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There were only two surgeries left, and they were prepared to be broadcasted live.

Although Dr.

Smith had performed many operations in a row, he still wanted more.

If possible, he wanted to continue.

Because his skills were too high, even though he knew how to do TIPS, some of his deep – rooted habits could not be changed.

This was intolerable for Dr.

Smith, who pursued perfection.

When the patient went up to the stage, Dr.

Smith was used to being an assistant, so he went straight to work.

Speaking of this kind of thing, once one got used to it, one would really “degenerate” very quickly.

He first disinfected himself, then washed his hands, put on his clothes, and laid out the sheet.

He had no intention of going down.

Professor Rudolf Wagner and Dr.

Smith exchanged a few words and reminded him that this was a live broadcast, but they were ignored.

Both of them were experts in interventional surgeries at the same level, but since this was Maios home field, the professor could not do anything about it.

He could only turn to Zheng Ren and ask his boss for help.

After Zheng Ren finished looking at the scan, he saw Dr.

Smith disinfecting the patient.

He was puzzled and asked,””Doctor, this surgery will be broadcasted live.”

“Doctor Zheng, a live broadcast wont affect the surgery for educational purposes.” Dr.

Smith was so focused on the surgery that he didnt even think about livestreaming.

Zheng Ren was speechless.

After thinking for a few seconds, Zheng Ren felt even more helpless.

This was Mayo.

How could they drive Dr.

Smith away

This was a bit of a joke.

He sighed and walked out of the operating theater.

He went to the operation room and asked,””Little Hu, give Peng Jia A call.”

“Oh.” Hu Yanhui didnt care what it was and agreed first.

She asked while on the phone,”Boss Zheng, whats the matter”


Smith is going to do a live stream of educational surgery.” Zheng Ren was helpless as well.

He really had no choice when it came to such people.

However, Zheng Ren didnt hate Dr.


He could feel the spirit of perfection in his surgery.

That was why he had gone through so much trouble to call Peng Jia and ask her about her thoughts on the live broadcast.

If it didnt work … Zheng Ren didnt have any good ideas, so he could only argue with Dr.


Shanghai, Xing Lin garden headquarters.

Peng Jia didnt sleep the entire night.

She looked at the numbers that had just been calculated on the computer screen and was extremely excited.

Peng Jia was overjoyed that the live broadcast of the surgery was being done at Maio clinic.

Compared to other live surgery streams, going to Maios clinic for a live surgery was a great gimmick.

Although three surgeries were live – streamed first, and two more were live – streamed at the end, the cuts were a little messy.

However, there were benefits to doing so.

It was a good thing for the traffic of the apricot forest garden to be maintained.

He looked at the numbers and calculated the increase in traffic and the venture capital in his heart.

Then, his phone rang.

She looked down and saw Hu Yanhui.

Peng Jias heart moved.

It would be best if there were no problems with the live broadcast of the surgery.

Hopefully, it was not …

Everything was going smoothly.

If there was a problem … It wouldnt happen.

Hu Yanhui was the luckiest employee under him.

Her skills were also excellent.

She would be fine!

Peng Jia encouraged herself in her heart.

Zheng Rens voice came through the phone.

“Manager Peng, theres a situation on my side.” Zheng Rens voice was low and slightly magnetic.

Peng Jias heart trembled.

“But boss Zhengs voice seems to be getting better and better,” Peng Jia thought as she asked.

He wasnt attracted to her voice, but it was really nice to hear.


Smith from Maio clinic wants to do a live broadcast of educational surgery.

Hes very insistent.

Can you do it” Zheng Ren asked helplessly.

A gush of blood rushed up to Peng Jias head.

The surroundings suddenly became silent.

The rustling sound lingered in his ears, and his cerebral vessels were throbbing.

He could clearly feel the flow of blood.

As for cerebral hemorrhage and myocardial infarction, Peng Jia was no longer concerned about them.

At this moment, there was only one thought in his mind, and that was to livestream the surgical lesson! This was simply a heaven – sent opportunity.

It was also a big problem for boss Zheng to do a good job in livestreaming the TIPS surgery.

There were no waves, no changes, and the cold and calm surgical process could not be replicated.

It even looked a little boring, as all surgeries were the same … After the initial period of worry, Peng Jia began to worry about this matter.

After the initial popularity, the traffic began to decrease.

Of course, this was within Peng Jias expectations.

Going to Maho clinic for a live broadcast of surgery was a good thing to save traffic.

However, to do a live broadcast of a surgical lesson, this …

Peng Jia was so excited that she couldnt speak.

“Hello, manager Peng, why arent you saying anything”

Peng Jia tried her best to speak, but her voice suddenly went hoarse.

She lost her voice and could not say anything.

He immediately became mute.

“If its difficult for you, Ill refuse.” Zheng Ren sighed, probably because he thought it was too troublesome.

However, Peng Jia did not say anything.

After all, they were going to do a live broadcast of surgery, not a live broadcast of teaching surgery.

It was not reasonable for her to do so.

Just as he was about to hang up, Zheng Ren heard a strange voice coming from the phone.

“Boss … Boss Zheng, wait … Wait …”

“What” Zheng Ren was stunned.

He could vaguely make out Peng Jias voice.

However, her voice was extremely hoarse, as if Peng Jia was being strangled by a big hand and was in a life – and – Death battle with someone.

Peng Jia took a sip of water to calm herself down.

She coughed a few times before she felt better.

That was close.

Boss Zheng was too quick.

He did it as he said.

It was such a big event.

If she missed it, Peng Jia suspected that she would jump down from the building.

Of course, he was not idle.

He sorted out his mood while searching for information on Dr.



Smiths personal profile was on the website of Maio clinic.

After all, Peng Jia was willing to know more about boss Zhengs surgery at Maio clinic.

This was the worlds top expert in interventional services, and he had actually agreed to do a live stream of teaching surgery! Peng Jia was so excited that she almost lost her voice again.

He quickly closed the webpage to avoid missing out on this golden opportunity.

“Boss Zheng is really awesome.” Peng Jia praised him in her heart.

“Boss Zheng, that …” Peng Jias voice was hoarse.

She started to organize her words halfway through.

“Manager Peng, its fine.” “Im just asking,” Zheng Ren said indifferently.”Dont make it difficult for me.

Ill go and talk to Dr.

Smith now.”

“…” Peng Jia almost smashed her phone.

Boss Zheng, why are you so good at carrying things out I was just thinking about how to tell you.

“Dont, don t!” Peng Jia didnt have the time to make a fuss and asked Zheng Ren to give her some face.

“This is a good thing!” Peng Jia told him the truth.”Boss Zheng, lets hurry up.

Good news, good news!”

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