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“You guys go first, Ill pack up the equipment.” Xie Yiren pushed Zheng Ren out of the room with a smile.

Zheng Ren was a little embarrassed, while Su Yun was rather emotional as she said,””Boss, did you really save the universe in your past life” “Uh …” “Its such a waste for Yiren to stand beside you.

What do you think she sees in you” Su Yun asked.

“I might be the best surgeon in the world.” Zheng Ren replied expressionlessly.

“…” Su Yun wanted to refute, but when the words reached her mouth, she swallowed them back.

He could choose not to admit it, but this was … In any case, his surgical skills were bad, so it was better not to make blind remarks.

There was a certain truth to saying that there was no first in literature.

As long as they didnt fight face to face, it would be difficult to distinguish between the first, second, and third level in competitive sports.

Unless it was beyond a large level, it would be embarrassing not to admit it.

Today, chief physician Wei sighed with emotion.

It seemed that he was impressed by his bosss surgical skills.

This was not just a matter of being slightly good, but really good, especially good.

Forget it, I wont argue with him about this.

Feng Xuhui had been waiting in the operation room the whole time.

At this time, he carried his suitcase and came out with Liu Xiaojie.

“Feng, did you get the spring ring from a rich man” Zheng Ren asked.

“Yes.” Feng Xuhui replied.

Zheng Ren patted his shoulder and didnt say anything.

“Little Feng, tell Fuguier to bring more when he comes back.” “Forget it,” Su Yun said.”Ill just give him a call.” “When will Fuguier be back” Zheng Ren asked.

“He will definitely come back with Dr.


Do you even need to ask” Su Yun said.

“Is the second stage of the surgery over” “Fuguis not idle these days either.

He went to Maio to teach surgery and then rushed back to Hyde for surgery, just so he could come back with Dr.


” Su Yun knew the professors schedule like the back of her hand.

When they arrived at the changing room, the three of them didnt rush to change.

Instead, they smoked first.

Usually, they would take a shower at this time, but director Wei had probably already arranged for a restaurant to prepare a meal.

It was already very late, so they should not delay.

As expected, after he finished smoking, director Weis call came.

It was said to be a shop called Pi Xiu outside the West Fifth Ring Road.

The name of the restaurant was full of a greasy taste, so it was probably a place to eat meat.

Zheng Ren was not very interested in eating.

It was already so late, and he wondered how hei Zi was doing at home.

However, if he ate meat, he could pack some food for Blackie, killing two birds with one stone.

“What do you want to eat, boss” Su Yun asked.

“Its a restaurant called Suan ni.

They eat boiled mutton.

” Zheng Ren said.

“Its so late at night, its really hard to digest mutton.

Director Weis taste is really not the usual heavy.

” Su Yun sighed.

“Ill go back to sleep after eating.

” Zheng Ren was not very interested either.

He told Yiren that he did not go to the ICU to see the postoperative patient.

Zheng Ren called Chang Yue and set off with Feng Xuhui.

Zheng Ren was very curious as to whether Chang Yue had managed to placate the lady, but from her tone over the phone, there should not have been any problems.

“Chang Yue, hows the patients family” Zheng Ren asked after they got into the car.

“Its alright, its nothing.

” Chang Yue seemed to have forgotten about this matter and answered casually,”what are we having for dinner tonight” “Mutton,” Su Yun said.

“Youre eating mutton so late at night What kind of wine” Chang Yue asked.

“Can you stop thinking about drinking have you appeased the patients family members” Zheng Ren saw that the topic was getting more and more off – topic, so he quickly interrupted.

“Its alright.

Didnt I tell you” Chang Yue was getting impatient.

“Boss, why are you so interested in this” Su Yun asked.

“When we went out, the patients family members didnt seem to know about this at all.” Zheng Ren said.

“…” Su Yun was stunned.

This was completely different from what she had imagined.

“I guess it was because she didnt want to remember, or the young man didnt want to remember, so they just pretended that the bottle didnt exist and let it go.” Chang Yue said.

“Ill just pretend I cant.

” “Many people are like this.

This is considered extreme.” Zheng Ren said.

“That bottle has been there for five years.

Its scary just thinking about it.” Xie Yiren said.

“Its none of your business, drive properly.

Dont think too much about the surgery after youre done.

We still have to eat mutton later.

” Su Yun said.

Zheng Ren glared at him, but he still felt that Su Yun was right.

“Are you clear this time” Su Yun asked.

“Why should I be clear” Chang Yue dragged her last syllable as if she was talking to an idiot.

‘These two really have something in common, Zheng Ren thought to himself.

“If shes willing to lie to herself, then let her.

After the surgery, the patient will probably be fine after a period of treatment.” “What if something happens” “Thats still not something that can be resolved tonight.

The stimulation is too intense in the short term, so be careful not to cause any other trouble.

” Chang Yue said.

Su Yun stopped talking.

This time, even he felt that Chang Yues words made sense.

“Sigh, this matter will still cost a lot of money in the end.” Chang Yue said,”theres no problem with their relationship.

Theyve also gotten their marriage certificate.

The biggest problem is how to pay the money.” “Money” “The biggest sum of money was the spring rings from the rich,” Su Yun said.”Ive asked around.

Apparently, one spring ring is worth about 100000 euros.” “So expensive” Zheng Ren furrowed his brows.

It seemed like he could not use it just because he wanted to.

“Its not a mass – produced product.

Its used for experiments.

With the European professors skills, hell spend it with all his might.” Su Yun coldly laughed.

Zheng Ren thought about it and felt that it made sense.

However, that was not how the accounts were calculated.

He could not give a discount, right The awkward spot wasnt far from 912.

Since it was already past midnight and the road conditions were still good, they reached it very quickly.

The GPS showed that they had arrived, but they couldnt find any shops along the street.

Xie Yiren drove the car slowly, and the others searched the car carefully.

Suddenly, someone waved at her from the side of the road.

Su Yun rolled down the window from behind.

“May I ask if you are director Weis guests” The man greeted him politely.

He stood by the road, looking like he was waiting for Zheng Ren and his group.

Su Yun laughed.

Things were getting interesting.

Generally speaking, a restaurant with a storefront would not be too bad, nor would it be very good.

If you wanted to eat well and have a unique taste, you still had to go to thoseblack shops without a signboard.

This kind of restaurant only served regular customers.

They paid particular attention to the exquisiteness of their dishes and completely ignored the cost.

The customers didnt care about the price at all.

Not even the money, they would naturally make up for it in other ways.

There was no need to elaborate on the subtleties of this.

Following the middle – aged mans directions, they drove into an alley.

It was a small courtyard house with a black and shiny signboard on the lintel.

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