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Director sun almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

He had just said that he would pay according to the highest standards, but the standards he was talking about were domestic.

Under normal circumstances, those who could hire freelance surgeons in the country would only earn ten to twenty thousand RMB for a surgery.

If they paid more than that … They would stay in the special ward in Beijing or Shanghai and would not hire someone to be a freelance surgeon.

However, President Zheng kept talking about the Maio clinic, which cost 80000 US dollars, and each one.

This matter … Where could they go to reason But on second thought, did President Zheng really go to Maio clinic for surgery Director sun was put in a difficult position.

He stood there, feeling very troubled.

He did not expect Zheng Ren to go to Mayo.

This time last year, the young doctor in the opposite Ward had grown into a towering tree that he could not imagine.

“Director sun, whats the matter” Zheng Ren asked.

“N – no …” “Director sun wants you to come back for freelance surgery.

What do you think” Old Department Director pan took over the conversation and asked.

“Oh, if theres a patient, he can come back and see you.” Zheng Ren smiled and said,”the surgery fee is up to you.

Its nothing.” Director sun, if there are any suitable patients, you can just discuss with Su Yun.

Do you have his WeChat” “Yes, yes.” Director sun quickly said.

“Alright, thats it then.” “Director, Ill pack up and head to the provincial capital.

Ill be back to see you in a while,” Zheng Ren said.

“Do your work well, dont think about coming home for no reason.” Old Department Director pan spoke in a very serious tone, just like a parent who wished for their son to succeed.

Liu Xiaojie carried her suitcase and watched silently from behind.

Time and time again, she refreshed her understanding of boss Zheng, who manager Feng had been following all the way.

She didnt feel anything for Maio.

The worlds number one fine, even if it was the worlds number one, could it sell a wire That was why Liu Xiaojie felt that it had nothing to do with her, a salesperson.

However, the number of $80000 per operation that the Maio clinic paid for shocked Liu Xiaojie.

Although money could not perfectly judge the importance of a matter, surgery fees definitely represented the degree of recognition a doctor had for a doctor to a certain extent.

Was this unremarkable – looking young doctor really so powerful She wanted to ask Feng Xuhui if this was true, but Feng Xuhui was tidying up the big suitcase and recording down the consumables that needed to be replenished in a book.

“Little Feng, go get the car.

Call me when youre downstairs, Ill talk to the director for a bit.” Zheng Ren said with a smile.

“Alright,” “Yes,” Feng Xuhui replied.

Then, he handed the luggage to Liu Xiaojie, and the two of them went to change their clothes and leave.

Liu Xiaojie couldnt understand why a young doctor like boss Zheng could only be a good doctor at best.

However, a surgery that cost $80000 was a bit shocking.

After changing her clothes, she hurriedly dragged her suitcase out of the operating room.

Feng Xuhui had already changed his clothes and was waiting for her.

When she saw Feng Xuhui, Liu Xiaojie asked,””Manager, why is boss Zhengs surgery fee so high Is it true” “Yes.” “And this isnt all,” Feng Xuhui said.

“Ah” Such a high surgery fee was actually not all of it Liu Xiaojie didnt believe it.

That couldnt be! “President Zhengs surgery at Mayo Clinic will be broadcasted live, including teaching surgery.

It seemed like the cost of live streaming a teaching surgery would be increased.

Brother Yun was discussing this with Chairman Peng of Xing Lin garden.

I heard Brother Yun mention it once.

It should be 30000 RMB for one surgery live broadcast.

” “Oh, its not that much,” Liu Xiaojie thought.

In the blink of an eye, Liu Xiaojies face was covered in tears.

His monthly internship fee was 2000 Yuan, but boss Zhengs surgery fee alone was 30000 Yuan, not including the surgery fee … And that was not much money “A live broadcast” Liu Xiaojie asked subconsciously.

“You dont look at the apricot garden” Feng Xuhui walked forward to drive the car to pick up Zheng Ren.

He explained to Liu Xiaojie,””Were considered industry professionals on the fringe.

If we have the time, well still have to look into such a professional website.” Liu Xiaojie was speechless.

She looked at Feng Xuhui limping forward and felt a little disdainful.

Do I need you to teach me After putting the trolley Case in the trunk, Feng Xuhui began to contact the sales staff of the companys headquarters in the provincial city, asking them to prepare some consumables to make up for the deficit of the trolley Case.

As long as there was one less consumable, Feng Xuhui would feel uneasy, and Liu Xiaojie had a lot of complaints about this.

After a while, a red Volvo XC60 appeared in his field of vision, and a short horn sounded to remind Feng Xuhui.

Zheng Ren walked out and said goodbye to Department Director pan.

He then got on the Volvo and headed straight to the provincial capital.

Liu Xiaojie looked at the Volvo in front of them that wasnt eye – catching at all.

She had an idea and asked,””Is that boss Zhengs girlfriend” “Yes.” “Its pretty good.

Boss Zheng is rich too.

Theyre a perfect match.” Liu Xiaojie said, intentionally or otherwise.

“Money” Feng Xuhui was focused on driving and didnt react immediately, but he realized what Liu Xiaojie was thinking and said,””President Zhengs girlfriend is much richer than him.” “What” “Haicheng … Lets not talk about Haicheng.

Beijings Sunshine 100 CBD on Third Ring Road belongs to Xie Yiren and her family.” Feng Xuhui chuckled.”Hes doing it for his dreams.

He thinks that saving people is the right thing to do.

Its different from us working hard to make a living.” Liu Xiaojie was stunned.

Beijing, East Third Ring Road, Sunshine 100 CBD, she knew about it.

She often went to the Dawang road, which was very prosperous.

However, she didnt expect that a CBD with such a large area for everyone to live in would actually belong to boss Zhengs girlfriend.

If they were to talk about money, boss Zheng would probably only be able to earn that much money by doing nothing and performing surgeries for five years.

Even if it was five years, it would be very difficult … It was impossible to earn that much money.

This, is this really … The Matthew effect Liu Xiaojie fell silent.

She started to sort out the gains she had gained along the way, as if she had a vague understanding of the reason for her failure.

However, he was not sure what it was.

They entered the provincial capital.

Compared to Haicheng, the provincial capital was much more prosperous.

It was noon when they arrived at the Affiliated Hospital of the medical University.

Liu Xiaojie was a little worried as she looked at the full car.

It would take some time to find a parking space.

As for how long it would take, it would depend on luck.

However, just as he was looking for a parking space at the gate, the Volvo in front of him suddenly stopped.

A burly security guard stopped the car and then used the walkie – talkie to contact the other security guards.

More than a dozen security guards gathered from all directions.

What was going on Feng Xuhui was a little nervous.

He did not turn off the engine and unbuckled his seat belt, wanting to get out of the car to take a look.

“Manager, why didnt the security guard let boss Zheng in” Liu Xiaojie felt a little strange.

However, when she saw the car in front being stopped and the car behind it honking, she felt a little happy.

It turned out that this person could not run amuck anywhere.

More than a dozen security guards gathered, and a security guard Captain with a somewhat wretched appearance came to the front of the car.

He stood up straight and saluted very seriously.

He grinned, and the sunlight shone on it, giving it the yellow color of an old Pearl.

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