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Chapter 1037: Rich Clinical Experience

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‘Ding dong~

After the last stitch, Zheng Ren heard the pleasant sound of mission completion.

He glanced at the System panel, which clearly indicated that the mission was completed.

[System mission: Request from a faraway place completed]

[Mission Content: Complete the treatment of bilateral renal artery stenosis after RDN surgery: 1 case]

[Mission Reward: 100,000 experience points, 5,000 skill points, Reputation 1]

[Mission Time: 1 month, 12 days, 22 hours, 15 minutes; Remaining time: 17 days, 1 hour, 45 minutes

‘Ding Dong~

The sound of mission completion continued.

[System mission: Head-on Strike, completed]

[Mission content: in the face of provocation and hostility, retreating will only make the other party more arrogant.

Please give the other party a head-on blow and lay a solid foundation for becoming the best surgeon.]

[Mission Reward: proficiency in the common language (all languages in the current world), Reputation 1]

[Mission Time: 1 day.

Remaining time: 16 hours and 3 minutes]

With the mission reward of curing voodoo, Zheng Ren now had about 40 days of surgical training time.

Other than when he went to earthquake relief, this was the time when he accumulated the most surgical training time.

It could be said that he was relatively rich with time, so Zheng Ren was very satisfied.

“Boss, the microsurgery is done very well,” Su Yun said casually as he applied dressings on the patients incision.

“The equipment is good,” Zheng Ren said.

“The microscope is fifty times better, and the resolution is especially high.

Its much better than what you can buy in China.”

“You have to get used to microsurgery too.

I suspect that this dirty trick was used to increase the difficulty of the surgery.

I look forward to seeing your surgery fail,” Su Yun said coldly.

He had never been afraid to use his greatest malice to make the people around him guess, so Su Yun thought of this at the first moment.

“Its alright.” Zheng Ren did not care.

He took off his gloves and took off the microscope.

It was rare to see it in his hands.

The System shop also had high-quality microscopes, but Zheng Ren only dared to take a look at the price, but he did not dare to buy it.

The heart of the System was very malicious.

However, the reward given recently was quite good.

With more time for surgery training, Zheng Ren was in a good mood.

“Do you think this microscope is good” Su Yun saw that Zheng Ren was interested in the microscope, so he said, “Let Lil Fugui contact the manufacturer for you and customize one.

All the habits are yours.

You can make as many requests as you want.”

Zheng Ren was very unfamiliar with this kind of thing.

It was another world, and he was very far away from it.

“Alright, the surgery on this side has been solved.

Lets see when Zou Jiahuas physical examination will be completed.

Then, lets go to Heidelberg,” Zheng Ren said.

“Boss, dont you think that what youre doing is too inhumane” Su Yun complained, “Go abroad.

Even if you dont want to buy anything for Little Yiren, you have to give me and Lil Fugui some time to rest.”

“Didnt you sleep well on the plane” Zheng Ren asked.

“Its different, Big Brother.

Were jet-lagged.

Now were staying up late.”

“…” Zheng Ren recalled.

Was he actually a workaholic It was really strange.

He just did not want to stay abroad for too long.

When he returned to the Imperial Capital, where there was Little Yiren, he would be home.

However, what Su Yun said seemed to be right.

He would rest here and then fly to Germany.

Zheng Ren was at a loss as he calculated that he would need at least five days to a week to wander outside.

He really wanted to fly back now.

In the future, unless there was something special, it would be better to fly out as little as possible.

Zheng Ren felt that he was very much an otaku.

He should be one of those extremely standard otaku men.

It was just that he did not want to stay at home.

Instead, he was willing to stay by Little Yirens side.

Well, if he flew out next time, he would bring Little Yiren with him no matter what.

This time, it was a bit of a pity; Zheng Ren thought all of this to himself.

Su Yun swiftly finished his work.

The two of them tore off the sterile clothes and left the operating theater.

Brock Lesnar stood at the door with a slightly strange expression.

Until Zheng Ren came out, he had not completely recovered.

Doctor Charles had already left.

The doctors who were watching the surgery outside were all doctors from this research group.

“The surgery is done.

The effect should be good,” Zheng Ren said with a smile.

“Please contact my assistant about the surgery fees.”

After saying that, Zheng Ren was about to leave.

“Doctor Zheng, please wait a moment.” Brock Lesnar quickly stopped Zheng Ren and asked, “Your judgment is very accurate.

Can you explain what method you used to make the judgment”

This was the crux of the problem.

Brock Lesnar had been working on this research for several years.

He knew clearly where there was a problem and where there was a need to overcome it.

Therefore, he paid special attention to Zheng Rens diagnosis of the fusion of the renal sympathetic nerve and the renal artery before he even met the patient.

It was not a diagnosis, but a judgment.

If Brock Lesnar himself could not make a similar judgment, so how did the other doctor from the other side of the ocean make it

“The diagnosis of the illness is very simple.” Zheng Rens heart turned slightly solemn.

This involved the System interface, so he could not tell the truth.

He could only fool him.

“What kind of judgment was it” Brock Lesnar looked at Zheng Ren in confusion.

‘Is it because I dont have enough clinical experience Impossible! How old is this doctor from the other side of the ocean in front of me I have been in clinical work for longer than his age.

Why Is he…

As he was thinking, his train of thought was interrupted by Zheng Ren.

“Through rich clinical experience.

By the way, is this microscope yours” Zheng Ren asked.

Su Yun was stunned.

It was another f*cking rich clinical experience.

“Uh…” Brock Lesnar only then remembered that Dr.

Charles wanted Zheng Ren to look for him.

“Zheng, this state-of-the-art microscope belongs to Dr.

Charles Moore.

He wants you to perform the surgery here and go to his laboratory,” Brock Lesner said.

These words were said with confidence.

Who should Dr.

Charles Moore be looking for

“Oh, then please help me return the microscope to Dr.

Charles Moore.

After the surgery, I need to go to the hotel to rest.” Zheng Ren smiled and said, “Also, help me express my apology.

I wont go to that meeting.”

Brock Lesnar was stunned.

What did he hear

This kind of trance and shock was even stronger than the moment when he saw the renal sympathetic nerve and renal artery fuse together.

As a doctor, how could anyone reject Dr.

Charles Moores invitation

Zheng Ren ignored Brock Lesnars expression and emotions and shoved the microscope into his hand.

“Boss, do you not know who Dr.

Charles Moore is” Su Yun asked from the side.

Rudolf Wagner was shocked.

He stood beside Su Yun with a surprised expression.

In his opinion, Zheng Rens behavior was incomprehensible.

Even a doctor from the Department of Interventional Medicine admired Doctor Charles Moore very much.

Why would the boss, a surgeon, reject him without even thinking about it

“Charles Moore” Zheng Ren muttered.

“Who is he It sounds familiar.”

“….” Su Yun was speechless.


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