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Chapter 1012: Youre Not Sensible Either

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Sun Ming was just about to go for lunch when the two brothers knocked on the door and came in.

“Director Sun, Im sorry to bother you again,” the middle-aged man said politely.

“Hmm Are you done” Sun Ming asked.

“Chief Kong said that we should do some more tests.

Actually…” as he spoke, the middle-aged man hesitated for a moment.

They were related to Sun Mings lover.

They were relatives who could not be connected to each other in their hometown.

Sun Ming could not help with such matters.

However, after being idle for a long time, if someone from his hometown came to help, he could still gain respect.

Sun Ming was not stingy.

However, looking at the middle-aged mans expression, he knew that there must be a problem.

He cursed in his heart, but he did not say anything.

Instead, he picked up the tea and used the lid of the tea jar to wipe off the foam.

The tea leaves nowadays were much better than they were a few decades ago.

Sun Ming liked this type of tea, and the office was equipped with a corresponding tea set.

However, he still had the old habit of drinking too much when he was young.

It was difficult to change, and he did not want to change it.

The action of skimming off the tea leaves reminded him of the times when he was young.

It could also be considered as reminiscing about his past.

Seeing that Sun Ming did not say anything, the middle-aged man tactfully went up to him and said, “Chief Kong took a look at the radiographic films and called a young doctor over to let him take a look.

Then, he didnt say that he was going to be hospitalized.

He wrote a bunch of tests and asked us to come over to your place to do it.”

“Huh” Sun Ming was instantly unhappy.

‘Old Kong, the old man, is trying to manipulate me

‘It cant be.

I have known Old Kong for a long time.

Although the difference in rank is quite big, it is still harmonious to eat and drink together.

It is just watching radiographic films.

It is not a big deal.

Why did Old Kong refuse

He quietly drank a mouthful of tea and tasted sweetness.

In his heart, he was thinking about why Chief Kong refused to see a doctor.

After more than ten seconds, the office was filled with an awkward atmosphere.

“You didnt give Chief Kong the consultation fee, right” Sun Ming asked, speaking very implicitly.

This was the only reason he could think of, but even so, it did not quite match his understanding of Chief Kong.

“I did, a whole ten thousand, but Chief Kong didnt take it,” the middle-aged man said immediately.

This was strange.

Sun Ming was surprised, but he said unhurriedly, “Its nothing.

Ill call Old Kong.”

After he said that, he did not take the phone but continued to drink tea.

His eyes were empty.

The two brothers could not see what Sun Ming meant.

Sun Ming felt helpless.

These relatives from his hometown really did not know the rules.

He called Chief Kong, but he did not know what Chief Kong meant.

Were they going to listen here

“Go out first.

Ill call you when Im done.” Sun Ming could not help but point it out.

“Oh, oh.” The middle-aged man bent his back, showing his inferiority, and turned to leave.

Seeing that the office door was closed, Sun Ming immediately picked up his phone, found Chief Kongs number, and dialed it.

“Old Kong, my relatives in my hometown told me.

Whats the situation on your side” Sun Ming asked.

He was very familiar with Chief Kong.

They were old friends, so he was not that polite.

In fact, he was very informal

“Director Sun, to be honest, I saw something wrong with the radiographic films, so I asked Boss Zheng to help me take a look.

Its your relatives who think Boss Zheng is young and so, they dont trust him, right” Chief Kongs voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Boss Zheng Who is that” Sun Ming tried hard to recall, but he could not remember which professor with the surname Zheng was in charge of the Intervention Department.

Could it be an academician

Sun Ming continued to try his best to recall.

Soon, Chief Kongs words interrupted his thoughts.

“Its Boss Zheng Ren, whom I poached from the Dibei province.”

His words were full of pride.

Sun Ming could even imagine Chief Kongs expression and actions on the phone.

This old fellow had poached a junior doctor.

What was there to show off about

“Whose doctor” Sun Ming asked tentatively.

“I would like to take him as my doctor, but its a pity.” Chief Kong did not say anything serious and just laughed.

“Im afraid that Boss Zheng will become a PhD director soon.”

“Oh, hes a professor of radiographic films, right How old is he My relatives in my hometown said that a junior doctor looked at radiographic films and wrote a bunch of tests.”

“Professor of radiographic films…” Chief Kong was very emotional about this term.

If he really was a professor of radiographic films, that would be great.

It would be so much easier.

“A professor of radiographic films who is better than you, Old Kong, arent you afraid of raising a tiger to be a threat”

“Hes not a professor of radiographic films.

Im the one who gave him six beds and begged Boss Zheng to come to my place to do scientific research.”

Hearing this, Sun Ming was stunned.

He knew the value of a hospital bed.

His 100 beds might not even be as valuable as Chief Kongs bed.

This was the difference between a top-class hospital and a community hospital.

Six beds at once and he had to beg people to come This was f*cking bullsh*t.

“Old Kong, dont joke around.” Sun Ming was a little unhappy.

“My relatives from my hometown… If you lie to me, Ill lose all my face, how can I go back in the future”

“If I lie, I wont look for Boss Zheng to look at the radiographic films.” Chief Kong was also unhappy, but he seemed to be doing it on purpose.

Then, he said, “If you want face, you can bring your relatives to do all the tests.

Then, you can look for Boss Zheng.

I can introduce him to you.”


“Hurry up.

Tomorrow, Boss Zheng will go to the Mayo Clinic for surgery.” On the phone, Chief Kongs voice sounded a little ethereal to Sun Ming.

“Mayo Clinic” Sun Ming asked subconsciously.

Although they only managed one community hospital, as long as they were in the medical field, there was no one at a higher level who did not know about the Mayo Clinic.

The number one hospital in the world was not something that could be casually said.

Yes, although the number one Cardiology Department in the world was recognized by everyone, the first operating theater and the first ambulance were really created by Mayo.

‘No, I must have heard it wrong, Sun Ming thought to himself.

“Yes, I just asked Boss Zhengs assistant.

Mayo Clinic encountered a complicated case and couldnt solve it, so they sent an invitation to Boss Zheng.

If Boss Zheng didnt want to go to Germany to teach surgery, he probably wouldnt have gone to Mayo.”


“Boss Zheng is busy.

I really dont have time.” Chief Kong had already completed all of his goals and had a bad taste in his mouth.

With that, he said with a laugh, “Old Sun, in order to make you proud, I specially had Boss Zheng read the film.

But you turned the tables on me.

Let me tell you, with this matter, you cant keep that bottle of Maotai.”

Sun Ming was speechless.

“Let me tell you this.

Boss Zheng is doing scientific research here.

Do you think Im joking For this years Nobel Prize candidate project, you can go and check it yourself,” Chief Kong said.

“If theres nothing else, Ill hang up.

Boss Zheng will be leaving tomorrow.

Come and find me as soon as you come out of the examination today.

Otherwise, if you get sick, dont blame me.”

“…” Sun Ming continued to be silent.

“Dont be a good boy after getting a good deal.

Mayo is looking for Boss Zheng to look at radiographic films, starting from a hundred thousand US dollars.

Youre looking at radiographic films for free, yet you still think Boss Zheng is young.

Your relatives dont understand, and you dont understand either”


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