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Liu Xiaojie was very unfamiliar with this place, unlike Feng Xuhui, who had a faint sense of familiarity.

She stood in the operating room and sized up the operating room.

The equipment was from five years ago, but it looked very new and probably had not been used many times.

In such a small place … “Xiaojie, have a seat.” Feng Xuhui sorted out the things in the box and closed them before he was relieved.

“Manager Feng, did President Zheng work here before” Liu Xiaojie sat down and asked lightly.

She now had a basic understanding of this Doctor Who her companys manager was trying to curry favor with.

Although she didnt have a deep impression of places like Mayo, and she had just graduated, she didnt think that President Zheng was that great.

“Yes, I was in charge of the sales of the companys products in the Northeast region at that time.

I met President Zheng through a promotion event.” Feng Xuhui limped and placed the box in a place that was not in the way, then he found a sofa and sat down.

In a small, run – down hospital in a fourth – tier city, the limping superior manager looked a little funny.

Liu Xiaojie felt that it was terrible.

This wasnt the life he wanted.

In his imagination, he would become a white – collar lady in the city after graduation, working from nine to five.

To become an elite in the industry while being busy! He didnt want to go to a fourth – tier city with this stupid and disabled manager to deliver medical consumables to a Doctor Who was said to be very good and was not even thirty years old.

If she wasnt trying to find the reason for her failure, Liu Xiaojie wouldnt have been so perfunctory.

There was nothing worth learning.

Everything was a mess, and it didnt fit Liu Xiaojies taste.

“Xiaojie, this is President Wang from 912.” Feng Xuhui introduced her to Liu Xiaojie in a low voice.

He felt that this girl was quite capable, and she didnt complain about anything along the way.

“912?The imperial capitals 912” “Well, in December last year, director Kong proposed to poach President Zheng to 912, but President Zheng was worried about his family.

So, 912 sent four chief residents to replace boss Zheng, and they came.

I guess theyre going back soon.

I dont know wholl come next.

” Feng Xuhui was telling a fact.

Er … Liu Xiaojie was stunned.

Maio and the visiting professor were too far away for Liu Xiaojie.

A fresh graduate wouldnt think much of it.

However, there werent many people in the country who didnt know the name 912.

None of her classmates, except for those who had passed the postgraduate entrance examination, had been assigned to a third – Class first – Class hospital, which was the same grade as 912.

Even if they graduated with a masters degree or a Doctors degree, it was still rare for them to stay.

Feng Xuhuis words had inadvertently touched a sensitive spot in Liu Xiaojies heart.

For medical students, the large tertiary Grade A hospitals in the country naturally had a sacred sense of worship.

Was he that powerful If he could go to 912, he would probably be so happy that he wouldnt be able to sleep for a few days.

And this President Zheng was not willing to do so.

He even forced nine – one two to send four chief residents to this ravine to support him.

Looking at Liu Xiaojies blank expression, Feng Xuhui smiled.”President Zheng is very powerful.” Liu Xiaojie was speechless.

Through the lead glass, she looked at the legendary President Zheng who was performing surgery.

He was the one who gave up on the imported medical consumables that Department Director Zhou chunyong had been using for many years without hesitation.

He did not hesitate to fall out with his old relationship with Ling ran.

She wasnt stupid.

She knew that this was the reason for her failure.

It was just that he did not want to admit it, or perhaps it was because Zheng Ren was too young and did not seem like a professor worthy of respect.

He was more like a classmate.

There were many such honest and simple classmates.

Some rushed to get food for him, and some asked him out countless times but were directly rejected.

In short, Liu Xiaojie still had a slight contempt for this young boss Zheng who was like a classmate.

“Why is he performing surgery alone” Liu Xiaojie suddenly realized what was wrong and asked in surprise.

A surgery could not be done by one person.

Her teacher had said this sentence when she was in school.

She had said it repeatedly, so she had a deep impression of it.

“Theres no other way.

Its an interventional surgery, and not many people in the First Peoples Hospital of Wuxin city know how to do it.

” Feng Xuhui said,”in the past, there was a rich man helping President Zheng, and Brother Yun could also help.” However, President Zheng came back in a hurry this time, so I can only go alone.

” “Rich and Noble.” This name … Was really full of a rustic atmosphere.

It seemed that this was the second time manager Feng had mentioned this name.

Unconsciously, Liu Xiaojies impression of this place worsened a little.

Even the laminar flow of air in the operating theater had a earthy smell.

“Brother Feng, you busy” Xie Yiren walked in with curved eyebrows and eyes.

She smiled at Feng Xuhui, but before Feng Xuhui could say anything, she habitually went to the corner where she could have a birds eye view of the whole scene.

If anything happened in the operating room, she would be the first to rush in and sit down.

Director Wang looked at the operation on the machine screen in the operation room and was a little confused.

He did not understand interventional surgeries, but he could still tell where the problem lay from the basic scans.

Just like boss Zhengs previous judgment, it was superior mesentery vein embolism.

The probability of such a disease appearing was not high, and the possibility of it being combined with a cloned disease was low.

Boss Zhengs diagnosis was really amazing, CEO Wang thought.

However, because he did not know how to perform interventional surgeries, he could not understand the power of boss Zhengs surgery.

He only felt that the surgery was done very quickly.

It should be a very simple surgery, director Wang thought.

They hoped that if they sent the video of this operation to President su, they would be able to get rid of the directors evil clutches.

Ten minutes later, the airtight lead door opened.

Xie Yiren and the circulating nurse went in to pack up and apply surgical dressing on Zheng Rens wound.

Director Wang quickly downloaded the video of the operation, then called Zheng Ren to use the hotspot link to send the video of the operation over.

“President su, I sent the video to your email.” After sending the message, President Wang made a call home.

The faint roar of the Department Director of the vascular Department could be heard over the phone.

He seemed to be angry that the ringing of the phone had interrupted his thoughts.

President su couldnt defend himself.

He didnt even have time to talk to himself before he hung up the phone.

It was still the same.

CEO Wang smiled.

When he was at home, he felt that the chief physicians were a little too rough.

However, after being out for a long time, he missed her.

“Ive learned and become familiar with many surgeries here.

I should be able to give them a shock when I go back,”director Wang thought with a smile.

He would return quickly and wait for the anesthesia to completely wake up.

Then, he and Zheng Ren would carry the patient to the Gurney and send him to the ICU for the night.

“The effect is pretty good.

Theres no need to use a tube to carry out thrombosis.” Zheng Ren said,”normally, he should be able to recover gradually about three days after the surgery.” If youre still worried, you can do a scan of the blood vessels when the patients condition allows it.

” “Oh, okay.” Director Wang didnt think it was a major surgery, so he didnt need to be particularly concerned.

Even if it was just cutting off a part of the intestine, it would not be a big deal.

It was just a basic surgery.

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