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Zou Zhi was very unhappy.

Zou Jiahua had a special consultation card in Maio clinic.

Every time he came to the clinic, a professional doctor would follow him until he left.

After receiving Su Yuns call, Zou Jiahua asked zou Zhi to prepare for the flight to Hyde Castle.

However, when everything was ready, the other side told them to wait.

This was simply too much! Zou Zhi thought.

What was the old masters status To be able to do this to this extent was already considered to be treating the wise with respect.

However, that doctor Zheng Ren had no sense of propriety and asked old master to wait for him!

There were only other people waiting for the old master, why would the old master wait for others


Maio, who was accompanying them, was already showing impatience.

He kept looking at his watch and the time, and said things like “not following the time” in a strange way.

Although there was no need to explain anything to him, Zou Jiahua was very calm.

He only said that he would wait for boss Zheng to come out.

However, zou Zhi was still very depressed and frustrated, especially when he thought of Su Yuns face.

This feeling would become stronger.

One hour and fifty – two minutes after the agreed time, Zheng Ren, Su Yun, and professor Rudolph Wagner walked out of the main door of Maio clinic, surrounded by a group of doctors in white.

“Damn it, I finally dont have to waste my time here.” The accompanying doctor grumbled.

As time passed, his expression became uglier and uglier, like a dense rain cloud.

Zou Zhi was helpless and could only smile awkwardly.

Although it was a paid service, he had failed to show up.

Besides, they were at Maio clinic.

“Tsk, this kind of person who doesnt follow the time has no future.” The doctor could speak simple Chinese, so he was sent to accompany Zou Jiahua.

He mocked in a strange tone.

Even though it was useless to say that, Zou Jiahua was determined to wait.

“Im sorry, doctor Reddy.

” Zou Zhi suppressed the anger in his heart and laughed softly.”Regarding this matter, I will …”

“A doctor from a small place.

I guess he got lost in Maioli.” “Its just a tour,” Dr.

Reddy said.”Do you need that long”

Although he heard from Su Yun that she was invited to perform surgery here, it was impossible no matter how he thought about it.


Reddy was right, and zou Zhi thought so too.

There was a high probability that it was just an “exchange”, learning, and visiting.

As for the exchange, it was just a nice way of putting it.

What was there to talk about between Maio and Chinese doctors When it came to learning, they were too lazy to even teach.

How embarrassing, zou Zhi thought to himself.

He actually got lost while visiting Maio.

However, he saw Zheng Rens figure becoming clearer and clearer as he was surrounded by a group of doctors in white.

It was as if they had walked over together.

Zou Zhi was a little confused.

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What was going on Why did so many doctors come out together Could it be that Su Yun had caused trouble again

Countless speculations appeared in his mind, but none of them matched his understanding of Maio clinic, so he ruled them out.

But other than that, there was no other possibility.

Soon, the doctors surrounded Zheng Ren as they walked to the entrance.

Zheng Ren saw Zou Jiahuas car, zou Zhi, and another doctor standing next to the car.

He waved his hand in embarrassment.


Charles, if I make a decision, Ill ask for your help.” Zheng Ren turned around and spoke to Dr.

Charles Moore seriously.

Professor Charles smiled and patted Zheng Rens shoulder.

After shaking hands and bidding farewell, Zheng Ren walked toward Zou Jiahuas car.

“Why are you so late” Zou Zhi felt that something was wrong, but he still complained.

Su Yun raised her brows and smiled, not saying a word.

“Im sorry, Dr.

Charles wanted to see me perform the surgery, so he added another one at the last minute.

” Zheng Ren explained.

“Hmph,” he snorted.

Zou Zhi snorted to express his dissatisfaction.”Dr.

Reddy, the person were waiting for has arrived.

Please go back.”

What awaited zou Zhi was endless silence.

Zou Zhi thought that he would have to hear a few more complaints from Dr.

Reddy, or even some uncommon vulgarities.

However, he never thought that the impatient and grumbling doctor would remain silent.

He looked back curiously.

The doctor named Randy had a terrified expression on his face, and his back had unknowingly bent down.

He was as humble as a citizen who had seen his King, and he almost fell into the dust.

Moreover, the king he was meeting was not an ordinary King.

He was an especially brutal one.


Reddys breathing was as light as possible, for fear of angering the man in front of him.

“Doctor Zheng, I look forward to our next reunion.” Said professor Charles.

Zheng Ren turned around, bowed deeply, and got into the car with a smile.

Zou Zhi was confused, but he didnt say anything.


Charles, H – Hello.” Dr.

Reddys voice trembled as he tried to speak in a gentle and humble tone.

“Get out of the way.” Dr.

Charlesassistant said coldly,””The doctor doesnt want to see you.”


Reddy was like a docile pet and immediately disappeared.

Who exactly was this doctor and old man who had sent Zheng Ren out Normally, even the best doctor in Maio clinic wouldnt be so scary.

Feng Xuhui and Hu Yanhui got into the car behind them, and the three cars left Maio clinic.

The group of doctors in white clothes were still standing in front of the main door of the clinic until they disappeared from view.

The bronze statues of the Mayo brothers were shining.

Zou Jiahua and Zheng Ren chatted for a while before they started working.

Zou Zhi thought about it for a long time, but he couldnt understand the logic behind it.

He asked in a low voice,”doctor Zheng, who was the one who sent you out just now” I dont think Dr.

Reddy is so afraid of him.

“Its professor Charles Moore, a Nobel Prize winner.” Zheng Ren was holding a silver box in his hand.

The surgical instruments inside had been cleaned and simply disinfected.

He held a knife handle and couldnt bear to put it down as he casually told zou Zhi.

“The winner of the Nobel Prize But even if hes a Nobel Prize winner, Dr.

Reddy wouldnt be this afraid of him.

” Zou Zhi was surprised, but that didnt explain the look on Dr.

Reddys face, which was like a mouse seeing a cat.


Charles used to have coronary heart disease.

I guess he had the surgery in Mayo Clinic, and there were serious complications after the surgery.” Zheng Rens eyes lit up as he looked at the handle of the knife as if it was Xie Yiren.”He has coronary artery dilation, so all the doctors in the cardiology department and the Interventional Cardiology Department seem to be afraid of him.”

“Boss, how did you know” Su Yun glanced at Zheng Ren and asked.

“He has many years of clinical experience,” Zheng Ren held the handle of the knife in his hand and felt its hardness and weight.

With a light stroke, a silver – White and sharp light was left in the air, cutting off time and time.

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