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Zheng Ren, Su Yun, and Vice President Yu arrived at the corridor outside the ICU.

They felt their male stats and pushed the door open.

He took out a cigarette and lit it.

In the wisps of green smoke, he returned to the afternoon before he went to Maio.

The confusion of time and space made the three of them sigh and fall into a daze.

After a few minutes of silence, Su Yun broke the silence.”CEO Yu, are you planning to squat here for a while” “Definitely.” President Yu said,”my family has found someone else to be the chief resident.

Ive also told my girlfriend.

If everything goes well, well meet again in a month.” “Wow, hes still looking for a girlfriend in front of the chief resident.” Su Yun said jokingly.

“Brother Yun, if I had half of your abilities, I wouldnt be in such a hurry.

Im afraid I wont be able to find someone in his thirties if I dont look for him.

” President Yu smiled bitterly.


Hes the chief resident of 912 hospital.

Who would believe him if he said that he cant find a girlfriend” Su Yun found an opportunity to change the topic from director Miao and tried to make the atmosphere a little more relaxed.

“The key is that the conditions are not enough.” President Yu forced a smile.”This is my classmate.

Hes the kind that stays in the laboratory every day.

So, Im not afraid.” Su Yuns heart skipped a beat at the mention of the laboratory.

He sneaked a glance at Zheng Ren.

Seeing that there was no change in his expression, he was relieved.

“Boss Zheng, big brother Yun, thank you for today.” President Yu said very sincerely.

“I should.” “Theres no “should or should not.” I took a leave of absence in the morning to accompany my girlfriend.

“He only found out that something had happened when he came back, so he went to take a look and heard everyone say …””Boss Zheng, I dont even dare to think about using both hands.

Your level of diagnosis and surgery is really too high!” President Yu was a very honest person.

He didnt have any fancy words, but the phrasetoo high came from his heart.

“I dont need you to tell me that.” “Even I was dumbfounded when I saw it,” Su Yun said.”You mortals can tremble as much as you want.” “I heard from Department Director MA from the cardiothoracic Department that the patient had a aortic dissection.

It was just a little bit away from being cured,” President Yu said.

“When did you say that” “When he got off work, he came to see the director and chatted for a while.

Director MA said that it shouldnt be a big problem.

Its all thanks to boss Zhengs timely rescue.

” President Yus eyes were filled with gratitude.”I shouldnt have left today.

Its all my fault.” “Blame you What does it have to do with you” Su Yun was also very troubled.

Her boss was in an unstable mood, and Vice President Yu was the same, but who would comfort her “Actually, the Department Director has been in a bad mood these few days.

It had something to do with the patients family causing trouble, and it also had something to do with his senior brother not coming back.

Theres a commendation ceremony today, and the document was released this morning.

Senior brothers name is on the list of deaths.

Its a first – Class merit.

” President Yus voice became more and more bitter.

Su Yun was stunned.

So this was the real trigger … “Senior brother followed the director when he was a masters student.

I only came here when I was a PhD student.

At that time, senior brother could perform almost all surgeries, and his level was higher than that of the general group professor.

Especially when it comes to kidney transplant surgeries, the Department Director will only bring senior brother along.

He wont feel at ease if its someone else.

” “After that, there was a kidney transplant, and boss Zheng followed.

“I know what the Department Director means, but who would have thought that he …” As he spoke, President Yu fell silent and took a fierce puff of his cigarette.

The smoke flickered, like the blinking stars in the sky.

“Keep an eye on director Miao.

If there are any problems, let me know immediately.” Zheng Ren said.

In the eyes of others, this sentence was a little arrogant.

Youre in the 912 intensive care unit, and if theres a difficult problem, youll be informed immediately if others cant solve it Who Do You Think You Are However, Su Yun and Vice President Yu both shuddered, especially Su Yun.

She knew that Zheng Ren was rarely involved in matters related to intensive care.

In his memory, Zheng Ren had consulted the primary school teacher who had been stabbed in Haicheng and made a diagnosis, which was later proven to be correct.

Su Yun had also learned a lot, but vitamin deficiency, which was the cause of leg disease, could cause patients to hallucinate.

Boss Zhengs diagnosis was very good.

This sentence was a promise, and it had placed a heavy weight on the balance between life and death.

“Boss Zheng, thank you, thank you.” President Yu expressed his gratitude without any words.

“Im fine.

” Zheng Ren said indifferently.

He was originally a little slow and was not as active and talkative as Su Yun.

At this moment, he had something on his mind and it was difficult to make a decision.

He was more like a piece of wood, a human – shaped piece of wood.

“Boss, can you not be half – dead” Su Yun was not happy.

“No, Im thinking about something.” “What are you thinking about” “What is the effect of percoral kidney radio frequency anastomosis on the sympathetic nerve after the frequency is lowered and what is the significance of guiding my future work” Zheng Ren said.

“…” President Yu was speechless.

Su Yun was speechless.

Was he really going to do research that combined basic and clinical knowledge Now that he was in his role, he started to think about these messy things Su Yun seemed to have told Zheng Ren to just focus on his TIPS, and there was no point in thinking too much.

But he was really afraid that his words would have the opposite effect.

“Oh right, boss, Dr.

Mehal will be here in a few days.” Su Yun suddenly thought of something and said.

“Oh.” Zheng Ren was expressionless.

“Ill contact his assistant when I get back and ask about his schedule.

Youre confident about the second stage of the surgery, right” Su Yun asked.

“Change the stent, its a minor surgery.” Zheng Ren said,”its not long before the first stage of the operation.

There arent many thrombosis in the stent, so the possibility of problems is low.” “Yes, do you have any other requests” “For example” “Let Dr.

Mehal help convince some of the old people who have a say in the Nobel Prize judges.

Which of these people didnt wish to live a few more days Boss, this is the key to winning the Nobel Prize.

” Su Yun said.

“Hmm …” Zheng Ren pondered for a moment and said,””Ask Dr.

Mehals assistant if hes going to perform prostate interventional embolism surgery together.

Anyway, its not much trouble, and its troublesome to bring a urinary catheter.

Lets do it together.

” “Boss, you have a good memory.

You still remember about your prostate This little thing is not as important as the heart.

” Su Yuns expression was fake and slightly exaggerated.

“My heart is fine, Didnt I tell you I just said that youre fine.

” Zheng Ren looked at Su Yun as if he was looking at an idiot.

Vice President Yu shook his head.

What boss Zheng and Brother Yun were talking about was too high – end, and it was hard for him to understand.

Prostate surgery was originally a surgery in the Department of Urology, but some elderly patients in the Department of Urology did not dare to do it.

In other words, boss Zheng is going to perform the surgery for a very powerful old man … Boss Zheng, thats the work of our Department of Urology.

Can you not steal our surgery President Yu was crying in his heart.

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