt have happened.

After all, Dr.

Mehal still wanted Zheng Ren to perform the surgery.

How could he offend his chief doctor before the surgery It was wrong! Deputy Director Yuan suddenly thought of why the name of this disease sounded so familiar.

Heart ion channel disease … Heart ion channel disease … “Su Yun A few days ago, Zou Jiahua from Xiangjiang city diagnosed him with this illness” He immediately recalled why it was so familiar.

“Yes, the operation was very successful.

I went to Maio for a post – surgery review.” Su Yun smiled and said indifferently.

Deputy Dean Yuan looked at Zheng Ren and Dr.

Mehal talking and laughing in Swedish and asked,””When did you learn the Ruidan language” “A few years ago, when I was doing experiments on white mice, I was so bored that I learned it for a few days.

As the boss said, he even has the accent from Dr.

Mehals hometown.

” Su Yun also felt emotional.

It was not easy to learn a foreign language, and it would be difficult to add accents from all over the world.

As he was thinking, Zheng Ren came to Deputy Dean Yuans side and said,””Director, please accompany the doctor to change his clothes first.

Ill go and see the patients family.” “What” Deputy Director Yuan looked at Zheng Ren suspiciously.

There seemed to be a problem with his words.

“The patients family even caused trouble in the afternoon.” Zheng Ren whispered to Associate Hospital director Yuan.

Deputy Director Yuans brain buzzed.

Associate Hospital director Yuan would not forbid foreign experts and scholars from coming to China and Zheng Ren from performing demonstration surgery.

After all, boss Zhengs level was obvious.

He was nominated for the Nobel Prize and was a visiting professor at Maio.

These were all top honors in the world.

But if you want to perform surgery, just do it.

Look at what kind of patient youve found! Not only was there no definite diagnosis, but the patients family members were also causing trouble Really F * cking hell! “Its a bit complicated.

Ill go and meet with director ye.

You guys go in first.

” Zheng Ren was also worried that Dr.

Mehar would meet the patients family.

Once they ran into the patient, the patients family members would make a scene, and that would be interesting.

Besides, if he did not take a look, he would not be at ease during the surgery.

Vice Principal Yuan looked at Zheng Ren coldly and didnt say anything.

Instead, he walked to Dr.

Mehal and began to introduce the hospital.

“Boss, this matter is a little serious.” Su Yun sighed and turned around to walk with Zheng Ren to the fire escape to the fifth floor.

“Theres nothing we can do, but I think director ye has already taken care of it.

” Zheng Ren laughed.”After all, things might change if you point out my name for surgery.” Su Yun thought about it and felt that it was possible.

With doubts in their minds, the two of them went to the fifth floor.

The operating room was on the fifth floor, and the patients family members were all waiting there.

The sixth floor was the waiting room and changing room for the operating theater, so the doctors and patients took different paths.

When he arrived on the fifth floor, Zheng Ren immediately saw director ye standing in front of the floor – to – Ceiling window with her hands behind her back and looking out the window in deep thought.

His right hands fingers kept tapping on the back of his left hand, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, as if he was typing Morse code.

He quickly walked toward director ye, but after a few steps, there was a slight commotion among the patients family members.

A person strode to Zheng Ren and knelt down in front of him.

Uh … Zheng Ren was caught off guard.

Looking at director yes expression, he originally thought that the matter had been resolved.

However, she didnt expect that someone would still … Looking closely, why was it that master “Im uneducated, please forget the past and save my life.

” The man was very serious and serious.

As he spoke, he knelt on the ground in worship.

There was more than one family member of the patient waiting in front of the operating theater.

Although it was getting late, there were still seven or eight patients in the operating theater.

The patients family members waited anxiously and felt a little bored.

Seeing that there was a commotion, they had long surrounded him.

Director ye heard the commotion behind him and turned around.

It was indeed Zheng Ren.

He turned around and walked over.

He parted the crowd and came before Zheng Ren.

The man prostrated himself on the ground, his head touching the ground, but he didnt speak.

Zheng Ren and director ye looked at each other helplessly.

“Director ye, this is …” “Boss Zheng, this is …” The two of them asked almost at the same time.

No one knew what was going on, but Zheng Ren immediately realized it.

He wasnt interested in this so – called master at all.

The imperial capital was so big, rich and powerful, and there were many scammers.

30,000 soldiers in the capital was no joke.

It was just that this person should belong to the unrated kind.

Moreover, Zheng Ren did not like what he had done at all.

There might be more people who would die because of his words in the future.

This kind of person was not a good person at all!

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