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He went to register Zheng Ren was stunned.

He went missing in the hospital to register so that the girl could sign before the operation He was simply playing the zither randomly! This is too much! Although he was furious, Zheng Ren could somewhat understand their feelings.

For some things, the fewer people who knew, the better, just like this rectal foreign body.

If his family found out, how would they live in the future It was just that … Sigh, Zheng Ren sighed.

There were many things that were not black or white, and most of them were gray.

Director ye, chief Wei from the gastrointestinal surgery department, and other leading professors were ready for emergency treatment.

The head nurse quickly made an inventory of the emergency Medicine and confirmed that there were no mistakes.

All kinds of liquids and infusion sets were ready.

In general, the emergency Medicine in the ambulance was the focus of the daily inspection, and it had to be fully prepared.

A large tertiary Grade A hospital like 912 would not be like the local primary hospitals, where they would not have any oversight.

In less than ten minutes, the sound of an ambulance came from the distance.

As it got closer, it became clearer and more shrill.

Everyone was waiting for him.

Zheng Ren and Su Yun were the last to leave.

Su Yun said softly,””I heard from Lin Ge that when we were in Hyde Castle, at a hospital administration meeting, director Mao made things difficult for director Kong regarding his position.” “What” “Mm.” Zheng Rens tone was a little stiff.

“Later, I happened to be in contact with Maio, and the matter of being a visiting professor was dropped.

In the end, he wont be appointed as an Associate Chief physician, but will be promoted to a chief physician.

” Su Yun said.

This kind of thing involved choosing a side.

If the people who had been standing up for Zheng Ren all this time did not get any benefits in the end, and chief Mao, who had been making things difficult for Zheng Ren, was treated with a smile, who would stand up for Zheng Ren in the future Zheng Ren nodded, knowing what he should do.

Su Yun was very confident in Zheng Ren on this point.

This guy was a vengeful person.

Zheng Renyu had remembered his uncle for a long time.

Fortunately, he had resolved this problem early on.

Otherwise, with Zheng Rens current momentum, if he was bent on revenge, it would not be resolved by resigning.

“Boss, do you want to go for the surgery” Su Yun asked.

“Im thinking about what to do.

The surgery is very risky, and I havent counted it yet.

” Zheng Ren also felt a little regretful.

If he had not used up all his surgery training time to save Department Director Miao, he would have gone to the systems operating room to prepare for surgery a long time ago.

‘This person is really unlucky, Zheng Ren thought to himself.

The ambulance did not go to the emergency department.

Instead, it stopped directly at the entrance of the inpatient department.

The ear – piercing alarm stopped as the car stopped, and the momentary silence made everyones heart tense.

Although it had quieted down, Zheng Ren knew that this was just the beginning.

“Ive asked Yiren to disinfect the surgical instruments.

” “Just in case,” Su Yun replied.

Zheng Ren nodded.

Director ye led the team and stood at the door of the resuscitation room.

A professor leading the team and the chief resident went to the electric ladder with the emergency Medicine and waited.

Although the 120 ambulance was fully equipped with medicine, who knew what would happen and what the patients condition would be “Boss Zheng, long time no see.” Before the patient arrived, Division Chief Mao arrived first.

She directly ignored ye Qingqiu and ran toward Zheng Ren with a smile, holding a stack of red books in her hand.

“Boss Zheng, you go do your work.

Im here to give you the certificate of chief physician.

Su Yun is here too.

Ill give you your certificate as an Associate Chief physician too.

” Director Mao said from a distance.

His attitude was so good that it made ones hair stand on end.

Zheng Ren frowned.

The sound of the Gurney was heard from afar.

“In the future, there will be an expert consultation.

Ill make an application with the hospital to set up a consultation room for you.” Director Mao said.

She saw that Zheng Rens eyes were staring straight at her, and she thought to herself with a smile,hes a young man after all.

He must have been scared silly to be promoted to chief physician by an exception. However, this was only the Deans good intentions.

He had more important things to say.

“Boss Zheng, Ive talked to director Guo, and we think youre qualified to teach.

We didnt ask for your opinion, so we decided to become a full professor.” Director Mao said as he walked toward Zheng Ren.

Not all chief physicians were professors.

Only chief physicians who were qualified to attend classes in school were professors.

There were many boring things like exams here.

“This is a big favor,” Division Chief Mao thought with a smile.

As soon as she finished speaking, she saw Zheng Ren striding over.

Division Chief Mao thought to himself,”as a young man, Ill just give you some benefits and not hold grudges.” He was not like those old guys who were smiling on the surface, but who knew who would stab them in the back.

He had to strengthen his relationship with boss Zheng in the future.

This young man seemed to be very simple and honest.

However, the smile on director Maos face froze as soon as it appeared.

Zheng Ren walked past her without even looking at the certificates with red covers.

“Division Chief Mao, youre blocking the way.

Were in the emergency room, dont delay things.” Su Yun then walked past chief Mao and whispered to him.

Endless teasing.

This … This was too F * cking overboard! Division Chief Maos fingers were cold.

He held the four red certificates and stood to the side in a daze.

…… The young man was pushed up.

Zheng Ren saw that the background panel was blood red, several times brighter than it had been in the afternoon.

“Blood pressure 60/40, shallow breathing, heart rate 134 beats per minute, hemorrhagic shock is diagnosed!” Zhou Litao had personally come out to perform emergency treatment in 120.

After he entered the ward area, he shouted out his diagnosis.

No one said anything, and several groups of people began to move quickly.

One group was for deep vein puncture, another group was for lower stomach and ureter, and another group was for preoperative preparation.

Another group was for blood collection, and another group was for electrocardiography.

They didnt disturb each other and just did what they were supposed to do.

Zheng Ren stood in a corner where he would not affect others and observed the young man.

His face was pale, and his abdomen was slightly bulging.

One of the blood vessels must have burst, causing massive bleeding.

The glass shards probably deviated in the rectum, and the most worrying thing had happened.

But what should he do Many thoughts appeared in Zheng Rens mind, but none of them had the confidence to save this young man.

On the Gurney, the young man was holding a red certificate in his hand.

His fingers were pale, and he seemed to have used all his strength.

A faint smile hung on his pale face, making him look somewhat desolate.

The girl was also holding a red marriage certificate in her hand.

However, she was already in a daze and had no idea what had happened.

The tears in her eyes hadnt dried yet, and she could only silently watch the doctors and nurses working.

His entire body was already numb, and he didnt know what to do at all.

Zheng Ren sighed.

There was only less than an hour left for the surgery training.

He would try.

If he didnt do something, he wouldnt be satisfied.

As he thought about this, he went to the system space and clicked to purchase surgery training time.

The systems operating theater rose from the ground. 


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