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Zheng Ren could not help but refuse.

Professor Charless words had an unquestionable air to them.

Zheng Ren opened the box.

There were five layers, and all kinds of scalpels were present.

The types of forceps, forceps, and retractor were all very detailed.

This was definitely not a common product from a factory.

It was indeed a custom product of the old man.

The set of hemostatic forceps produced by the Germany factory that Zheng Ren had wanted in the past could not be compared to this set of equipment at all.

It was too ordinary and crude.

“The box can be directly disinfected.

No problem.” Said professor Charles.

He seemed to know what Zheng Ren was thinking, and he solved the question in Zheng Rens heart with one sentence.

Zheng Rens hand gently touched the surgical instrument.

It was cold, as if he was rejecting Zheng Ren and treating him coldly.

“What a good thing,” Zheng Ren thought to himself.

Then, he picked up a pair of hemostatic forceps.

Facing the sunlight, Zheng Ren pulled out a strand of hair and clamped it with a pair of hemostatic forceps.

With only half of his mouth, his hair was tightly caught, but the strength was not strong enough to break the hair.

It was the same from a few different angles.

‘This equipment is f * cking good, Zheng Ren thought in his heart.

Professor Charles smiled and nodded when he saw Zheng Ren using his hair for the experiment.

If the person he had chosen didnt even know this, then he was probably blind.

“Send it for disinfection.

Youll experience it during the surgery later.” Dr.

Charles said casually with his hands behind his back.

Zheng Renai did not want to let go, but when he thought about how he would soon be using these instruments for surgery, he could not help but be excited.

Someone took the box and carried it to the disinfection room.

Professor Charles walked out of the laboratory, and Zheng Ren followed him carefully.

“Hes really short – handed.” Su Yun looked at Zheng Rens back and laughed in her heart.

However, he was also very confused.

This kind of inheritance – like behavior and gift was given by professor Charles.

His bosss luck could be said to be heaven – defying.

“How envious!” Su Yuns eyes revealed a rare trace of genuine emotion.

Back at the gastrointestinal surgery department, professor Charles walked in front with Zheng Ren beside him.

The two of them were whispering to each other.

When they saw Dr.

Charles, the arrogant doctors showed a very respectful expression, even a little flattering.


Charles didnt say much about their performance.

He just waved his hand to indicate that he understood.

Soon, Dr.

Charlesassistant rushed back.

He had the information on Wu Huis condition in his hand, which included the admission examination, the surgery record, various examinations, the administration during the operation, and the postoperative medication.

Everything was complete.

“Lets take a look, then go for the surgery.

” Professor Charles looked at the time and said,””Theres still an hour before I go home.

Jenny has already prepared dinner.

Please hurry up with the operation.

Zheng Ren knew what was going on, but he still took the documents carefully and read them from the beginning.

It was exactly the same as the experimental body simulated by the big pig trotter.

In this regard, the excellence of the big pig trotter was unparalleled.

/ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

He read it carefully and nodded to Dr.


The doctor on the other side knew that Dr.

Charles wanted to see the Chinese doctor perform the operation.

Although he didnt know why, he still made all the preparations.

Wu Hui was not used to their enthusiasm and was a little dazed.

Maios surgical instruments were disinfected by high – pressure steam and pre – Vacuum.

Thirty minutes of disinfection passed by in a flash.

Zheng Ren had already arrived at the operating theater and changed his clothes.

He could not wait to start the surgery.

When Wu Hui saw Zheng Rens eyes through the sterile cap and mask, he was stunned.

The anesthesia for an appendectomy was supposed to be epidural anesthesia.

He was still conscious, and the movement of his upper limbs was not affected.

Wu Hui subconsciously wanted to raise his hand, but his hand was tied to the operating table, so he could not raise it.


Zheng” he asked in surprise.

“Yes.” Zheng Ren nodded.

When he saw the silver box being moved up and opened, he saw more than ten knife handles and dozens of pliers inside.

He was instantly overjoyed, and even his words, which were usually emotionless, became more vivid.

“Why are you here” Wu Hui was completely dumbfounded.

“Well, its a long story, but dont worry, my surgical skills are very high.” Zheng Ren casually consoled Wu Hui.

Su Yun laid out the sheet, disinfected it again, and stood opposite Zheng Ren.

When he heard Wu Huis question and saw that Zheng Ren had already reached out for the equipment, he said,””I really dont know how lucky you are to have the boss perform the surgery for you.”

“Of course.

Bosss surgery is the best in the world.

Hes outside the operating room.

Do you know whos watching” “Dr.

Charles, a Nobel Prize winner,” Su Yun said.”He brought your treatment forward just to watch bosss surgery.”

So thats how it is.

Wu Hui finally understood.

Before this, he did not understand why he could perform surgery so quickly.

After hearing Su Yuns explanation, he immediately understood.

The winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine was a golden signboard.

In Wu Huis understanding, he was very awesome.

“Close your eyes.

Itll probably be over in 20 to 30 minutes.” Su Yun didnt know the situation inside, so she was being conservative.

However, Wu Hui did not close his eyes.

He was staring at the ceiling of the operating theater in a daze.

He ran to rodchter, and it turned out to be a Chinese who performed surgery for him.

What a bizarre fate.

However, he was considered lucky to have met this doctor Zheng.

Otherwise, he would definitely be lying in a Community Hospital, surrounded by dying emergency patients.

He would have been scared to death.

Moreover, he would definitely not be able to avoid this stab.

It was said that he would have to undergo a second stage of surgery treatment in six months.

At that time, the surgery would probably be even more difficult.

However, was Dr.

Zhengs surgical skills really as good as Dr.

Su said

Wu Hui was only slightly suspicious, but he still believed Su Yuns words.

The logic was simple.

This was Maio clinic, and anyone could do the surgery That would really be a fantasy.

At the very least, Dr.

Zhengs standard would not be bad, that was for sure.

Although he was seriously ill, his mind was still very clear.

Zheng Ren stood in front of the operating table and touched the blunt scissors that were still warm in his hand.

With a thought, he went to the system space and bought surgery training time again.

Just like a warrior, he had to be familiar with all the guns before he could go to the battlefield.

A doctor had to be familiar with all the surgical instruments before he could perform the surgery.

Although the difference was not big for Zheng Ren, he still did the surgery as a warmup.

Eighteen minutes later, the surgery was over.

The surgery took longer because Zheng Ren had to familiarize himself with the various instruments.

At Zheng Rens level, a master in the General Surgery Department, the moment he put the instruments in his hands, it was as if they had their own spirituality and temper.

‘I guess Im greeting these kids, Zheng Ren thought.

The surgery went very smoothly.

It was unusually smooth.

Although the custom – made surgical equipment was not to Zheng Rens liking, it was really useful.

Id like to add that I saw this case on the news a few days ago.

It was definitely a misdiagnosis.

What washing the intestines that was all nonsense.

The surgery was just not completed.

Even fan Tianshuis kind was nothing, let alone this kind.

In fact, the standard of the surgical department in China was not bad.

They were very good, really very good.

Furthermore, the young talents in the country were flying around to improve the overall medical level.

Yes, the original intention of freelance surgery was indeed to earn money, but there was also the factor of treating patients and saving lives.

When his status was high and his body was weak, he could no longer run.

All the teachers who could perform freelance surgery were really working very hard, even though high – speed rail and planes were very convenient nowadays.

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