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Liu Xiaojie was very distressed.

When she was in school, she was the president of the Student Union.

She was all – Powerful, coupled with her good looks, good figure, and high emotional intelligence, she had almost never encountered any difficulties in her life.

However, the moment she stepped into society, she realized that the real world was far more complicated than she had imagined.

By chance, she did not work in the medical field.

Instead, she came to the medical consumables company of a multinational group in China and directly took over the liver and gallbladder business in the capital.

On the surface, her life had been indescribably smooth.

After that, it should be smooth sailing and he should step onto the peak of his life.

However, who would have known that the bad luck had already unknowingly extended its claws and fangs to her.

After she took over the liver and gallbladder business in the imperial capital, she faced a sharp decline in the production volume.

The drop was indescribable.

It wasnt calculated in months, but in days.

In just a few days, Liu Xiaojie had lost three pounds.

Her originally thin figure had become even thinner, and even the smallest size clothes swayed on her body.

She was not convinced.

Little Beastie, who had just been released from its cage, would not admit defeat so easily.

After a few days of investigation, she finally found out who her opponent was, Gong Zheng Chang Feng minimally invasive surgery, a domestic consumables company.

It wasnt that easy to take down a city.

Once a hospitals surgeon got used to a certain type of consumable, even if the benefits he gained from it were less, he would not be willing to change it easily.

Not for anything else but habit.

However, the situation of the liver and guts in the imperial capital could only be described as a complete breakdown.

The second Ward was still fine, and there were no changes.

However, in the first Ward that Zhou chunyong was in charge of, three of the four leading professors had changed all the consumables used for interventional cardiology to those used by Eternal Wind minimally invasive surgery.

Even if Liu Xiaojie used her teary eyes and pleading tone, she couldnt turn the situation around.

Zhou chunyong was different from all the people she had known before.

He spoke politely, but his words were especially vicious.

He had told manager Tang that there was a certain reduction in the share, but no one had expected it to be reduced to this extent.

She was indignant and angry, but she had nowhere to vent her anger.

After staying up all night, Liu Xiaojie came up with a detailed plan.

Unfortunately, before the plan could be implemented, she received the notice that she was fired.

Manager Tang was also fired along with her.

Because of the failure of the liver and gallbladder in Imperial, the company, which had been coveting manager Tangs power, suddenly made a move.

They drove manager Tang away at lightning speed, as well as Liu Xiaojie, who they didnt even look at.

Liu Xiaojie, who was like a star in school, became a speck of dust in society.

No one cared about her feelings.

She walked through the night in the capital of April, her pace slow.

She didnt want to go too fast, because she wanted to find out why she had failed when she had just stepped into society.

After walking for a long time, Liu Xiaojie wiped her tears.

She was not a weak person, and her heart was filled with positive energy.

Although she was unwilling, she admitted defeat.

Changfeng was slightly injured What was so magical about it Liu Xiaojie opened the companys website.

A Recruitment Notice appeared in front of her eyes.

Changfeng minimally invasive was recruiting a salesperson.

Did I actually lose to a company that doesnt even have enough staff Liu Xiaojie clicked on it and started to understand about Eternal Wind minimally invasive surgery.

She left a cover letter.

She thought that she would not be hired because she had no professional experience.

Liu Xiaojie was embarrassed to say that she had experience working in the field of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery in the capital for less than a week.

However, the development of the situation had once again exceeded her expectations.

She was half – asleep and half – awake.

When the sun rose and she was awoken by the sunlight, she received a reply from Chang Feng minimally invasive surgery.

She joined Changfeng minimally invasive surgery at lightning speed.

‘This company isnt serious at all, Liu Xiaojie thought.

He didnt submit anything, including his work experience at the school and other things.

He only said that he was a fresh graduate and had been looking for a job for nearly a year.

He was still unemployed.

He was accepted just like that Liu Xiaojie couldnt see the future of Changfeng minimally invasive surgery.

How could she be defeated by such a company It was really hard to believe.

However, she still dressed up carefully and prepared to attend the interview at the capital Branch.

The other side was very urgent and didnt even give her a days time.

…… Feng Xuhui was very anxious.

Boss Zhengs speed was simply too fast.

At this rate, it would definitely not be a dream for him to make a hundred million in annual sales.

Perhaps for some of the top salespeople in some multinational groups, a sales quota of 100 million Yuan was nothing.

But in Changfeng, he was already firmly standing in the first place, and no one could shake him.

And this number, this upper limit, was still being refreshed every day.

The limiting factor was that he did not have anyone on hand.

There were always people who were hostile to him in the company.

They hated young people who suddenly appeared and used some tricks in a corner where ma quan could not see.

Feng Xuhui knew this, but he was not afraid.

It was because he was clinging to boss Zhengs thigh, and nothing could defeat him.

Feng Xuhui could see very clearly that as long as boss Zheng did not fall, his future would only get better and better.

He didnt even need to consider the opinions of the others in the company.

He didnt even need to consider ma Quans opinion too much.

As long as boss Zheng was still around, everything would be fine.

And boss Zheng was not even 30 years old this year.

He couldnt even be considered young and strong, but he was still in his Prime! He was a visiting professor at the Maio clinic and a potential candidate for the Nobel Prize in Biology and Medicine.

From a certain point of view, all of these illustrated Zheng Rens brilliant future.

Feng Xuhui believed that if he couldnt stay in Chang Feng anymore and went to another company, boss Zheng would definitely replace all the products in a short time.

That was why he didnt care about the people behind the scenes in the company.

Was this the confidence of the strong Every time Feng Xuhui thought of this, he would smile awkwardly.

It wasnt the confidence of an expert, but that he had received the guidance of an immortal on the night he had waited in front of the Tang and song eatery.

From that day on, he had hugged boss Zhengs thigh tightly without any hesitation.

It was also from that day that he stepped onto the fast track of success.

This path was so fast that he was starting to feel dizzy.

He had submitted many applications to the companys HR department to hire her, but their actions were very slow.

Feng Xuhui had no other choice but to skip a rank and call ma quan.

The effect was still there.

He was thick – skinned enough to ask for her, and she arrived the next afternoon.

It was a young and beautiful girl who seemed to have just graduated from University.

She was dressed in a slightly mature manner, but the immaturity at the corner of her eyes and the tip of her eyebrows was clearly visible.

Feng Xuhui knew this would happen, but he didnt care.

As long as he held onto boss Zhengs thigh tightly, no one would be able to use small tricks on him! He didnt need a salesperson.

He just needed a laborer who could transport consumables and run errands.

‘This little girl … Is so pitiful, Feng Xuhui thought.

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