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“Boss, its already six in the evening.

Come out and have a meal.” Su Yuns voice was a little ethereal, as if she had not said something important.

“What else is there” Although Zheng Rens brain was a little bloated, his consciousness was still very clear.

Although Su Yun did not say it, her tone revealed that he had other matters to attend to.

He was not just asking her to have a meal.

“…” The other side was silent for a few seconds.

This gave Zheng Ren an “ominous” feeling.

“Boss, uncle ning is in Hyde Castle.” Su Yun said.

Uncle ning … This name was so vivid that it brought Zheng Rens somewhat ethereal thoughts to that hot land.

This was a man who was always calm, reliable, and passionate; He was a gentle and refined middle – aged man who made people involuntarily feel awe.

“Why did you meet uncle ning” Zheng Ren was overjoyed and asked.

The other side of the phone remained silent.

Todays Su Yun seemed different from usual.

Zheng Ren was overjoyed and did not notice this.

After a few more seconds of silence, Su Yun replied,””If I come to Germany Ill definitely have to contact ottobark.

It just so happened that uncle ning was also here, so there was already a lead on the matter.

I contacted uncle ning and he came by train.

“Alright, Ill change my clothes and go find you.” Zheng Ren hung up after he finished speaking.

In the end, he could faintly hear Su Yun shouting for the boss, but Zheng Ren did not pay much attention to it.

If something big happened, he would definitely call.

Su Yun stood in the hotel lobby with her phone in her hand, staring at it in a daze.

After a while, he put his phone back into his pocket and smiled.

“This time, will my luck still be so good” He muttered to himself.


Su, are you waiting for Dr.

Zheng to eat” Zou Jiahua came down from upstairs and asked Su Yun when he saw her standing in the lobby.

Su Yuns heart skipped a beat and she looked at Zou Jiahua as if he was a fat sheep.

“Hello, Mr.

Jin.” Su Yun said very courteously.

Zou Jiahua smiled nonchalantly, but he was on guard.

This young man spoke politely.

It would be strange if there was no problem.

“I have a few friends here who want to have dinner together.” “Mr.

Nie, do you want to join us” Su Yun asked.

Zou Jiahua smiled and did not reject her.

Was this Su Yuns formal invitation As an old fox who had been in the business world for countless years, Zou Jiahua did not think that he would fall for Su Yuns tricks even though he was cautious.

If he didnt have this kind of confidence, how could he lead the zou real estate company In his eyes, Su Yun was just a decent young man and was not worthy of Zou Jiahuas attention.

“Have you arranged a place for us to eat” he nodded and asked.

“Not yet, I met him at the last minute.

If it wasnt for that, boss wouldnt have woken him up if he wasnt feeling well.

“Ill make the arrangements then.

” Zou Jiahua and zou Zhi exchanged a few words.

Zou Zhi nodded slightly and hurried to make arrangements.

“Theres a good steak restaurant in the New town area.

We can try it.” Zou Jiahua said.

“Ill have to trouble you then, Mr.



Su, you guys have a lot of connections.

You even have friends in Hyde Castle.

Did professor Rudolf Wagner contact Dr.

Zheng through him” Zou Jiahua asked with a smile.


Jin, youve misunderstood.” Su Yunhe kindly and courteously said,””Its a volunteer I met in Pengxi village of Rong city a while ago.

At that time, my boss and I carried people down from the epicenter of the earthquake and performed surgery in a hospital in Pengxi village for a few days.

I met him at that time.

Recalling those days, Su Yun felt emotional.

“A lot of people have been amputated.

Uncle ning is contacting ottobark company to buy some artificial limbs and send them to Rong city.” Su Yun said.

Zou Jiahua muttered to himself.

Su Yuns expression did not seem fake, so he must have been overthinking.

“Su Yun, how have you been” A gentle and deep voice came from the door.

Su Yun was stunned for a moment.

She turned around with a smile and opened her arms.

Xie ning wasnt used to the way young people expressed their feelings, but he didnt refuse.

He hugged Su Yun and then separated.

“Uncle ning, you look much more energetic after coming from Pengxi village.” Su Yun laughed.

“Over there, he didnt sleep for more than a few hours a day.

It would be a wonder if he was still energetic.

His hair was all white.” Xie ning glanced at Su Yun and then at Zou Jiahua.

Su Yun immediately understood and smiled,”uncle ning, let me introduce you.” This is Mr.

Zou Jiahua, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the zou real estate in Xiangjiang.


Jin, this is the old friend I told you about before, uncle ning.”

Zou Jiahua and Xie ning looked at each other.

Xie ning reached out his hand and said gently,””Mr.

Nie, youre so famous that your name reverberates like thunder.

More than ten years ago, in Rong city, Mr.

Qus Vice President threw in a lot of money, and we, the small businessmen who bid together, could only watch in the dust.

Zou Jiahua had a reserved smile on his face.

He shook Xie nings hand and did not say anything.


Ning, youre also in the real estate business”

“A few years ago, I was doing some small projects.

The land is getting more and more expensive, and the trend is obvious.

I dont want to worry about it, so I went ashore early.

” Xie ning did not correct Zou Jiahuas mistake.

Instead, he smiled and said,”

Su Yun looked at Xie ning carefully through the black hair on her forehead.

The more he looked, the clearer he was that she really looked like Xie Yiren.

The boss was face – blind, so he probably couldnt tell.

Su Yun smiled.

She was very happy and was filled with joy that came from the depths of her heart.


Jin, are you here to look at the project” Xie ning made small talk.

No matter what Zou Jiahua said, he would not take it seriously.

They had just met, so it would be awkward if they didnt say anything.

“No.” “Im here with Dr.

Zheng,”Zou Jiahua said.

“Zheng Ren” Xie ning immediately asked.

“Yes, I am.


Zheng performed an operation on me a few days ago, but I still have occasional episodes after the operation.

I was worried, so I came to Hyde with Dr.


I havent been to the philosophers alley in years.

The philosophers alley was a tourist spot in Hyde Castle.

It was quiet a few years ago, but there were more tourists recently.

Zou Jiahua was not interested in it.


Zhengs skills are quite good,” Xie ning said calmly.”Mr.

Jin, you have a good eye.”

As they were talking, Zheng Ren came down from upstairs.

Zheng Ren was a little happy to see Xie ning from afar.

In those days, Xie ning had always given Zheng Ren a sense of reliability.

No matter how busy or tired he was, or how many things he had to do, Xie ning was always able to simplify things and nip any possible problems in the bud.

Zheng Ren knew that if he were to perform the surgery like that, the medical system would probably collapse even if he were to be in 9 – 12.

However, in Pengxi village, everything was running in good order.

This was all thanks to Ning Xie.

Half of the medal belongs to me, and the other half belongs to you.

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