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“Lets do this.

” Zheng Ren smiled.

Visiting professor, this name sounded quite comfortable.

Although he wasnt a tenured professor, if that was the case, wouldnt he have to be called professor Zheng instead

Just thinking about it made Zheng Ren feel bored.

Boss sounded nicer.

In China, the word “professor” was already used a lot.

Feng Xuhui was carrying an empty suitcase and rejoicing.

His English listening was very poor, so he could not understand what Zheng Ren, Su Yun, and Dr.

Smith were talking about.

This time, he came to Mayo and filled up his luggage.

He brought a total of 30 sets of consumables for TIPS.

To Feng Xuhui, he had brought two or three times the amount, because Su Yun had said that they were going to fly directly to Hyde Castle from Mayo.

However, he didnt expect President Zheng to be so capable.

Mayo performed more than 20 operations in one breath, live streaming and teaching.

The box was empty.

The colleagues from the International Department had yet to arrive.

Feng Xuhui pondered about finding a free time to contact Chairman MA and quickly distribute the goods.

The most important thing was to fill up his luggage.

Otherwise, he would feel empty and uncertain.

Feng Xuhui was a little envious as he looked at President Zheng, the skinny United States professor, talking and laughing.

He still needed to work hard to improve.

She didnt even know what he was talking about, and she felt a little guilty for trying to cozy up to him.

Hu Yanhui was listening to the conversation between Zheng Ren and Dr.


She was very surprised.

Hu Yanhui didnt know what a visiting professor meant.

However, this name sounded very noble, so it must be a good thing.

She picked up her phone and sent Peng Jia A message.

[Boss Zheng is talking about becoming a visiting professor for Maio.

His assistant is very dissatisfied and thinks that he should be a tenured professor.]

Information was transmitted, turning into electromagnetic waves and arriving in China.

They formed words and woke up Peng Jia, who was sleeping.

Peng Jia was taking a nap.

She was sleeping soundly, sweetly, and happily.

Ever since boss Zheng had returned from the earthquake relief, and after discussing the matter of the live broadcast of the surgery, his career had finally found a way to break through.

Now, he could vaguely see the blue ocean that had no competitors.

Even though she was woken up, Peng Jia was not unhappy.

However, she was too tired and wanted to take a nap.

She looked at the time and realized that she had slept for half an hour.

He picked up his phone and saw that it was Hu Yanhui.

He opened WeChat.

The moment she saw the message, Peng Jias blood froze.

After an unknown period of time, symptoms of brain hypoxia began to appear.

Dizziness, dizziness, and tinnitus.

His symptoms were the same as when he heard that he was going to do a live stream of teaching surgery at Maio clinic, and even a little worse.

“If this continues, Im afraid Ill be dead before Xinglin garden even hits the market,” Peng Jia thought helplessly.

However, boss Zheng would always surprise him, causing his blood pressure to rise uncontrollably.

Boss Zheng was going to be a visiting professor overseas

He was also a visiting professor at Maio clinic! Even though it wasnt a tenured professor, it was more than enough.

There were less than ten tenured professors in Maio, and they were all famous seniors.

This was a good thing.

When Peng Jia thought of the words “visiting professor of Meiao Medical Center, doctor Zheng Ren,” in the advertisement before the live broadcast of the surgery, she was excited.

However, before he could be happy for long, Peng Jia suddenly thought of something and poured a bucket of cold water on him.

It was wrong! He was wrong! Peng Jia immediately realized what the problem she had been worrying about was.

He seemed to have invested too little into boss Zhengs side, Zheng Ren, and did not receive the attention he deserved.

It was just an agreement for a live broadcast of surgery.

What if boss Zheng stopped doing live broadcast surgeries tomorrow Then what should he do What visiting professor, what Nobel Prize candidate, they had nothing to do with him!

As for winning the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Biology in the future …

Peng Jia shivered.

This was a huge strategic mistake.

How could she ignore boss Zheng It was simply unforgivable.

If an ordinary employee had made such a mistake, Peng Jia would have fired him without hesitation.

All the anger she had when she woke up was gone.

Peng Jia immediately gathered her capable subordinates to discuss how to sign a long – term agreement with boss Zheng and kidnap … Invite boss Zheng to her familys war chariot.

Zheng Ren did not bother about the visiting professor.

Mayo was too far away.

He had a private jet this time, so he did not feel tired.

However, it would be quite annoying to travel to the United States all year round.

If Su Yun were to talk to Dr.

Smith, whatever the result would be, it would be fine.

As for the tenured professor that Su Yun asked about, Zheng Ren just laughed it off.

In the scientific community, those who could obtain the title of tenured professor in a world – Class University were all big names that would be remembered for centuries.

For example, Newton, for example …

In the medical world, could he get a tenured professor in Maio

In Zheng Rens opinion, this was a little ridiculous.

Just as he was thinking, his phone rang.

Was it little Yiren Zheng Ren took out his phone and saw that the name was Wu Hui.

“That celebrity” Zheng Ren immediately thought of Wu Huis gentle and elegant manner.

‘This person is not bad, Zheng Ren thought to himself as he picked up the phone.

“Hello, doctor Zheng.” Wu Huis voice was a little weak.

“Well, is the surgery done did it go smoothly” Zheng Ren asked with a smile.

“The surgery is over.

The doctor said that I would die in a day.”

This … Was too alarmist.

Zheng Ren disapproved of this in his heart.

It was just appendicitis with perpuus perforation and halosomon, so it was only natural to say that her condition was very serious.

However, it would be wrong to say that he would die if he went a day later.

However, it was also possible that there was a problem with Wu Huis description.

This was also often seen.

After all, he was not a doctor, and he was not clear about various professional terms.

“Its fine after the surgery.

Rest for a few days and youll get better soon.

” Zheng Ren said very gently.

There was no sound from the other end of the phone.

It was silent.

The cell phone signal is bad Zheng Ren took the phone in front of him and looked at it.

There was no problem.

“Hello” Zheng Ren tried to probe.

“Doctor Zheng, the appendix was not removed.

The doctor in the community Hospital said that there is no way to remove it.” Wu Hui was a little hesitant, but he still told Zheng Ren the truth.

Zheng Ren recalled the diagnosis on Wu Huis system panel and sighed.

This was a F * cking misdiagnosis!

It was not accurate to say that it was a misdiagnosis.

It should be said that the standard of the doctors in the community Hospital was not good enough.

He just did not dare to remove the appendix that had blood congestion, edema, and even gangrene.

What bullsh * t about dying a day later, it was all nonsense.

He reckoned that the patient exaggerated his condition before the surgery was completed, so that the patient would think that it was normal for him to not have his appendix removed.

The appendix that Wu Hui mentioned was what the people of Xiangjiang used to say.

It was not accurate.

There was no dispute that he was talking about the appendix.

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