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Director Xia walked out in a hurry.

She was about to greet director Zhou when she saw Zheng Ren.

“Little Zheng Did Division Chief Zhou find you” Director Xia asked without thinking.

They were still a few meters away, so director Xia spoke in a low voice.

Zheng Ren did not hear clearly.

However, director Xia immediately realized that director Zhou was still around and it was not the time to chat with Zheng Ren.

She smiled at Zheng Ren and walked over to director Zhou.

“Director Xia, you must be surprised.” Director Zhou said with a smile.

“You even called Xiao Zheng back for the surgery” Director Xia said.

“No, I didnt.” “Director Zheng came back to look for Department Associate Director pan, and we just happened to run into him.

Let me introduce you.

This is professor Gao from the Department of interventional services of the Affiliated Hospital of the medical University.

This is professor Liu, and this is …” Director Zhou was in a daze as she introduced the place.

Even if a big leader in the city was hospitalized, there would not be such an impressive medical power to come and check on him in person.

A 912 – year – old doctor who held the title of a Nobel Prize candidate, two leading professors from the Affiliated Hospital of the medical University, and an Associate Chief physician from the second Peoples Hospital of chasu city.

This was not just attention, it was excessive attention.

Director Xia was also a little surprised, but the moment she saw Zheng Ren, she had already anticipated it.

So, she greeted Gao Shaojie and professor Liu and didnt seem too surprised.

“Lets go and take a look at the patient first.

” “Director Zhou, youve given me a difficult problem,” director Xia said.

“Whats wrong” “The patient thinks that the conditions here are not good.

There are too many people in the corridor, and hes not satisfied with the conditions every day.” “Look, theyre on a hunger strike,” director Xia said in distress.

Then, she looked at director Zhou and complained seriously,””I suggest we move the patient to the VIP Ward.

The conditions there are better.” “Director Xia, its the hospitals idea to put him in your Ward area.

The condition of the VIP Ward was good, but the medical power was not enough.

If theres any problem, we cant afford to take the responsibility.

”It seems like this patient is very difficult to deal with, Zheng Ren thought.

If it were really a high – ranking leader or someone like Zou Jiahua, they would basically not make things difficult for the doctors.

They had their own medical treatment methods and personnel, which were all customized by the top hospitals.

Even if they used local doctors, they only needed to implement it.

He was most afraid of people who were related to some leaders, but they were not willing to pay attention to them and were thrown into the hospital after a brief greeting.

Perhaps they didnt have any status in society, so when they were greeted, they treated it as some kind of amazing magic treasure.

They picked on it and had all kinds of problems.

It was rare to encounter such a thing in 912.

Those who could live in a single room in 912 were even Department – Level cadres, at least Deputy – Level.

After staying in the general ward for a few days, no matter how torturous the patient was, he would lose his will and become more honest.

However, it was a different story for primary hospitals like the First Peoples Hospital of Haicheng City.

Even though they were both hospitals, the problems they faced were completely different.

This was the difference between primary hospitals and large tertiary Grade A hospitals like 912.

From the looks of it, this was a very difficult person to serve.

However, Zheng Ren had nothing to worry about.

After all, he was not the doctor – in – charge, and he would not be able to take any trouble.

At most, he would just run back to the capital.

Who could do anything to him Therefore, Zheng Ren was in a rather relaxed mood.

“You guys, wait a moment.” After director Xia finished talking to the other doctors, he brought a doctor – in – charge, Zheng Ren, and the others to the office.

The doctor – in – charge began to report the patients medical history.

The patients physical examination eight months ago discovered that there was a space – occupying lesion in the liver.

He went to Shanghai for hepatobiliary treatment and underwent surgery.

He had a regular follow – up every two months after the surgery, and a tumor recurrence was found in the remaining liver a month ago.

However, the patients family members did not bring the patient back to Shanghai for liver and gallbladder surgery.

They might have been tired or for other reasons.

Instead, they brought the patient to the First Peoples Hospital of Haicheng City for hospitalization.

They requested for experts to come for consultation and surgery.

The hospitals intention was to find a professor from the Affiliated Hospital of the provincial Medical University, so the scene in front of them happened.

The patient had a 64 – row CT three – dimensional reconstruction.

Sister Zhao in the CT room had been thinking about this manual reconstruction method recently.

Zheng Ren took a look at the film and saw that the standard was quite good, although it was still not comparable to his own.

“Young Zheng, can you perform the surgery” Director Xia stood beside Zheng Ren and asked.

Meanwhile, Zheng Ren placed his left hand under his right armpit and supported his chin with his right hand as he focused on the scan.

With Zheng Ren by her side, director Xia felt at ease.

Although he was only a junior doctor, director Xia knew that Zheng Ren was only young, and his standard was really not that of a junior doctor.

Due to Zheng Rens appearance, the Department of interventional services at the second Peoples Hospital of chasu city had undergone tremendous changes.

Wang Qiangs strong rise had caused Cheng lixue to retreat.

It seemed that he could not hold on for long.

Xiao Zheng was a very capable person.

Director Xia had also been watching the live broadcast of the surgery in Xinglin garden recently.

Every time she saw Zheng Ren use the hemostatic forceps to hit the wrists of those famous professors in the academic world, she would feel that this was unreal.

He did not expect the Golden Phoenix who had flown out of Haicheng to return.

Director Xia also wanted to see Zheng Rens surgery.

“We can do the surgery.” “Ill do the reconstruction myself later,” Zheng Ren said.”Then, Ill arrange for the surgery in the afternoon or tomorrow morning.” “Sure.” “Yes,” director Xia replied.

She was looking forward to Zheng Ren quickly solving this problem and letting the patient be discharged.

He had been a doctor for decades, and such patients were rare, but not rare either.

He would encounter one or two cases every year.

It was true that she should be sent away as soon as possible.

If the hospital were to force her to join again, director Xia would go to the director and would not accept her again.

“Im just taking a look at the patient.

“Su Yun, you and …” Zheng Ren stopped halfway.

Su Yun was not by his side.

It was a little annoying to have this fellow by her side.

However, he felt like something was missing.

Zheng Ren sighed and thought about looking for sister Zhao in the CT scan room to do the reconstruction later.

“Lets go, little Zheng.

” Director Xia said with a smile,”I saw you performing a surgery for teaching a few days ago.” The Sorcerer is Maios doctor” “Yes, the people in the United States are all the people in the TIPS research group in mayogan.” Zheng Ren said indifferently.

This kind of thing would definitely receive a wave of praise and praise.

Zheng Rens left ear was listening, and his right ear was popping out.

He was not paying attention at all.

He didnt even pay attention to what director Xia was saying.

The high room in the ward was located at the innermost part and was relatively quiet.

More than a dozen doctors from the digestive Department stood in the corridor and waited for the patient to be finished before they continued their big ward round.

The patientsfamily members did not know what had happened to cause such a big commotion.

They were all very careful, and even their voices were much softer.

The entire gastrointestinal department was filled with a solemn atmosphere.

When they arrived at the ward, director Xia knocked on the door and opened it.

Everyone filed in.

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