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His intercostal artery was ruptured.

No wonder he was bleeding so much.

As the only person at the peak of the Department of interventional services, Zheng Ren naturally knew what Zhao Wenhua was waiting for.

If it had not been for the intercostal artery, but a small artery or vein that had been pierced by the radio frequency needle when it pierced through the diaphragm, the bleeding would have stopped by now.

However, the intercostal artery had been ruptured! Among the arteries, this was considered a relatively large one, and there was no way to perform embolism with a floating embolism.

Because the intercostal artery originated from the artery that supported the spinal cord, the embolism might float inside, causing the blood vessel supporting the spinal cord to be embolized, and the patient would suffer from high paraplegia after the surgery.

This was a very F * cked up thing.

This was the reason why interventional heart surgery for liver cancer was very common, but not many people performed it for lung cancer.

The branches and out – of – shape of the blood vessels would be different, and the complications and postoperative effects would naturally be different.

Central lung cancer could still be tried, but peripheral lung cancer could only be treated with radio frequency resection.

It would be a big deal if the patient was diagnosed with high paraplegia after surgery.

Interventional surgeries were not omnipotent, and this was one of the examples.

If there were tiny spring rings, this problem could be solved.

Zheng Ren didnt care much about the cost.

Professor Rudolph Wagner was the one who asked for it, and it wasnt for his reputation.

Besides, even if it was 100000 euros for one, it was probably just for the expenses.

The actual cost would definitely not be so high.

If he wanted to use it, he could use it.

Zheng Ren did not mind.

“Boss, what are you thinking about” Su Yun saw that Zheng Ren was only looking at the patient and did not do a physical examination or say anything.

She was a little puzzled and asked.

“Yes, I just need to take a look, so that Department Director Kong wont feel that Im not mature enough.” Zheng Ren smiled and turned to leave.

Su Yun thought that Zheng Ren was just putting on a show, so she didnt mind and followed him out.

She said softly,””So much blood is coming out, and you really think its a small capillary artery Its definitely the intercostal artery.

” Zheng Ren acknowledged Su Yuns attainments in cardiothoracic surgery.

He was very confident when he said that.

Even though his diagnosis was a little subjective, it was a Testament to his rich clinical experience.

One look, or even one listen to the process, and one would know what was going on.

“Yes, its probably the intercostal artery.

Ill go back and talk to teacher Zhao.” Zheng Ren said.

“Persuade When we get back, well point at his nose and scold him.

” Su Yun said angrily,”before Department Director Kong came back, he made things difficult for us.

He told the rich not to eat more.

I still remember that.” “Its not good to be so vengeful.

” Zheng Ren walked very quickly.

Although he was talking nonsense, the patient was not in good condition.

The longer he delayed, the more danger he would be in.

“This patient should have been transferred last night, but he didnt want to.” Su Yun said angrily.

“Ill go back and suggest it.

” When he returned to Department Director Kongs office, Department Director Kong was still talking to Zhao Wenhua about transferring the patient to general chest surgery.

For some reason, no matter what Zhao Wenhua said, he would not agree.

Su Yun glanced at him and closed the door.

She took two steps forward and walked past Zheng Ren.

She pointed at Zhao Wenhuas nose and scolded,””Youre also a doctor!” Department Director Kong and Zhao Wenhua were stunned.

In the hospital, it was rare to see people come up to point at peoples noses and scold them.

Under normal circumstances, only when it involved fundamental interests would they shed all pretenses of cordiality.

Zhao Wenhuas face turned red and he stood up.

“Whats wrong Practice Ill beat you up so badly that even your mother wont be able to recognize you.

” Su Yun scoffed,”the patient is in a hemorrhagic shock.

His intercostal artery must have ruptured.

You still want to drag this on how long are you going to drag this on for” “How did you know” Zhao Wenhuas veins were bulging on his forehead.

He was furious.

This was the worst case scenario.

He had never dared to think about it, but Su Yun had said it without any hesitation.

“Ill know at a glance.

Have you fed all your years of clinical experience to the dogs” Su Yun coldly scolded.

“You …” “Department Director Kong, the patients condition is really bad.” Su Yun turned around and said to Department Director Kong,”this guy is too angry.

What do you think we should do” “Wenhua, turn around and hurry up with the surgery.

Itll save us a lot of trouble.

Even if its not a rupture of the intercostal artery, its still necessary to carry out an examination.

” Department Director Kong said politely, but his tone was a little sharper.

Department Director Kong did not have so many concerns.

This kind of patient should be transferred to the cardiothoracic Department for further investigation.

If the patients family had any objections, that would be a matter for later.

Right now, they had to ensure the patients safety.

This was especially so when director Kong knew that Zheng Ren and Su Yuns skills were quite high, and the diagnosis they gave was also very accurate.

He was well aware of Zheng Rens standard.

Su Yuns name as the future star of the cardiothoracic Department in the imperial capital was not for nothing.

Since their judgment was the same as his, there was no need to be polite.

Zhao Wenhua clenched his fists and glared at Su Yun.

“Department Director Kong, you dont have to transfer the patient to the cardiothoracic Department.” Zheng Ren said lightly from behind,””Ill do the angiography.

If its confirmed, we can just use embolism.

” “Embolism” Department Director Kong looked at Zheng Ren in surprise.

He had no idea what Zheng Ren was thinking.

However, he immediately recalled the surgery last night and the tiny spring rings.

“Are you crazy you want to perform an intercostal artery ligation!” Zhao Wenhua couldnt hold it in anymore and roared.

If it was Zheng Rens own patient, he would have smiled as he watched the patient go up the stage.

However, this was his own patient, what if something really happened to her No one wanted the patient to be discharged safely more than their doctor – in – charge and attending physician.

Even though Zhao Wenhua was conflicted, he wavered under Department Director Kongs persuasion, and he was ready to transfer the patient to another department.

However, Zheng Ren wanted to perform an embolism in the intercostal artery! This was murder! In the end, he would have to bear the burden of sh * t! “Wenhua, what are you saying” Director Kong was completely unhappy this time.

Boss Zheng wanted to mess with you, so why did he have to use such means However, if it wasnt for the surgery yesterday, he wouldnt have believed it either.

The new medical consumables were really good.

However, this kind of thing was not something that ordinary people could play with.

Not to mention how much it cost, the tiny spring ring had to be able to go in.

It was very common for doctors from the Department of interventional services who were not very skilled to spend two to three hours just to make the superselection, and in the end, the superselection would not be successful.

“Department Director, he said he wants to perform an embolism in the intercostal artery!” Zhao Wenhua said angrily.

“No, they didnt use any.

I saw it yesterday.

It was imported from Germany …” When Department Director Kong said this, Zhao Wenhua interrupted him angrily.

“No, you cant move!” “Okay, professor Zhao, you said that.” Zheng Ren looked at him indifferently and said,”I have no right to care about your patient.

But Ill keep an eye on you.

If anything happens to the patient, open your eyes wide and watch how you die!” Zheng Ren rarely said harsh words, so he was a little anxious this time.

Was this even considered a doctor Complications werent scary.

He just had to face them correctly.

Although the current social atmosphere led to strange situations where doctors would lose a layer of skin even if they didnt die when there were complications, it was unlike the United States where they were fine even though they couldnt even get their appendicitis done.

However, they couldnt just watch the patient die like this! That was a human life! Zheng Ren turned around and left Department Director Kongs office in silence.

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