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The next morning, Zheng Ren woke up and felt that his exhausted energy seemed to have recovered a little.

Although he couldnt be compared to when he was full of energy, he was much better than yesterday.

He got up to brush his teeth and wash his face, ready to start the days work.

There were more than thirty surgeries.

This was the highest number of surgeries he had performed since the new TIPS surgery was created.

It would be great if he could perform more than thirty surgeries every day.

As Zheng Ren brushed his teeth and washed his face, he recalled what uncle ning had said about the joint application of 5G and the mechanical arm.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible.

They had to adapt to the progress of society and not be eliminated.

Although Zheng Ren was still young, he still constantly warned himself, urging himself to learn and improve.

Of course, he still had to report his schedule to his little Yiren.

It was twoo clock in the afternoon, and Yiren was reading a novel in the operating room.

After chatting for a while and reporting their schedule, Su Yuns call came.

This guy was standing at the door, and he couldnt wait to know what happened last night.

Opening the door, Su Yun walked in and sat down on the sofa lazily as if she had no bones.

She crossed her legs and asked with a smile,””Boss, you came back yesterday” “What else” Zheng Ren was brushing his teeth, and his voice was a little muffled.

“Uncle ning dragged me out for a drink.

Its pure Germany beer.

Uncle ning is quite good at drinking.” Su Yun sized up Zheng Ren, as if she was trying to find evidence of where he had gone last night.

“You must be happy to have a good drink.” Zheng Ren brushed his teeth.

“How about you” “I came back directly.

I just woke up and lay down to sleep.

Im feeling much better now.

Im not as tired as I was yesterday.

” Zheng Ren brushed his teeth.

“Didnt you go and see what pole dancing is You didnt go for a little gambling” “An overseas student that uncle ning found,” Su Yun said.”He should be familiar with this place.” “I dont like to gamble.

I dont like small gambles either.

There are too many people there, and Ill have a headache once I go in.

” Hehehe.

Zheng Ren began to rinse his mouth.

“What about the luscious shop Did you go” “Of course not.” Zheng Ren washed his face and came back to say,””Im already tired.

If we dont drink, we can go for a walk and go in to take a look.

But how can I not feel embarrassed to follow a stranger” Su Yun smiled and nodded.

The boss should be such a person.

If uncle ning had hired him, this would have been the best way, but thinking about it, it was a bit of a pity.

“What time did you come back” “Who knows uncle nings eyes almost popped out from drinking too much yesterday.” Su Yun smiled and said,””Boss, I really envy your good luck.” Zheng Ren was stunned.

Before he could ask, Su Yun continued.

“Peng Jia left me a message.

She asked if she could livestream todays surgery for teaching.” “This … I think we need to see Professor Max Mullers opinion.” “There are a lot of patients,” Zheng Ren said.”I dont think professor gade Muller will agree.” Su Yun had the same thoughts.

He just wanted to see if Zheng Ren was determined.

If he was determined, there was still room for negotiation.

After all, Peng Jia had offered a sky – High price for livestreaming surgeries for educational purposes.

“Oh, by the way, tell Peng Jia that there will be fewer live surgeries today.

One or two will be enough.” Zheng Ren walked out of the washroom.

He did not feel refreshed and was still a little uncomfortable.

In such a state, he should be lazy if he could.

Professor Rudolph Wagner had already mastered the TIPS surgery, so he should have no problem teaching the surgery.

As long as there were no referees in the live stream, teaching surgery would not be a problem.

No matter what, he was still sitting in the audience, so there was still time for him to go up if there was anything.

Zheng Ren had never felt like a boss sitting in the audience before.

Every single time, he would put on a lead coat and perform surgery.

“Sure,” Su Yun replied while sending a WeChat message to Peng Jia.”I thought you were made of iron.

I didnt expect you to be able to perform surgery for seven days and seven nights in Pengxi village, but youre not getting used to jet lag.” Zheng Ren laughed bitterly.

The time difference was not a problem.

The eyes of truth … Zheng Ren felt that he could not even think about these words now.

Just thinking about it gave him a headache.

“Alright, lets go have breakfast and then start working.” Su Yun saw that Zheng Ren had finished washing up andbounced up from the sofa as she spoke in high spirits.

…… …… When Peng Jia received Su Yuns WeChat message, she fell into a state of confusion.

I was wrong, I was wrong! That was Peng Jias only thought.

He should have flown directly to Maios clinic.

Whether it was Maio or Hyde Castle, he had to see boss Zheng.

Boss Zheng had already expressed his dissatisfaction with him through his assistant.

Todays surgery not only did not have a teaching live broadcast, but the number of normal live broadcasts had also been reduced to an outrageous level.

“Boss Zheng is giving me a hard time.” Peng Jia felt a splitting headache.

She grabbed her hair and widened her eyes as she tried to think of a solution.

His eyes were bloodshot.

He was so depressed.

What should we do about this Thinking about it, Peng Jia suddenly realized that Hu Yanhui was not in Fort Hyde.

He had to hurry up and solve this problem through Hu Yanhui.

He immediately picked up the phone and contacted Hu Yanhui.

Even though Peng Jia was anxious, she did not lose her cool.

He first understood the schedule of Zheng Ren and the others.

After confirming that they would rush back after the surgery today, he began to ask Hu Yanhui for her opinion.

What could he do to satisfy boss Zheng Hu Yanhui was confused on the other end of the phone.

What was wrong with CEO Peng Boss Zheng was very normal.

Even when he performed surgery every day, he would still smile when he saw her.

There was no problem at all.

How strange.

Could it be that Chairman Peng had received some news However, Hu Yanhui listened carefully and didnt refute.

He didnt want to argue with his wife.

To argue with the boss was to quit.

Hu Yanhui still wanted to work.

Now, her salary was almost the same as the companys top management.

There was not much work, and it seemed that she had reached the peak of her life.

“Chairman Peng, Ill try to persuade boss Zheng today to see if he can add a few more live broadcasts of the surgery.” Hu Yanhui and Peng Jia promised.

After getting Hu Yanhuis promise, Peng Jia felt more at ease.

He hoped that this employees “good luck” could do something.

As for himself, he would definitely fly to the capital and wait for boss Zheng at the airport.

Peng Jia hung up the phone and immediately informed her assistant to book a plane ticket to the capital.

What kind of new price should she set for boss Zheng this was a very difficult matter.

Peng Jia felt a slight headache.

Should he make a request to do a live broadcast of educational surgeries every time Would boss Zheng directly reject him Even if boss Zheng agreed to it, not everyone could accept live streaming teaching surgeries.

What was the best thing to do With countless questions in her heart, Peng Jia began her new journey.

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