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Zheng Ren was stunned.

He was completely stunned.

Acute appendicitis, perforacious pus, and Peron was something that every hospital that Zheng Ren had been to would need to treat.

Although there were many patients in Room 912, it was still mandatory for each Ward to reserve three to five emergency beds to prevent similar patients from being unable to be admitted, which would delay the treatment.

However, the patients who came to 912 were mainly slow patients, and there were not many emergency patients, so it was not obvious.

However, rules were rules.

No lead professor or Department Director would easily touch this bed.

As for rejection … There were some illnesses that they couldnt see or understand, so they really didnt dare to accept.

They could only suggest that the patients go to high – Class hospitals for treatment.

As for appendicitis, the First Peoples Hospital of Haicheng City would not even reject it.

This was the freaking Maio clinic.

Zheng Ren watched as Wu Hui clutched his stomach and took small steps out of the hospital.

Every step was difficult.

His originally handsome face was covered in sweat.

“Whats going on” Zheng Ren asked in surprise.

“You think its in China” Su Yun was even more surprised.

She expressed her disdain at Zheng Rens question.”Emergency first aid at the community Hospital.

Have you read the story of the intern doctor, gray, and the emergency department”

“Maio needs to make an appointment.

If he has enough social status and money, he can make an appointment in advance.

But generally speaking, it would take at least 15 months.

Well, its considered fast if you can get a consultation in 15 months.

“I guess he got used to being in Xiangjiang and came to the best hospital.

He was probably kicked out.” It could be seen that Su Yun still had some resentment towards Wu Hui.

However, as a doctor, Zheng Ren felt that he could not ignore such a seriously ill patient who would die walking out of the hospital on his own.

However, this was Maio, not the First Peoples Hospital of Haicheng, and not 912.

Zheng Ren sighed.

He should at least give Wu Hui some suggestions.

He walked over, the smile on his face a little stiff, but he still managed to force a smile and said,””Wu Hui, is it”

Wu Hui tried his best to raise his head.

Because of the pain, the muscles on his face were spasming.

However, his temperament was outstanding.

He was gentle and elegant, but he did not appear ferocious.

“Youre seriously ill, arent you in the hospital” Zheng Ren did not answer his question but asked his own.

As he spoke, Zheng Ren went up and held Wu Huis arm, helping him to sit down on a long bench at the side.

For this kind of disease, once it had perforation, it would be very troublesome if there was a large area of Qiao Nans fist.

Of course, he could still rely on his physical fitness to resist for another three to seven days before he became appendicitis.

However, those who could withstand it were all tough men like fan Tianshui.

Wu Hui would probably have a hard time.

“Whats going on” Zheng Ren asked.

Wu Hui was stunned for a moment.

He did not have any strength in his body and was really unwilling to talk to a Chinese fan.

Moreover, he was not willing to interact with his fans in his current state.

Who knew if they would leave some photos and post them online Did he still want his image as a male God

“Were doctors who were invited to Maio.

We dont like you, nor do we like the shows you act in.

We dont think youre a Prince Charming.” Su Yuns cold voice drifted over from the side.

Hearing Su Yuns words, Zheng Ren finally understood what the problem was.

He was still too anxious when he saw the emergency diagnosis.

He had immediately entered the state of mind and transformed into an emergency doctor.

“I had a stomachache a few days ago, about three days ago,” After Wu Hui heard Su Yuns words, he was relieved and began to describe the condition.”I went to the nearby Community Hospital to see a doctor.

They thought it was gastroenteritis, so they gave me some stomach medicine and went home.”

Zheng Ren concluded that this was a misdiagnosis.

“After taking the medicine, she still kept having diarrhea.

Then, one day ago, she suddenly felt like she was kicked by someone.

It was very painful.” As Wu Hui spoke, he covered his stomach.

He didnt dare to compress it, because it would be more painful.

However, sitting down hurt too.

There was not a single part of his body that was in good condition.

He felt uncomfortable no matter what.

He had only said a few words, and sweat was already dripping down.

“Did you go to the hospital after that”

“Im off.

The community Hospital was full of emergency patients.

I went there again, but no one paid me any attention.

They just gave me some medicine and sent me home.

” Wu Hui was also very helpless.

“Where do you plan to go now” Zheng Ren asked.

“I went to my sister.

She said shes going to take me to the community Hospital where she usually sees patients.” Wu Hui felt helpless.

It was difficult anywhere in the world.

It would be great if people didnt get sick.

“Son of a rich family!” Zheng Ren greeted professor Rudolph Wagner.

“Haha, boss” the professor replied.

“She has perpendicular inflammation and a perforated vermiform appendix.

Can your Community Hospital perform surgery” Zheng Ren asked.

“Yes, but the possibility of it being good is not high.” The professor told the truth.”It depends on which doctor we meet.”

Zheng Ren sighed.

This was very awkward.

He was sitting there, but he could only watch.

This feeling was really uncomfortable.

“Su Yun, do you have a pen washi”

“Boss, youre too uncouth.” Su Yun truly did not like Wu Hui.

It was not because Wu Hui was annoying, but because Chang Yue was a fan of him.

Therefore, he was not even polite when he spoke to Zheng Ren.

“Are you going to write a diagnosis and some suggestions” Su Yun asked.

“Wouldnt it be more convenient to leave him a WeChat message”

Zheng Ren broke out in a sweat.

He really did not expect this.

However, did Wu Hui have WeChat The two of them looked at Wu Hui at the same time.

Although it was uncomfortable, Wu Hui could feel the good intentions of these two people.

One of the young men who looked like a popular young man spoke very arrogantly, but Wu Hui could feel that he actually had no malicious intentions.

He took out his phone, opened WeChat, and left his contact information.

“You …” Zheng Ren glanced at Wu Hui.

“Dont worry, my sister is here to pick me up.

You guys can go ahead.

” Wu Hui forced a smile.

Even though he was seriously ill, his demeanor was still the same.

“Yes.” Zheng Ren nodded and reminded him,”you have to hurry up and do the surgery.

This illness is actually not serious.

Its just that youve delayed the treatment time.” It was not a big problem for him to perform a surgery to remove his Appendix.

If we really wait for a few more days, Im afraid he will go into shock.

Wu Huis face turned pale when he heard Zheng Rens words.

Firstly, it was because of the pain, and secondly, it was because she was frightened by Zheng Rens words.

“Doctor … Zheng” Wu Hui asked tentatively.

“Is that so” Wu Hui asked.

“Yes, its heavy.

If we were in China, I would have definitely pulled you into the surgery.

” Zheng Ren said half – seriously and half – jokingly.

“I know.” Wu Hui was also very distressed and nodded.

Very soon, Wu Huis sister rushed over.

She bade farewell to Zheng Ren and Su Yun before leaving with Wu Hui.

“Im used to it.

Hes in so much pain, so he probably has signs of Qiao Liang.

Well need to perform a C – Section to check on him.

” As Zheng Ren spoke to Su Yun, he sent a message to Wu Hui.


This happened a few days ago.

After seeing teacher Yan zu talk about washing intestines, he only had one thought in his mind: a misdiagnosis.

If this had happened to her, it would definitely have been a medical incident, and then she would have been … Forget it, lets not talk about it.

There were many such cases in the past.

Its just appendicitis.

Itll be over after its removed.


Report one thing.

The fan title “Super Bear” has been released directly by the system.

I havent even thought about what Im doing on this side.

I havent been talking about this for the past few days, so Ill report it to everyone here.


I didnt add any more chapters, so I took the opportunity to report my work and ask for votes~~~hehe

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