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This was a patient with liver cancer who was treated with radio frequency resection today.

Late – Stage liver cancer with multiple metastasis in the liver.

With this kind of diagnosis, ten years ago, the patient could be declared to have no therapeutic value and would die after three to six months of survival.

However, with the development of interventional surgeries in the clinical world, not only could such diseases be delayed for a period of time, but the recovery rate had also increased from zero to about 25%.

In addition, 912 had carried out a research on 3D reconstruction of 64 – slice CT scans, which had once again increased the recovery rate of liver cancer.

Embolism and radio frequency dissolution were indeed an effective method to treat liver cancer.

No matter how much Zhao Wenhua criticized Zheng Ren, he had to admit that there were huge benefits for the surgeon to do the 64 – row CT three – dimensional reconstruction himself.

The patient in front of him had received hepatectomy a year ago, and his liver cancer had relapsed after the surgery.

This was because hepatectomy on the left lobe of the liver and postoperative relapse were surgical taboos, and only interventional therapy was available.

Zhao Wenhua admitted the patient into the hospital in the outpatient department.

After receiving interventional embolism surgery, he received radio frequency meltdown this morning.

The lesion was close to the diaphragm, so Zhao Wenhua chose to use a thoracotomy attended to it.

This was just an ordinary operation.

Both Zhao Wenhua and Department Director Kong had performed no less than one thousand cases.

The effect was also very good.

As long as he paid attention to the burning of the needle, there would be no complications of the implantation metastasis.

The clinical data showed that the occurrence of implantation metastasis was very rare.

However, the patient in front of him was suffering from another kind of complications, hemorrhaging.

Zhao Wenhua was furious.

What the f * ck when he removed the needle, he had carefully burned the blood vessels and needle, and it even caused bleeding.

It was really F * cking.

The only thing he could hope for now was for the bleeding to stop by itself.

He had used three sets of hemostatic agents and even used a micro pump to pump the posterior pituitary gland, but the bleeding still could not be stopped.

During the cardiothoracic departments consultation, Fang Lin had come to place the cardiothoracic bottle.

In just a split second, the chest vial was almost filled to the brim.

Fang Lin had no choice but to clamp the chest tube with the hemostatic forceps.

He judged that there was a high probability that the patient was about to undergo a thoracotomy.

However, after he explained to Zhao Wenhua that it was the cardiothoracic departments decision, Zhao Wenhua refused to open up his chest.

In fact, Zhao Wenhuas idea was very simple.

How thick could a radio frequency needle be However, a normal needle was as thick as a normal needle, so the damage to the blood vessels would not be that great.

Moreover, there were no large blood vessels at the spot where the needle had entered.

When the needle was pulled out, it was carefully burned.

He had done everything he could.

Even if there was bleeding, it should have stopped by now.

If he opened up his chest now, it would be considered medical malpractice.

Wouldnt it be better if he could stop the bleeding on his own and everyone would be happy in the end Nowadays, doctor – patient disputes were so serious that even normal complications were considered medical malpractice.

It was really a headache.

Zhao Wenhua was so frustrated that he pulled his hair down in locks.

Fang Lin felt helpless.

He heaved a sigh and left.

He was only a doctor for consultation and would deal with the patients who were related to him.

As for whether the patient should be transferred to general chest surgery, that was up to Zhao Wenhua to decide.

This was the rule of the medical industry.

Fang Lin could not possibly just drag the patient onto the operating table and do the surgery.

Zhao Wenhua looked at the x – ray and felt worried.

He carefully recalled the surgical process, but there was nothing that could be improved.

He was also trembling with fear, and he had used his skills to the limit.

As long as it was a surgery, there would always be complications.

No matter how high the standard was, it was inevitable.

Zhao Wenhua tried his best to avoid it and waited for Zheng Ren to make the first mistake.

That guy was like walking on a tightrope.

No matter how difficult the surgery was, he had to give it a try, and it would be strange if he did not make mistakes.

However, something out of his expectations still happened.

Zheng Ren did not make a mistake, but he did.

The patients postoperative bleeding was not a mistake.

It was just bad luck, and complications occurred.

(Note 1) If Zheng Ren had not been there, Zhao Wenhua would have admitted defeat.

If he was sent to the cardiothoracic Department for thoracoscopies, it was a very small surgery, and the problem could be quickly solved.

However, Zhao Wenhua felt that it was a conspiracy after Fang Lins suggestion.

Everyone in the Academy was aware of Fang Lin and Zheng Rens relationship.

Zhao Wenhua knew about the accident and the emergency treatment.

‘This is just like a F * cking dog, Zheng Ren.

Hes looking at me viciously and waiting for me to make a mistake, Zhao Wenhua thought to himself.

He rejected Fang Lins suggestion without the slightest hesitation.

However, Zhao Wenhua began to hesitate and feel anxious again after Fang Lin left.

What if the bleeding couldnt be stopped He checked the patients blood pressure almost every few minutes, for fear that the blood pressure would continue to drop.

If that really happened, he would have to go on stage no matter what.

I hope thats not the case.

Zhao Wenhuas heart would beat faster every time the arterial blood pressure monitor fluctuated.

He saw hope when he ascended.

When he descended, it was as if he had fallen into hell.

It was already half past three in the morning, but he was still anxiously observing and judging.

Zhao Wenhua did not open the hemostatic forceps again.

He gradually had an idea.

The bleeding was due to the negative pressure in the patients chest, and the bleeding at the ruptured blood vessels could not be stopped.

The only way to change the negative pressure was to fill the chest with blood.

After that, the blood vessels would be blocked and the bleeding would stop.

The problem of not being able to expand the lungs would slowly be solved.

It seemed to be a solution.

After hesitating for a long time, Zhao Wenhua decided to use this method.

Even so, he still took care of the patient very carefully.

In the end, he simply stopped walking around and personally took care of her by the bed.

At this time, he was worried about anyone.

Only when he was in front of the patients bed would his uneasy heart calm down a little.

The situation did not change for the better or for the worse.

It just did not change.

Blood pressure was maintained at 80/40mm mercury column under the premise of continuous blood transfusion.

It was considered a hemorrhagic shock, but it was not serious.

In addition, the patients base blood pressure before the surgery was on the low side, so this blood pressure was acceptable.

It was just that such a night was so difficult to endure.

Almost every doctor had such a night before, some more, some less.

If it werent for Zheng Ren, Department Director Wei would probably still be performing an extremely complicated surgery on the operating table … No, if it werent for Zheng Ren, the patient would have died on the operating table, and she wouldnt have to suffer.

After Zhao Wenhua finished looking at the scan again, he returned to the patients bed and sat on the bench while he stared at the monitor blankly.

The patients family was very grateful and told him that there would be complications before the surgery, but they did not expect to encounter them.

This was just bad luck, but the patients family was reasonable and approved of it.

Professor Zhao had been taking care of the patient since the incident.

The patients family members also expressed their gratitude.

Only Zhao Wenhua knew what the best choice was.

However, he was unable to make such a choice.

Although it was just a common complication that no one could avoid, Zhao Wenhua still wanted to avoid entering the palace for the second time.

He could not give Zheng Ren a chance to attack him.

Zheng Ren was still fine, but Zhao Wenhua could not help but feel annoyed at Su Yun, who was standing beside him like a celebrity in a boy band.

That person was the worst! …… …… [Note 1: youve been trying your best to increase boss Zhengs luck so that you wont make any mistakes.] As a doctor, luck was really too important.

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