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“Auntie, what did you order” Zheng Ren did not bother with Su Yun.

Instead, he looked at the lady on the drip cautiously.

“Its vitamin C,” She held something in her hand and blocked the bottle of the drip.

She made way and wanted to go back to the ward.

“Su Yun, go and check the doctors orders.” Zheng Ren said coldly, his tone exuding a chilly aura.

“…” Su Yun was surprised.

She walked around in a circle and took a look behind the Auntie.

The liquid was turbid and light yellow in color, with floccules floating inside.

“Alright!” Su Yun didnt say anything more and ran straight to the doctors office.

The doctors here were very free.

They had nothing to do, and it was purely a place for retirement.

When Su Yun ran in, the doctor on duty was drinking tea and reading a newspaper.

“Medical record, medical advice!” Su Yun said simply.

“Who are you!” The doctor crossed his legs and said unhurriedly.

“Dont f * cking talk.

If you delay any longer, someone will die!” Su Yun roared.

“A dead person” The doctor was stunned for a moment.

He put down the newspaper in his hand.

Su Yun really wanted to beat him up when she saw how slowly he was reading.

However, Su Yun knew what the situation was like here.

It was a place for retirement, so there was no rush.

“If you continue to dawdle, get ready to revoke your medical license and be accused of intentional murder.” Su Yun saw the medical record folder on the table and immediately picked it up.

“Who are you what right do you have to talk to me like this!” The doctor said unhappily.

“The doctor from 912, Su Yun.” Su Yun took the medical record and flipped through the messy handwritten medical orders before walking out.

“Youre back, thats medical …” “Get the hell out of here and call Sun Ming over.

Hes about to die, but hes still reading the newspaper!” Su Yun said coldly before turning around and disappearing.

The middle – aged doctor let out a sigh when he heard the young man mention Sun Mings name.

He did not know which familys young master this was, but he had barged in like this.

912 “s doctor Nonsense.

Looking at his age, he was at most a PhD student.

It was said that the arrogant and domineering young masters had been appearing less and less in recent years, so why did he have to meet them today The doctor sighed and admitted his bad luck.

He went to call Sun Ming.

Su Yun jogged over to Zheng Rens side.

Zheng Ren had already turned off the patients IV drip.

Although the woman kept struggling, she could not twist Zheng Rens arm.

Department Director Kong was dumbfounded.

But when the advertisement paper in the patients hand fell to the ground, he also saw the abnormal situation in the drip bottle.

“What is this medicine” Department Director Kong asked.

“Glucose vitamin C!” Su Yun shouted from the side, her voice like a sound wave.

“Call 120 and get ready for emergency treatment!” “Shut up!” Zheng Ren shouted.

He grabbed the aunties arm and dragged her into the ward next door.

His violent actions made Department Director Kongs heart jump.

If anything were to happen to him, he would definitely be sued.

Boss Zheng was usually a very gentle person.

Why did he suddenly get angry Could it be that he had added the wrong medicine to the noodles Looking at the color of the liquid, there might be a problem, but the reaction was too big.

“What … What are you doing” The aunties legs were still very nimble, and she kept struggling.

“What did you add to the medicine bottle” The vein on Zheng Rens forehead popped up, and he looked like a fiend, which gave the Auntie a shock.

When she met a fierce one, the Auntie would be well – behaved.

Especially when she heard Zheng Ren mention the medicine bottle, she suddenly panicked.

“I …” ” 120 hits” Zheng Ren roared.

“Im done.

Ill be there in a few minutes.

” Su Yun ran in with a folder in one hand and a phone in the other.

“Yo, boss Zheng, youre here.” Hearing the noise, Sun Ming walked out and followed Su Yun into the ward.

He had been very happy recently, and there was a smile on his face.

But when he saw the scene in front of him, he was stunned.

What was going on Before he could understand what was happening, Zheng Ren roared,”di mi! Its a deep vein puncture kit!” “Zheng …” “Zheng My ass, are you trying to save the medicine” Su Yun roared.

“Er …” Sun Mings hands were numb.”Whats going on” Could it be that he had encountered a critically ill patient However, the Auntie on the bed was very familiar.

She was a neighbor.

She was fine.

She just didnt know who told her that taking vitamins on time could resist aging, so … Theres nothing wrong with him, so what medicine should I use to save him Besides, what was there to save in a Community Hospital “No, I didnt,” Sun Ming spread his hands.

Zheng Ren shouted,”Su Yun, push the bed out and wait.” After saying that, he stepped on the bed gear, stepped on the brakes of the roller under the bed, and ran out with the bed.

“What are you guys doing!” The Auntie lying on the bed screamed.

“Bang …” The bed slammed the door open, and wood chips flew everywhere.

The sound of an ambulance could be heard from outside.

The ambulance would probably arrive when the bed reached the door.

Looking at their backs, Sun Ming was dumbfounded.

What the hell happened “Director … Director Kong, whats wrong” he mumbled.

Department Director Kong did not follow them.

If he ran and caused his heart to stop beating, he would be in trouble.

“Ah, director sun, youve been here for so many years.

Has nothing else happened” Department Director Kong asked in a low voice when he saw Zheng Ren and Su Yun disappear around the corner.

With boss Zheng following them, they might be fine.

He sighed again.

“Whats the matter Im not.

” Sun Mings head was still wet with dew.

“The color of the patients drip is not right.

I think something was added to it.” “You really dont know that the patients nowadays secretly add things to their own medicine” Department Director Kong asked.

“Were all old neighbors, so we didnt use any of those messy and broken medicines.

Basically, well give them whatever they want, and theyll all be given common medicine.

” For experienced clinicians, even if they had never seen such a thing before, they had heard of it.

However, it was different this time.

That Auntie was usually quite dutiful.

They were old neighbors, so it was impossible for her to do that.

“Get a nurse to take a look in the bathroom.

Search carefully and see if theres anything unusual.

” Department Director Kong said.

Sun Ming immediately found the only nurse who was working and went to the bathroom to search for the items.

In the end, he found a bag of juice and a syringe.

The syringe was filled with color.

He didnt need to guess to know what the juice bag and the syringe had done.

Sun Mings face turned pale at once.

If the people on the street died in the community Hospital, the sky would F * cking collapse.

What the hell was going on they immediately closed the shop and renovated it, but in the end, they lost their chastity and caused such a terrible thing.

“Even if theres something, it wont be a big deal.

After all, boss Zheng is following us.” Department Director Kong was so nervous that he did not know whether to laugh or cry.

This bunch of people who talk about health maintenance every day, why do they dare to add anything into the blood vessels Juice can also directly absorb blood He was really too F * cking bold.

…… [Note: its a real case.

I probably saw it on the news last year.]

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