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Chapter 1025: Misconception

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After calculating all the skill points in his hand, Zheng Ren sighed.

It was said that he was only one step away from the Prime of his Life, but this step was so close that he might have to walk for many years.

Even if he threw all his skill points into it, it was still one step away.

It was really difficult to reach the prime of interventional surgery.

There was no point in trying again.

Zheng Ren understood that many of the key points were not cognitive problems, but that he had not reached the level of surgery.

The level of surgery of a legend was sufficient for ordinary diseases.

However, this kind of artificial injury was more complicated and required more detailed methods.

After a moment of hesitation, Zheng Ren made up his mind to use this prime-time experience.

However, the prime-time experience was very short, so he definitely could not waste it on the simulation mannequin.

Having already had a prime-time experience, Zheng Ren was very addicted to it, and he was also very confident.

He immediately left the operating theater and returned to the real world.

“I can do it.

Go and communicate with them,” Zheng Ren said.

“But you have to be quick.

The patients condition is not very good.”

Su Yun smiled.

Zheng Ren, this fellow, would never let anyone down.

In the next ten minutes, Su Yun used his slightly rusty English to force Dr.

Smith into a corner and repeatedly tried to pull Zheng Ren away.

He also claimed that they were killing people and went against the most basic medical ethics.

They breathed the air of the same laboratory as them.

Even if there was a laminar flow purification, it was still particularly disgusting and filled with the smell of blood.

However, when Dr.

Smith pinched his nose and signed the document to confirm that the law was in effect, Su Yun turned against him even faster than flipping through a book.

He practically pushed Zheng Ren into the operating theater.

Then, he went back and spoke to Dr.

Smith with a smile.

Smith, who looked like a piece of paper, looked even weaker.

However, there was nothing that could be done about it.

It was just like how the Mayo Medical Center despised other doctors.

However, from a different perspective, they were the targets of contempt.

After studying for a few months, there was no progress.


Smith was already beginning to get tired of it.

Every time he saw the live broadcast of the TIPS surgery, he even had the idea of going to China to study surgery.

However, this opportunity came so suddenly that it caught him off guard.

“Boss, the standard of this surgery is much worse than mine.

I didnt expect it in the past,” Professor Rudolf Wagner said with a smile as he scrubbed his hands.

Zheng Ren just smiled and did not reply.

The Professor was knocked out by himself with the hemostatic forceps.

How could it be the same Interventional surgery itself was a new discipline.

With decades of history, the people who first engaged in interventional surgery, as well as their background of having to eat thread, caused the youngest and most energetic doctors to be unable to accept interventional surgery.

This also resulted in the average standard of the interventional doctors to be worse than other surgeons.

Having the guidance of a surgeon who was at the level of a legend, and even using hemostatic forceps to beat on it… This was the dream of those who wanted to learn surgery.

Not everyone was as proud as Zhu Liangchen.

Many people felt that learning surgery was more important.

Gao Shaojie was like this, and so was Zhou Chunyong.

Mu Tao… was forced to grow up under Su Yuns hemostatic forceps in Pengxi Township Hospital.

He was different from them.

This time, Zheng Ren did not go to see the radiographic films.

The patients liver was already in a mess.

There was no point in looking at the radiographic films before the surgery.

After he washed his hands, he got dressed in clothes with Professor Rudolf Wagner.

The Professor went to disinfect, and Zheng Ren checked the medical supplies.

“Its not Changfengs,” Zheng Ren lamented.

He pressed the button on the walkie-talkie and said, “Su Yun, after signing the agreement, ask Feng Xuhui to bring the medical supplies.

Tell Dr.

Smith about this.”

How could Su Yun forget about this

He was telling Dr.

Smith that although Smith was unwilling, all of this was written into a document and was effective immediately.

Su Yun did not care what time it was in the country.

He called Feng Xuhui and told him to bring the medical supplies and enough medical supplies to Mayo Medical Center as soon as possible.

Zheng Ren stood quietly in front of the operating table and entered the System space while he went through the visa and other procedures.

He clicked on the Prime Experience, and a familiar warm current instantly flowed through his body.

This feeling was the same feeling he had when he first experienced the Prime Experience of general surgery with the System.

The things in front of him shook slightly before they quieted down.

Zheng Ren picked up the guide wire.

Although he was wearing sterile gloves, Zheng Ren felt like he was touching the texture of the guide wire.

Prime Experience was not just about the surgical technique.

He also had an extremely deep understanding of the medical supplies for the surgery.

Thinking back on Changfengs equipment, it was truly inferior to Mayos.

But this was not what Zheng Ren should be thinking about right now.

He did not think too much about it.

He directly entered the microwire and began the selection.

Rudolf Wagner cooperated with Zheng Ren.

The cooperation between the two of them had begun in Sea City.

It could be said that the Professor was familiar with Zheng Rens surgical technique, and their cooperation was almost perfect.

However, after 12.45 seconds, Professor Rudolf Wagner was stunned.

The Boss surgical technique did not have any special changes, but whether it was speed or accuracy, it had been greatly improved at a level that he could no longer look up to.

Rudolf Wagner could not believe that what was happening in front of him was the truth, but he did not panic.

Because at this moment, when Zheng Ren was performing the surgery, there were not many things that required his cooperation.

Was he just watching the surgery from the first assistants position The Professor felt that this was not good and tried very hard to cooperate with Zheng Ren.

However, his cooperation was always in vain.

The surgery was done beyond the scope of understanding of Professor Rudolf Wagner.

‘The Boss is really a genius, the Professor sighed.

He originally thought that his level was close to the Boss, but now it seemed that the Boss had been lowering his hand speed and skills to accommodate him.

At the thought of this, sweat began to appear on Professor Rudolf Wagners forehead.

Not long ago, he had thought of returning to the Heidelberg University Medical Center and no longer staying in China to help Boss Zheng Ren set up a table.

That was because he had learned everything he could.

As for whether he could reach Zheng Rens level, it would depend on his talent and the large number of surgeries he had to polish.

It would be meaningless to stay.

However, todays surgery gave professor Rudolf Wagner a wrong understanding; the bosss level was simply too high.

If he were to be hit by the hemostatic forceps a few more times, would he be able to climb to the prime of his skill

He would.

He definitely would.

Zheng Ren had no idea that Prime Experience would bring so much inner drama to the Professor.

He was only focused on the surgery.

In the System space, the skill tree for interventional surgery was growing crazily.


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