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Associate Hospital director Xiao had been in a good mood recently.

Zheng Ren was transferred to the 912 hospital, and several high – Level doctors came.

Although these doctors were only chief residents or young and skilled doctors who were waiting in line to become chief residents in the 912 hospital, they were enough for the First Peoples Hospital of Haicheng City.

The “marriage” with 912 had attracted more attention from the public.

In the past, many people would go directly to Beijing or Shanghai for treatment.

But now, there were people who couldnt be contacted staying in Haicheng for treatment.

This was a fundamental change.

As the medical resources under his control changed, Associate Hospital director Xiaos status rose steadily.

Director Xiao didnt want to take a step forward.

The director of the health Bureau They had no real power at all.

He just wanted to stay in the First Peoples Hospital of chasu city and be the director for the rest of his life.

Therefore, the current outcome was the one that Dean Xiao was most satisfied with.

He had to deal with official business, and there were documents that needed to be signed and approved one after another.

He was busier than a clinician.

When his phone rang, Associate Hospital director Xiao picked it up and glanced at it.

Out of habit, he wanted to put it on silent mode, but he suddenly realized that this was someone he could not afford to offend.

She held her phone and looked up, waiting for a Deputy Director who was signing to leave before she closed the door carefully.

“Old Wu, youre not busy today” Hospital director Xiao greeted him in a familiar manner.

However, the person on the other end of the phone was a little unhappy and his tone was a little gloomy.

“Associate Hospital director Xiao, that relative of mine just called me and complained.

You guys are really too much.

Its just an operation, and youve caused so much trouble.

Do you know how busy I am” Xiao Keming was stunned for a moment.

He had made good arrangements for that distant relative, and he had even asked director Zhou of the medical Affairs Department to take good care of him.

“Whats wrong Youre so angry.

” Xiao Keming tried his best to ease the embarrassment.

“He said that youve found a junior doctor to treat him, and he still needs surgery.

“I say, director Xiao, dont regard me as an outsider.

This relative is a little troublesome, but since he came to me, you can just contact a professor from the province and have him perform the surgery.

This shouldnt be too difficult for you, right” The voice on the other end of the phone was getting lower and lower, and more and more irritated.

It was no longer a complaint, but a finger pointing at Xiao Kemings nose, saying,”you dont value me, but you want me to value you more!” “Old Wu, dont be anxious.

I need to understand the situation,” said Dean Xiao immediately.

This shouldnt have happened.

There must be a misunderstanding.

” “Ill be waiting for your call.

” After that, he hung up the phone.

Associate Hospital director Xiao scratched his head.

What was going on For people like him who came to the First Peoples Hospital of Yun Hua city for treatment through connections in the city, they could roughly judge the level of importance they needed to pay attention to by listening to the person in charge.

If it was someone who was highly valued, Dean Xiao would have to personally accompany him to Beijing or Shanghai.

He had already contacted the other side and would check on them when he went.

If there were any problems, he would deal with them.

It would be best if there were no problems.

As for those who were important, they would need to invite experts from Beijing and Shanghai.

In this case, it was enough for him to go there before and after the surgery to show that he valued it.

The worst ones were those who greeted him normally.

He left them to director Zhou of the medical Affairs Department to handle, and he didnt have to show his face at all.

Because even if he was very attentive, the person who greeted him might not appreciate it.

This patient should be the kind that was least valued.

How did he cause him such big trouble Xiao Keming was a little unhappy, so he called director Zhou over.

Director Zhou was also helpless.

He stood across from Dean Xiaos desk and looked at the Deans gloomy face as he hurriedly explained.

“Director, its not like that.


Zheng just happened to come back, so I didnt need to contact him.

Professor Gao and professor Liu from the provincial Hospital rushed over directly.

” “Doctor Zheng Zheng Ren” The young doctors face appeared in Xiao Kemings mind when he was resuscitating the patient who had been poisoned by nitrite.

The young doctor looked honest and honest, but he dared to point his finger at Xiao Keming.

It was understandable that the patient was extremely anxious during the emergency treatment.

His current status was steadily rising, and it was also thanks to this young doctors light.

“Whats he doing back here”Dean Xiao asked after a moment of silence.

“He said he missed Department Associate Director pan, so he came back to take a look.” “Hows Dr.

Zheng doing recently” Xiao Keming put aside the previous matter and prepared to understand the situation.

I knew there was a misunderstanding, so it was like this.

“Director, doctor Zheng is amazing.” Director Zhou bent over slightly and said with a smile,””Dr.

Zheng was nominated for the Nobel Prize, and he was recently invited to Maio clinic for surgery.” Xiao Keming knew about the Nobel Prize nomination.

However, the Nobel Prize was too far away.

He had thought that it would be good enough if Zheng Ren could win it after working hard for decades.

But … An invitation to Maio clinic for surgery Not to mention the Nobel Prize, just the invitation to Maio clinic was enough to surprise Xiao Keming.

“Invited Are you sure Isnt the medical consumables manufacturer the one who paid for the overseas trip” Xiao Keming asked seriously.

He was afraid that it was just a rumor, but he took it seriously.

If he were to make a fool of himself, he would lose his face.

“Im sure.

Recently, Xing Lin garden has been broadcasting Dr.

Zhengs teaching surgery live.

The people being taught are all internationally renowned doctors and professors.

” Director Zhou nodded and said.

“Uh …” “Dr.

Zheng doesnt talk much, so I asked some people who are close to them to understand the situation.” “Its said that Dr.

Zheng has become a visiting professor at Maio clinic,” director Zhou said.

Xiao Kemings right eyelid twitched.

He slowly closed his eyes, but his eyelids were out of his control and were jumping around.

A visiting professor at Maio clinic Is it the doctor Zheng that I know The chief resident of the emergency department He became a visiting professor at Maio clinic after half a year He nodded and asked,”when is Dr.

Zheng leaving” Make some arrangements and find time to have a meal with Dr.


Were home after all.

If we dont take the initiative, Im afraid well disappoint Dr.


” Division Chief Zhou nodded and said a few more things about how doctor Zheng would not have grown so quickly if it was not for director Xiaos training.

Then, he turned around and left.

Associate Hospital director Xiao reminisced in silence, and it took a long time for him to calm down.

He picked up the phone and called back.

“Old Wu, tell me about this matter.

Hai.” “No, I thought you were talking about some little doctor.

Do you know who that is A while ago, 912 came to my place and wanted to poach Dr.


At that time, the health department called my house directly and shamelessly asked me for her.

” Bragging didnt cost money anyway, and there was no way to verify it, so Xiao Keming bragged with all his might.

Although it wasnt completely true, he didnt think it was a big deal.

The truly powerful ones were still at the back.

Even if it was the truth, it was hard for him to believe it.

The other side of the phone fell silent.

Xiao Keming took a sip of water with a smile and continued. 


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