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The complicated procedures were like paper in front of the elite personnel.

Thirty – five minutes later, the preoperative instructions, the consent form for the live broadcast, and a series of other written documents were all signed.

Su Yun brought the patient to the operating theater.

Zheng Ren, on the other hand, sat quietly in the changing room, recalling the whole incident.

The matter was very simple.

Although he had taken a certain risk, Zheng Ren felt comfortable in his heart.

There was nothing that he could not understand.

Even if there was a risk, Zheng Ren was willing to bear it.

After all, Zheng Ren could see that he could perform treatment, but he could not stand aside and watch indifferently because of other peoples mistakes.

‘Even so, its best to avoid the risks that can be avoided.

I cant just let the horse run its course just because Ive done the so – called rightthing, Zheng Ren thought.

He lit a cigarette and entered the system space.

Zheng Ren felt a little regretful when he saw that his surgery training time was about to run out.

Why didnt big pig trotter issue any missions If this went on, he would have to wait until he completed the famous World Mission before he would have enough time for surgery training.

Forget it, if the big pig trotter doesnt cooperate, hell have to live his days.

Zheng Ren bought the surgery training and entered the operating theater in the system.

Without any hesitation, he started the surgery.

His condition was very complicated, but it did not exceed Zheng Rens expectations.

Zheng Ren was very satisfied with the 98% surgery completion rate.

Although it was an organ deformity, the intestine had grown to the retroperitoneum, and it would be fine as long as it was reset.

Compared to some complicated organ deformities, this was considered a very simple case.

…… The operating theater was filled with good luck.

The song echoed, and old he was intubating.

“I say, old he, do you have to be so tacky” Su Yun was helpless.

The bosss taste was really old – fashioned.

However, old he still remembered it.

Was todays surgery going to be completed with an uncouth song “Big brother Yun, boss Zheng said that we should bring good luck when we perform the surgery.” “I think boss Zheng has a point,” old he said with a smile.

“Bullsh * t, the boss just said it casually.

I dont think hell listen to it at all.

Hell automatically block out any song you play for him.

” Su Yun rebuked.

Outside the airtight lead door of the operating room, a few young nurses quietly walked over and stuck their heads out to take a few glances.

As someone moved forward, the person at the bottom staggered and laughed.

Su Yun had seen this kind of situation many times.

He thought to himself that the next time he went for surgery, he must wear two layers of masks.

A sterile mask really couldnt hide her peerless beauty.

The young nurses chatted and laughed in a low voice at the door.

After nearly a minute, a young nurse walked in.

She was wearing a sterile cap and a mask, but the parts that were exposed were as red as prawns in a pan.

She was obviously very nervous, and she was almost walking on crutches.

“Hello, uncle.

Im an intern nurse.” She came to Su Yuns side and said shyly.

Su Yuns hand froze.

In his heart, countless wild horses galloped by, and the sound of horse hooves rumbled.

It was as if the world was shaking and collapsing.

Old he was fixing the tracheal intubation.

When he heard what the young intern said, he almost laughed.

“Uncle …” The nurse didnt find anything wrong, so she mustered her courage and called out again.

Before she could ask for Su Yuns WeChat, the back of the handsome man who was enough to break her psychological defense turned around.

“Saosao, whats the matter” Su Yun cupped her fists and asked teasingly.

There was a strange and awkward atmosphere in the operating theater.

Old he quickly walked over, waved his hand, and said,”The surgery is about to begin.

Hurry up and get out, get out.” The young intern was a little confused, but Su Yuns words had already pushed her into a corner.

She was already nervous, so she didnt know how to answer when she was addressed assister – in – Law.

After the young medical interns left, old he patted Su Yuns shoulder and smiled.””Big brother Yun, I told you.

If you keep letting people call you big brother, youll get called old sooner or later.” “Whose student is he why is he calling me uncle” Su Yun was very unhappy.

“I think shes only 18 years old.

Theres a difference of more than ten years.

Its nothing to call her uncle.” Old he laughed as he looked at Su Yuns back as she went to wash her hands, and he took the opportunity to stab her.

Soon, director Wei from the gastrointestinal department, a few interested leading professors, and Zheng Ren walked in together.

They already had an understanding of the patients condition.

They all knew that this was a very complicated surgery.

Boss Zheng looked very calm and confident.

Although he didnt know where his confidence came from, it made him even more curious.

After laying out the sheet, Zheng Ren brushed his hands.

Professor Feng didnt go over to chat with Zheng Ren.

He drooled as he looked at the silver surgery box in front of Xie Yiren.

As he looked at the various instruments inside, his eyes shone with a strange light.

“Boss Zheng, this equipment is really good.” Professor Feng said.

“Its alright, but its too expensive.

” As Su Yun laid out the sheet, she said,””How much do you think a willow blade is worth” “Its only a few Yuan.

How expensive can it be” ” 233 dollars, still in US dollars.” “This money cant be taken from the patient,” Su Yun said.”Youll have to pay for the surgery.” Professor Feng and the audience were so shocked that their jaws almost dropped.

A blade cost nearly 2000 RMB.

Was it made of gold In terms of weight, even if it was made of gold, it should not be so expensive.

Su Yun was very satisfied with everyones reaction.

Seeing that Hu Yanhui was helping Zheng Ren put on his glasses, she said,””Little Hu, tell your director Peng that the money for the surgical blade has to be reimbursed.” “Alright,” Hu Yanhuis face had a layer of bright color, and she looked very strange.

Su Yun felt that Hu Yanhuis expression was a little strange after she saw her today.

She wanted to ask about it and gossip about it, but it was a little inconvenient now that they were doing a live broadcast of the surgery and many big shots of 912 were watching.

“Little Hu, lets have dinner together tonight.” Su Yun casually said.

“Uh …” After Hu Yanhui set up the live broadcast equipment for Zheng Ren, she was stunned when she heard Su Yuns words.

“Why, is it not convenient” Su Yun already knew what Hu Yanhuis expression meant.

He had basically guessed the truth.

What else could it be he was in love.

However, Su Yun was even more curious.

What kind of boyfriend would Hu Yanhui, who was known as the luckiest employee of Xing Lin garden, find “Dont dilly – dally.

Lets have dinner together.

They hadnt had a gathering since they came back from abroad.

Boyfriend or whatever, Ill see you on another day.

” Su Yun stood in her assistants position and made the decision.

Hu Yanhui had no choice but to nod.

She went to the operation room of the hybrid operating room and started to prepare for the live broadcast.

After adjusting the camera equipment, everything was ready.

Hu Yanhui made a gesture.

After Su Yun saw it through the lead glass, she reached out and slapped the hemostatic forceps with iodophor gauze in her hand.

The surgery began. 


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