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“Wait a moment.” After Zheng Ren finished speaking, he put down his phone and asked Dr.

Smith,””I have a friend who performed an appendectomy in a Community Hospital, but I think there might be some problems with the surgery.

Can you arrange for further examination and treatment in Mayo”

Before Dr.

Smith could say anything, Su Yuns eyes moved and she immediately realized what was going on.

“You didnt even complete the appendectomy” Su Yun asked in shock.

Zheng Ren shook his phone and nodded.

Su Yun made an exaggerated gesture and covered her face with her hand.

The black hair on her forehead was also fluttering in the wind, as if she was trying to paint a tragic scene.

‘How … How is this possible This was the United States! It was the most developed country in the world, the M Nation that could command the world!

This type of surgery was difficult, but … Even someone at Liu Tianxings level could handle it.

He could even be a chief resident in a third – and fourth – tier city like cen Meng.

However, in this place, they had to perform abdominal closure.

Zheng Ren and Su Yun felt helpless.


Smith finally got rid of Su Yuns question about tenured professor and quickly said,””Ill contact him.

Whats the nationality of your friend Do you have medical insurance From the community Hospital to Mayo, the procedure for medical insurance transfer was very troublesome.

But its not a problem.

The procedures are a little cumbersome, but theyre just procedures.

Zheng Ren thought for a moment.

Wu Hui was probably not someone who lacked money.

Compared to his life, money was a small matter.

“Insurance shouldnt be a problem,” he said with a smile.”Please wait a moment.

I still need to ask my friend for his opinion.”

As he spoke, Zheng Ren took his phone and walked to a quiet place to explain the situation to Wu Hui.

Wu Hui was already full of doubts, so he contacted Zheng Ren after the surgery to ask him what he thought.

Although they had only met by chance, Zheng Ren had left a deep impression in Wu Huis heart that Jian Jia was a very reliable person.

Upon hearing Zheng Rens explanation, Wu Hui panicked.

“Doctor Zheng, what should I do” Wu Huis voice was a little rough, but it did not tremble, showing extremely strong self – Control.

“Get an ambulance to Mayo.

Ill get you admitted.” “If you agree,” Zheng Ren said,”Ill talk to Maios doctor now.”

Wu Hui only hesitated for a second before he believed Zheng Ren.

It was not that Zheng Ren knew how to delude peoples minds, but he had said that he wanted Wu Hui to come to Mayo and continue the treatment.

The Golden signboard of Maio clinic was not a place that just anyone could come to.

It was the wordsMaio clinic that erased the suspicion in Wu Huis heart.

After the other side agreed, Zheng Ren immediately went to find Dr.

Smith and began to contact the wards and the operation.

It was also Dr.

Smiths first time handling this kind of thing.

Usually, no matter which doctor came to Maio clinic, didnt they come with the attitude of learning and communicating

Perform a surgery demonstration at Maho clinic And he even wanted to perform an appendectomy for his friend Dr.

Smith had never thought about these things before.

However, Zheng Ren had said that there was no need to consider insurance, and that was enough.


Smith valued this more.

The people from the insurance company were not easy to deal with.

If he still needed insurance, this matter might become very troublesome.

“President Zheng, what surgery” Feng Xuhui was curious and asked.

“Its just an appendectomy.

The community Hospital didnt manage to complete it.

” Zheng Ren said.

Feng Xuhui was speechless.

President Zheng denied the diagnosis of the community Hospital on 912.

He admitted the patient to the hospital and performed surgery on him.

All of these were understandable.

However, this was Rochester, and Maio clinic in United States why would President Zheng do this

Did he think that this was the garden behind his home

Feng Xuhui wasnt criticizing Zheng Ren in his heart, but he was so shocked that he fell into a state of confusion.

‘President Zheng is too … Amazing, Feng Xuhui thought.

Hu Yanhui also felt the same way.

She asked,”Boss Zheng, can you do a live broadcast”

Zheng Ren was speechless.

What a dedicated employee.

No matter what kind of surgery it was, he had to try and see if it could be livestreamed.

“The patient is a celebrity, so its definitely not okay.

If its a livestream and theres no limit to the number of viewers, youll have to change your server to one that can accommodate millions of viewers at the same time.

” Su Yun blew a breath of air and said teasingly.

This estimation was not excessive.

If there was a pre – Publicity that Wu Hui was misdiagnosed and mistakenly treated in the United States and would be broadcasted live, his fans would probably fill the apricot garden to the brim.

This was definitely not an alarmist talk.

Although Wu Hui was no longer considered a popular a – list celebrity in the country, he could still attract so much attention.

If it was a popular a – list student, the apricot forest garden would probably be filled to the brim.

“Which celebrity” Hu Yanhuis gossiping fire was ignited, and her face was red and purple.

“Wu Hui,” Su Yun felt that it was very boring.

Every time she said this name, she would feel annoyed from the bottom of her heart.

“Ya!” Hu Yanhui covered her mouth with excitement and almost jumped up.

“Look at your ignorant face.” Su Yun rebuked.

Hu Yanhui expressed some regret that she could not do a live broadcast of Wu Huis surgery.

How good would it be if he could do it

However, she thought about it and did not report this to Peng Jia.

If it involved a celebrity and word got out, it would probably cause trouble for the company.

It was better to be more cautious about this kind of thing.

Besides, Brother Yun had clearly stated that he couldnt do live broadcasts, so what was the point of reporting


Smith quickly found a bed.

For him, a bed was nothing.

“Su Yun, can you ask Zou Jiahua if hes done with the checkup” “If theres nothing else, we can leave after the surgery,” Zheng Ren said.

“Im sorry to hear your arrangement.

” “Lake Andrea, have you seen it before” Su Yun shrugged.

“No, I didnt,” Zheng Ren shook his head.

“If youre in such a hurry, youll miss a lot of scenery along the way and make life meaningless.” Su Yun said.

“Hey, youre the one whos working hard for the Nobel Prize, and youre also the one who wants to see the scenery.” “What exactly do you want” Zheng Ren asked.

“It wont affect anything.”

“Three thousand surgeries.

I have to finish them before July.” “How much have you completed” Zheng Ren asked expressionlessly.

” 142 cases,” Su Yun was very clear about this and casually reported a number.

Speaking of this, he felt rather regretful.

It was really boring to be busy all the way, but Zheng Ren seemed to be right.

He was working hard to do three thousand surgery cases now.

Su Yun had always felt that this number was a way for Dr.

Mehal to express his rejection.

He suddenly laughed.

If he completed this seemingly impossible mission, he didnt know if Dr.

Mehalls expression would be very interesting.

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