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“President Zheng, can you perform the surgery alone” It was only then that director Xia noticed that Zheng Rens assistant was not with them.

He asked uneasily.

Wheres the foreign professor Wheres Su Yun Why dont I see them “Im fine.

” Department Director pan looked through the lead glass at Zheng Ren who was performing the surgery in an orderly manner.

He said calmly,”During the earthquake relief, I brought the ambulance to the front line.

Many people there knew about Zheng Ren.” “Uh …” Director Xia was stunned.

Rong city was so far away.

How did so many people know about President Zheng Perhaps old Department Director pan was too protective of his child, which was why he said that.

Although he didnt believe it, it was still not good for him to say anything unpleasant at this time.

Director Xia only smiled and did not say anything.

“Zheng Ren was the first to enter the epicenter of the earthquake.

After that, the follow – up troops drove in.

He and the other commanders carried the injured down.

In Pengxi village hospital, one person, one operating table, and three days and three nights of surgery.

” “Uh …” “It should be no problem for him to perform the surgery alone.

Dont worry, this kid doesnt look like hes willing to talk, but he knows what hes doing.

” Old Department Director pan did not continue talking about Zheng Rens various legendary stories.

Instead, he ended the discussion with a comment.

Director Xia was depressed.

Old Department Director pan was too bad.

She had only started the story and had already cut it off.

Was she forcing him to take a knife “President Zheng is there.

Many people know him” Director Xia asked.

“Yes, the director of the emergency department of the provincial Hospital still remembers him.

After I told him that I was his disciple, he dragged me to drink with him the whole night before I left.

He patted my shoulder and said that he had a good disciple.

” Old Department Director pan smiled slightly, and he was full of pride.

The screen lit up, and the guide wire began to SuperSelect.

The position was not as deep as before, and it did not seem to be as accurate, but director Xia thought that the artiste had done it on purpose.

It wasnt because he wasnt good enough or he didnt pay attention, so he wanted to be lazy.

Instead, it might be a deeper understanding of the surgery and the condition of the patient.

The surgery went on very quickly.

As the patient had a lot of recurring tumors, Zheng Ren took half an hour to finish the surgery.

The entire process was smooth and steady, making people feel relaxed and happy.

Director Xia was a little emotional.

He had also looked at this patients x – ray film with his classmates in Beijing and Shanghai.

It was said that the surgery was very difficult and the postoperative effect would not be particularly good.

However, President Zheng managed to secure it so easily.

It was really … Suddenly, Department Director Xia thought of cephaloxastein causing crystal deposition in the gallbladder.

He was a Department Director who had been in clinical medicine for many years, but he did not know about this.

It was president Zheng who reminded him.

Now, director Xia was carefully studying the drug instructions.

She was dizzy and confused.

There were hundreds of drugs.

It was really difficult to remember all of them.

At that time, Zheng Ren suddenly remembered that it was better to be young.

Director Xia looked enviously at the operating room.

Zheng Ren was applying pressure on the femoral artery on the right thigh.

“Is President Zheng on stage” A voice came from the corridor, and old Department Director pan frowned slightly.”Why is director sun here” “Old Sun, Im done.

Whats the matter” Director Xia walked out of the operating room and saw director sun standing at the door of the operating room in a hurry.

She felt a little strange.

“Whats wrong Old Sun Look at you, panicking like this at your age.

” Director Xia asked.

Looking at director suns expression, he should have something to say.

Director sun had a strange expression on his face when he heard that Zheng Ren had finished his surgery.

He was a little surprised, but also a little relieved.

He put on a surgical coat, changed into slippers, put on a sterile cap, and a mask before he walked in.

“Its fine, its fine.

” Director sun said with a smile.

“Why did you come to the emergency departments operating theater for no reason Who are you trying to fool” “Im here to see President Zheng.

Hes leaving and came back to help me.

Its appropriate not to see if hes old.” Director sun said insincerely,”when I was changing shifts and making ward rounds, I thought that I would come back immediately after I went to the operating table for appendectomy.

Later, I thought that President Zhengs surgery was done so steadily and quickly, so I decided to come and take a look first.” Director sun became happy as he spoke.

“You see, I still know what Im doing,” Director Xia was speechless.

He looked at director sun and thought to himself,”director sun really cant handle the General Surgery Departments Liu Tianxings illness.” “Department Associate Director pan, youre watching the surgery” Director sun didnt know what director Xia was thinking.

He went straight into the operation room and greeted old director pan.

“Yes.” Old Department Director pan didnt like director sun, so she just snorted.

Department Director sun did not get angry.

Instead, he stood beside old Department Director pan like a junior doctor.

He hesitated for a moment before he made a heroic expression, bent down, and said in a low voice,”Department Associate Director pan, I have something to discuss with you.” “What is it” “You know the current situation in the General Surgery Department.

The General Surgery Department is a major Department, and if we dont do a good job, the entire hospital will be affected.” “Lets talk business.

” Department Director pan rebuked.

Old Department Director pan could speak to all the Department directors in the hospital in a rather domineering tone, and this was his status in the underworld.

“You see, President Zheng sometimes misses home, so he comes back to visit you and the emergency department.

Im thinking, what if I find seven or eight slow – Motion patients and ask President Zheng to come back for the surgery” Director sun asked.

Director Xia finally understood.

So this was old suns plan.

But his thinking was right! Director Xia had a whole new level of respect for director sun.

Although director sun was timid, he had a sharp eye and a sharp mind.

Inviting President Zheng back to perform the surgery was a way to end the incident of the emergency department snatching an emergency surgery.

Although he knelt down, it was a beautiful sight.

Moreover, the General Surgery Department was now in decline.

If President Zheng were to come back to perform the surgery and help, perhaps the General Surgery Department Haicheng City first Peoples Hospital might have hope.

If a large Department like the General Surgery Department were to collapse, it would have a great impact on the hospital as a whole.

Old Department Director pan glanced at director sun.

“Slow diagnosis, slow diagnosis.” Director sun repeatedly explained the word “slow treatment.” When director Xia saw him bending his back, he didnt dare to bend too deeply because of his old age.

So, he bent his knees slightly to be at the same level as old Department Associate Director pan, who was sitting in the chair.

It was really tough.

“I dont have any objections.

You can talk to Zheng Ren when he comes out.” Old Department Associate Director pan agreed.”We cant deduct the freelance surgery fees.” “Thats right, thats right, Ill give you the highest price.

” As he spoke, Zheng Ren walked out and smiled at old Department Associate Director pan.

He then asked,”Director sun, what are you doing here” Director sun quickly repeated what he had just said and finally asked,””President Zheng, how much money do other people pay you for a freelance surgery The kind that has the most.

” “Er …” Zheng Ren thought for a moment.”Maios unit is 80000 dollars.”

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