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“Hello, director Zhou.” Zheng Ren had an epiphany.

He smiled and stood up.

“When did you come back why didnt you tell me” Director Zhou said in a reproachful tone.

“I just came back.

I missed the Department Director, so I came back for a chat.” Zheng Ren said with a smile.

He smiled, very lightly and gently.

The knot in his heart had been opened.

Although it did not turn into nothing so quickly, it was not like yesterday when the burden in his chest was built up.

Director Zhou sighed.

Zheng Rens life was just like Liang Chaoweis.

Liang Chaowei would go to London to feed the pigeons when he had nothing to do, and boss Zheng would return to Haicheng to chat with old Department Director pan when he had nothing to do.

Were the days in the capital so free Wasnt it said that the doctors over there performed surgeries from morning to night, and they were never idle for a moment, and they were extremely tired Looking at Zheng Ren, it didnt look like it.

“Really, next time youre coming home, let me know earlier.

Ill bring someone to pick you up at the airport.” Division Chief Zhous mind was filled with all sorts of thoughts, but she was still polite to Zheng Ren.

“Youre welcome, Division Chief Zhou.

” Zheng Ren laughed.”I didnt ask for leave over there.

Last night, after the operation, I thought of the old director and came back on a whim.

I dont usually have time.” Only then did director Zhou feel at ease, and his values were finally preserved.

“Is it busy over there” Director Zhou asked casually.

“I dont know,” Zheng Ren said.

“…” Division Chief Zhou was stunned.

“I just flew back from Hyde,” Zheng Ren said,”I didnt go to the Department, but came back directly.

Im not at home, so Im probably not very busy.

” “Youre going to … Hyde Castle Is it professor Rudolph Wagners Hospital” “Yes, I went to take a look.” Zheng Ren said.

Division Chief Zhou had been busy with a medical dispute these days, and the live broadcast of the surgery in Xinglin garden had nothing to do with him, so he didnt pay attention to it.

He sighed in his heart.

This boss Zheng is really awesome.

He has a Germany professor as his assistant and can go to Hyde Castle to play.

It seemed that the imperial capital was also very idle.

“Boss Zheng, I was just about to contact chief Wang.

Since youre back, Ill have to trouble you.” “What is it” “Hes a relative of a leader in the city.

Last year, he had a liver cancer surgery in Shanghai.

There was no other way now, and the other side suggested interventional therapy.

Im here to find Associate Hospital director Xiao and ask him to do it.

” “Oh, youre looking for teacher Gao” “Boss Zheng, please dont call me that.” As soon as he mentioned Mr.

Gao, a hearty laugh came from outside the office.

Gao Shaojie had arrived.

They had not seen each other for a few months, and Su Yun was the only one who contacted Gao Shaojie through email to work on the TIPS surgery.

Zheng Ren was also very happy to see him again.

He reached out his hands and shook Gao Shaojies.

“Boss Zheng, youve gone to the capital.

The platform is different, and the energy you can unleash is different.

Ive seen how much youve grown in the past few months.

I think its like a legend.

” Gao Shaojie said with a smile.

“No, no,” “Do you still remember that I told you not to hit me with the hemostatic forceps After watching the surgery you taught in Mayo Clinic, I really want to be hit a few more times by your hemostatic forceps.

” Gao Shaojie laughed as he talked about the past.

Professor Liu was smiling at the back.

He was actually the one who wanted to be hit by the hemostatic forceps the most.

Without the sterile cap, one could see that he was slightly bald.

Under the sunlight, his head glowed and he looked slightly old.

Zheng Ren had not gone to the provincial Hospital after his surgery.

Gao Shaojie had been the one who started professor Lius TIPS surgery.

However, no matter how he tried, professor Liu felt that something was missing.

At first, he thought that Gao Shaojie was hiding his skills, but the recent live stream of teaching surgery made him realize that the gap between him and Gao Shaojie was only as wide as boss Zhengs hemostatic forceps.

There were many small details that ordinary people would not notice.

However, boss Zhengs hemostatic forceps could notice it, and it was like a summoned beast.

As long as something was wrong, it would definitely call out to him without hesitation.

He yearned to receive the baptism of boss Zhengs hemostatic forceps.

However, Gao Shaojie was reminiscing about the past, so professor Liu could only stand aside and watch silently.

If she went up now, it would definitely be very awkward.

Professor Liu wasnt even sure if boss Zheng still remembered him.

He touched his head out of habit.

It was said that doing so could increase the blood supply to the capillaries, and new hair would grow.

But in fact, it didnt work.

More and more people came, and old Department Director pan did not expect things to turn out this way.

Moreover, Division Chief Zhou had something on his side.

Although he didnt say it directly, it seemed like he wasnt going to let Zheng Ren go.

Thus, he smiled and asked everyone to go back to their work.

They made an appointment to have dinner together that night.

After Department Director Pans stern warning, Zheng Ren felt much better.

At the very least, he no longer had a stern face, and he was smiling a little.

“Director Zhou, where is the patient” Zheng Ren asked.

It was still early, so he thought that if the patient had not eaten, he would do the examination directly, and then have the surgery latest by tomorrow morning.

After the surgery, he still had to hurry back to the capital.

This time, she was being willful.

It was definitely not normal in life.

However, in life, there would always be times when one was willful.

“Hes in the gastrointestinal department.

Boss Zheng, do you want to take a look” Director Zhou said.

Zheng Ren felt a little strange.

‘Why isnt she staying in the Oncology Department However, patients had all sorts of strange conditions.

The most reasonable explanation was that the patient himself did not know about the patients condition, and his family also hid the condition from him so that the patient would not feel too much psychological pressure.

That was why he was staying in the digestive Department.

“Go and check if he has eaten his breakfast.

If not, well do a CT scan first.” Zheng Ren said.

After saying goodbye to Department Director pan, the group went to the gastrointestinal department.

It was just past nineo clock, and the digestive medicine Department was doing a big ward round today.

Behind them, the youngest doctor was pushing the medical record cart.

The doctor – in – charge was reporting the patients condition.

Director Xia was checking the patients one by one and changing the treatment according to the changes in their condition.

This process was very long, and it would at least end at 11 or 12 in the afternoon.

People who were used to surgery were very disdainful of this kind of big ward round as they felt that it was a waste of time.

This kind of thing rarely happened in the surgery department, and even if there was, it was just a matter of dealing with it.

After all, he had to go for surgery early in the morning.

Who had the time to slowly grind it down Moreover, surgical patients would basically be fine after the surgery, and there was no need to adjust the amount of medication they used.

This was the huge difference between Internal Medicine and Surgery.

The main focus of the surgery department was surgery.

If the surgery was performed well, the patient would recover quickly.

In the field of Internal Medicine, the patient would recover quickly if the medicine was used well.

The moment a young doctor Who was lagging behind saw director Zhou, his expression changed, and he quickly went to call director Xia.

The hospital administration Department, which was in charge of dealing with doctor – patient disputes, had such a high status in the hearts of ordinary doctors that he could not even run smoothly.

She accidentally bumped into the medical record car and yelped.

Every hospital was like this.

Nowadays, there were more and more doctor – patient disputes, and the responsibility on the shoulders of the medical Affairs director was getting heavier and heavier.

His expression was getting uglier and uglier.

“Director Zhou, theyre so afraid of you.” Gao Shaojie said with a smile.

“I have no choice.

Recently, there have been two major resuscitation cases in the Department of digestive medicine where the patient vomited blood.

The patients family members are still making a scene at my place.” As they were talking, director Xia came out of the ward in a hurry.

The Associate Chief physician and the attending physician in charge followed behind him, and they flew back and forth from the ward like a white arrow.

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