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“I didnt know at first, but I did later.” Dr.

Shen said.

“Yes.” Liu Zewei sat in the chair and touched his bald head out of habit to promote blood circulation and strive for a second spring.

He said, “When a person knows that he is going to die, he will have many reactions.

Ive seen people jump off a building on New Years Eve.

I was only 27 years old that year, and I just became a chief resident.

He didnt go home even on Chinese New Years Eve.

He went down to set off firecrackers at midnight and was about to go back to deliver dumplings to the patient.

Just as he was about to enter the inpatient department, a person jumped down from the building and fell in front of me.” As he spoke, his tone carried a hint of wind and frost.

The office was silent.

“It landed not far in front of me, and I was covered in brain matter and blood.

I was scared silly at that time, really … Sigh.” They all knew that Liu Zewei was talking about the past.

Although it did not sound like it had anything to do with Gu Lilis experience, everyone knew that the story was not over.

“After that … Well, it has nothing to do with this.

I love to nag when Im old.” Liu Zewei forced a smile and continued, ” “It was rather extreme, and it really scared me.

It was not extreme, and it was more common to have an emotional breakdown.

It was written on his face that the whole world had wronged him.

Not to mention beating and scolding doctors and nurses, it was very common to beat and scold family members.

She was unreasonable and hard to please.

Its like hes got a terminal illness and the whole world is sorry for him.” Zheng Ren suddenly remembered the last time he saw Gu Lili asking professor Shen to go out and talk to her with a sad face.

Although Gu Lili couldnt remember what she looked like in the picture, she could still remember the sad atmosphere clearly.

Zheng Rens heart skipped a beat.

He knew what Liu Zewei wanted to say.

As an experienced doctor, he had seen many things.

Liu Zewei was right about this.

“Some families abandon their patients and are unwilling to spend money and energy on treatment.

“Some of them have the kind of aura that the whole world is sorry for him.

If its more serious …” Liu Zewei paused and looked at professor Shen.

Professor Shen was in a daze, as if Liu Zeweis words had brought back some memories.

Liu Zewei knew that he had guessed correctly.

He smiled faintly and said, “Humans, lets just do this.

Take advantage of the fact that there were no illnesses or disasters and live a good life.

The days are as calm as water, and thats good.

” After a simple and honest sentence, he turned around and continued to write the medical record.

The light from the computer shone on him, making him look slightly aged.

“Please talk to Gu Lili.

Dont make all these extreme decisions at the same time.

If anything happens to her, Im afraid that she will be in trouble.” Zheng Ren advised.

Professor Shen nodded and pondered over Liu Zeweis words.

Su Yun looked at Liu Zeweis back and smiled.

She patted professor Shen and said,” “If she has liver metastasis in the future, she can come to our Department.

The boss can guarantee her life for half a year.” Triple Yin breast cancer had a high probability of liver metastasis.

Su Yuns half a year meant an additional half a year on top of the foundation, and professor Shen understood.

However, it was still too early to talk about this.

Zheng Rens phone rang.

It was the music provided by the system.

The few of them looked at their phones at the same time.

“Boss, Ill ring your phone when we get back,” Su Yun said with a smile.

“Oh.” Zheng Ren was nonchalant.

When he saw that it was a call from lawyer GE, he picked it up and asked lawyer GE to come to the Department first.

Soon, lawyer GE walked into the office of the doctors from the Department of interventional services in a suit.

“Lawyer GE, we meet again.” Zheng Ren stood up and said with a smile.

“I do see Brother Yun a lot.

Youre too busy, too busy.” Mr.

GE no longer had the condescending aura he had in Haicheng.

He had become affable.

In fact, he even felt like a subordinate.

After shaking hands with Zheng Ren, Su Yun sat down and explained the patients condition.

Liu Zewei and professor Shens attention was attracted.

After listening to it, they both frowned.

This was a very F * cked up matter.

From the looks of it, boss Zheng wanted to solve it.

Was he sure that he was not seeking death That was what everyone thought.

Lawyer GE also frowned after hearing this.

“Boss Zheng, is the patient you mentioned conscious” Lawyer GE asked.

“Wake up,” Zheng Ren replied with certainty.

The wordsits life, not illness was still ringing in his ears.

“If the patient is awake, he can sign the form himself.

Theres no legal issue with the authorization of the operation to the patients family members who have agreed to the operation.

” After lawyer GE finished speaking, he blinked his eyes and looked at Zheng Ren closely.

There were still many things he wanted to say, but he did not say them out loud.

“Lawyer GE, if theres anything else you want to say, just say it.

Were on the same side, you dont have to be polite.” Zheng Ren saw the blank space and asked.

“But the patients father didnt agree to the surgery.

Even if the legal documents are complete, there are still hidden dangers.” Lawyer GE did not hide anything and said directly,””As you know, the current situation is not very optimistic.” Zheng Ren nodded, indicating that he understood.

“If the operation is successful, the probability of problems …” Lawyer GE seemed to be recalling something.

After a few seconds, he said,””About 30%.

If the surgery fails, the probability of problems occurring is infinitely close to 100%.” As he spoke, lawyer GEs eyes were fixed on Zheng Rens.

Her eyes were clear and pure, like a childs, without a trace of impurity.

‘Its rare to see such an innocent person nowadays, lawyer GE thought to himself.

Initially, he was not convinced of Zheng Rens abilities.

If Lin Jiaojiao had not told him to stop, he would have thrown Zheng Ren into the ambulance in Haicheng.

However, after he learned a lot about Zheng Ren, he became more interested in this young man.

It was just that every time he looked for him, it was an extremely troublesome matter.

Last time, it was the girl from Haicheng who couldnt sign the papers and didnt want to remove the catheter.

This time, it was a similar incident.

However, the risk seemed to be higher this time because the diagnosis was not clear.

Boss Zheng was the kind of Doctor Who only thought about treating and saving people.

It would be a pity if he died here.

Lawyer GE thought for a moment, hesitated, and said,””Boss Zheng, I have a suggestion.” “Please speak.” “For this kind of thing, even if you are 100% confident in the treatment, dont interfere.” Lawyer GE sighed and said,”with me around, you dont have to worry about the problems and loopholes in the law.

There arent many medical lawyers who are better than me in the country.” But …” As he spoke, he paused again.

What he said next was not pleasant to hear.

In particular, chief physician Miaos matter had caused quite a stir recently.

All the people in the medical circle felt a chill in their hearts.

Why did boss Zheng go against the wind and rush up “But Im afraid that the patients family members will cause trouble here.” Lawyer GE finally stammered.

“Im not performing the surgery.

Its director Zhang from the cardiology department whos doing it.

” “I have something to do in the afternoon,” Zheng Ren said with a smile.”I have to pick up Dr.

Mehal from Sweden.” Oh, I see.

Lawyer GE was relieved.

He smiled and said,””Then its fine.

Regarding medical law, Ill work with the 912 hospital administration Department.

There will definitely be no flaws.

Please dont worry about this, boss Zheng.” “Then Ill have to trouble you.” After Zheng Ren finished speaking, he started to contact Director Zhang.

He had heard of lawyer GE before.

He had a higher status than the lawyers director Zhang was familiar with.

He had handled many troublesome cases and was a reliable person.

Therefore, director Zhang did not refuse.

After asking for the location, Su Yun went up with lawyer GE.

Liu Zewei looked at Zheng Ren carefully.

He had a thousand words in his heart, but he didnt know how to say them.

Zheng Ren knew what he meant.

He had just explained it to Su Yun and was too lazy to say anything more.

“Old Liu, come with me to pick up Dr.

Mehal.” Zheng Ren said.

“Yes.” Liu Zewei was a little excited.

He had just arrived in the capital and he was able to meet an internationally renowned expert.

Just this contact alone made this trip worth it.

Forget about writing a medical record for only one or two days, even if he had been writing all this time, what could he do “Boss Zheng, are you okay why do I feel so nervous” Professor Shen asked in a low voice.

“If theres nothing, then go.

If theres something, then go.” Zheng Ren sighed and said,”just now, at the entrance of the ICU, the patients wife wanted to jump off the building with the child.” Tell me, whats all this about” Professor Shen was dejected.

For this kind of thing, taking a huge risk to perform the surgery was almost equivalent to sacrificing ones life for a good cause.

He wanted to persuade her, but he couldnt say a word.

The office fell silent.

Everyone did what they were supposed to do and did their own things.

Zheng Ren moved to Xiang Yangs seat, picked up a book, and entered the system space to start reading.

More than an hour later, Zheng Rens phone started ringing like crazy.

Zheng Ren had a bad feeling when he received the call.

He picked up the phone and saw that it was Su Yun.

‘Maybe itll be fine, Zheng Ren consoled himself.

“Boss, director Zhang was beaten up!” Su Yuns voice was a little ethereal.

…… …… It was Seveno clock, and the bear was going to hibernate.

It would be a brand new day tomorrow, and the plot would be greatly modified.

It was not time to wait for twelveo clock.

Ill update one chapter first.

If theres a change, Ill make it up tomorrow.

Thank you to all my readers.

I really didnt expect to be ranked fifth in monthly votes for an entire day.

The last time was in April.

During the plot twist, he had stood in seventh place for a few hours.

This was the best result of the live broadcast room, but it was going to become a thing of the past.

Id like to ask for a minimum monthly ticket for July, and well create more in the future.

Muah muah, love you guys.

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