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Chapter 1033: 50 Times Microscope

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The stenosis of the renal artery was obvious, and the connective tissue adhesion was severe.

Brock Lesnar knew that this was the complication after radiofrequency ablation.

It was not that Dr.

Charles Moore was picky.

It was that this radiofrequency ablation was, for some unknown reason, poorly done.

It was only radiofrequency ablation of the sympathetic nerves of the kidney.

Why would it lead to the stenosis of the renal artery This was something that Brock Lesnar had never understood.

Of course, things that he could not understand could be treated as an accident.

But when Dr.

Charles raised his doubts, it was troublesome.

Brock Lesnar wanted to explain, but he did not know how to say it.

Could it be that… Forget it.

The more he explained, the darker it would be.

It was better not to speak.

From the perspective of basic knowledge and from the perspective of the level of anatomy, Brock Lesnar knew that he was much better than the average doctor.

But in front of Dr.

Charles, he was not enough.

He was afraid that he would be scolded; the Doctor could dismiss his project team with a phone call.

He was confused.

His project had nothing to do with Dr.

Charles Moore.

Why would he come here to observe the surgery! This was a terrible day.

It could not get any worse.

On the big screen, the surgery finally slowed down.

It was not as bold as it was at the beginning.

The surgeon called out to him, and the nurse put a microscope on him.

If Dr.

Charles had not come, Brock Lesnar would have rushed into the operating theater to ask about the situation.

Why did he need a microscope This kind of surgery did not need this kind of equipment!

But now, Brock Lesnar could only suppress the anxiety and doubt in his heart and endure to watch the surgery.

“Why isnt there a microscope in the operative view” Dr.

Charles Moore suddenly asked.


Charles, the microscope was brought by the operator himself.

The model is very old and can not transmit a signal,” Brock Lesnar explained.

“Tell the operator that the surgery has temporarily stopped,” Dr.

Charles said.

“In my cabinet, there is the latest model of the microscope.

Mike, go and get it.”


Charles assistant immediately turned around and ran away.

Brock Lesnar also quickly walked into the operating theater and said, “Doctor Zheng, please stop the surgery.”

Zheng Ren raised his head in confusion and looked at Brock with a puzzled expression.


Charles is observing the surgery.

He wants to see the operating field under the microscope,” Brock said.

“Who is Charles” Zheng Ren asked as he lowered his head and prepared to start the operation again.

In his opinion, it did not matter who was watching the operation.

“Boss, its the old man who performed the autopsy with you just now,” Su Yun said.

“He used to be a doctor who stood at the prime of the surgical field.

After that, he engaged in basic research and won the Nobel Prize for Biology because of the nucleic acid project.”

Zheng Rens hand paused for a moment.

He hesitated for a second before he stopped the surgery.

Zheng Ren did not have much of an idea after winning the Nobel Prize, but the exchange just now seemed to have improved his surgical skills.

Zheng Ren respected that old man very much.

Since he was the one who said it, it did not seem to matter if he waited for a few minutes.

After covering the surgical field with a piece of warm saline gauze, Brock asked in a low voice, “Doctor Zheng, why does the renal artery stenosis appear”

“Its because the frequency of the radio frequency is wrong,” Zheng Ren said.

“Thats why the renal artery stenosis is caused.”

“…” Brock Lesnar was stunned for a moment before he became angry.

Just as he was about to refute and denounce this young doctor who basically denied his hard work, he immediately remembered that Dr.

Charles was still outside.

He could not let Dr.

Charles hear these words, or the consequences would be unimaginable.

He wanted to exchange a few words, but he could not organize his words.

Moreover, because of Zheng Rens words, his heart was filled with anger toward Zheng Ren.

Soon, Dr.

Charles assistant ran back and handed the microscope used for surgery to the nurse.

He connected the signal, adjusted it, and then the nurse put it on Zheng Ren.

The clarity of a fifty-fold microscope was countless times better than the ordinary ones that Zheng Ren bought in the System.

Looking at the field of vision under the microscope, Zheng Ren sighed.

In order to adapt to this kind of microscope, he seemed to have to spend a certain amount of time on surgical training.

Different instruments would have different effects on the operator, and a microscope was equivalent to the operators eyes.

This was something as important as the hands.

It was impossible not to spend time to get used to it and adapt to it.

However, the difficulty was beyond Zheng Rens expectations.

Afterwasting twenty-eight hours of surgical training time, Zheng Ren finally understood how to use Professor Charles fifty-fold microscope.

This was already considered fast.

If it was a doctor with a lower standard, he would not be able to use such a high-magnification microscope to perform surgery for the rest of his life.

After twenty-eight hours of continuous training and microsurgery, Zheng Rens brains vestibular nerve had already overheated.

He really wanted to take a break now.

However, there were some benefits after all the hard work: the surgical progress bar had increased from 98 percent to 100 percent.

In other words, if one could adapt to using such a high-magnification microscope, the surgery could be done to the extreme.

Although twenty-eight hours had passed in Zheng Rens place, it was like the world had changed, but in reality, Brock Lesnar had just turned around and was ready to leave.

Su Yun was still curiously looking at the fifty-fold microscope, wondering if it could be used to help anastomose the small arteries of the heart.

The surgery began once again.

The full-screen broadcast of the surgery was the operative view under the microscope.

The thick renal artery was red on one side, and the white fibers looked like some PVC tubes.

The anatomy that he was familiar with had completely changed under such a magnified microscope.


Charles was also curious.

Although this magnified microscope could improve the quality of the surgery, whether or not the surgeon could use it was another matter.

If it could be used, it would prove that the surgeons level of surgery was already very high and could reach his current level.

But it definitely could not be compared to his previous level.


Charles was very confident about this.

His previous surgery was the best in the world, without a doubt! Until now, and even in the foreseeable future, it was the same.

The surgery continued.

Under a microscope that was fifty times larger, all the anatomical structures were magnified.

With just a small movement of the forceps, it was possible to move the entire operative view.

However, the micro-hemostatic forceps still appeared very steadily in the operative view.

Every step of the operation was clear, and it was still blunt dissection.

The movements were gentle, and there was almost no surgical damage.

This was simply unbelievable.


Charles looked at it and became confused.

He definitely could not do this kind of surgery now.

After all, he was already in his seventies.

His hands could not maintain this stability.

But could he do it when he was younger


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