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Chapter 1010: Really Unreliable

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“Boss, you are considered a rich man.” When they reached the 912, Su Yun happened to meet Zheng Ren on the way.

After telling him the details of the payment, he teased him with a smile.

“I didnt read the contract.

Is it after tax” Zheng Ren asked.

“Of course,” Su Yun said.

“This kind of income has countless reasons to be recorded in the accounts.

Each of them has a different amount of tax revenue.

Its not that Im worried about paying taxes, but Im afraid that someone will turn the tables on us because of this matter and say that we are evading taxes.”

“When you talk about us, why do I feel like I have to give you half of the 10 million Hong Kong dollars” Zheng Ren said with a smile.

“You cant be too strict with your assistant.

If you dont spend a single cent, you wont be a good boss.”

“You really opened a private account and saved it That works too.

Its under your name, right”

“Why does it sound like my name is written on the property certificate of my marriage” Su Yun said disdainfully.

“This time, Im going to Germany to see how the artificial limb is doing.”

“Thats a lot of money.

Just thinking about it gives me a headache.” Zheng Ren sighed.

“You can do whatever you want to do.

Theres no need to think too much.”

The two of them spoke as they returned to the department.

They looked at the patients after the surgery and found that they were very stable.

The surgery today was extremely smooth.

Zheng Ren felt that he could do the TIPS surgery with his eyes closed.

Well, that was just a exaggeration.

No matter how skilled he was, Zheng Ren still had to watch the scans many times before the surgery.

He repeatedly recalled the surgery process in his heart and was extremely cautious.

While he was inspecting the patients after the surgery, Professor Shen called out to Zheng Ren.

“Boss Zheng, Chief Kong is looking for you.”

“Oh, okay,” Zheng Ren said.

After checking the last patient, he went to Chief Kongs office and gently knocked on the door.

“Please come in.”

Zheng Ren pushed the door open and entered.

He bowed his head slightly politely and said, “Chief Kong, Whats the matter”

“Boss Zheng, theres a patient.

Come and take a look,” Chief Kong said directly as he looked at the radiographic films in the radiographic film viewer.

He did not turn his head.

Zheng Ren first glanced at the Chiefs office.

The two middle-aged men looked at Chief Kong nervously, not noticing that he had come in.

They had to be the patients family.

That was what Zheng Ren guessed.

He walked behind Chief Kong and took a look at the radiographic films.

His heart moved.

This was a radiographic film of the head.

An irregular space-occupying lesion appeared in his field of vision.

It was said to be a space-occupying lesion, but it was not regular.

The internal image was not typical either.

From the looks of it, it should be classified as a difficult and complicated disease, and so they came to Chief Kong for a diagnosis.

“The patient is 25 years old this year.

He suddenly had a hoarse voice, blurred vision, and abnormal behavior.

He also had cirrhosis of the liver and ascites.

After ruling out hepatitis B, he found cirrhosis nodules,” Chief Kong briefly explained the condition.

Throughout the entire process, his eyes were fixed on the head CT films, not blinking.

“Theres something strange about the radiographic films.”


The local hospital has determined that its a intracranial tumor.

However, because of the problem with the liver function, they suggest that we go to the Imperial Capital to take a look.

We should first fix the liver function and solve the problem of cirrhosis of the liver and ascites.

Then, we can do intracranial surgery or do gamma knife treatment.”

“It doesnt look like it.” Zheng Ren reconstructed the radiographic films in his mind.

From the perspective of radiographic films, it was possible that the patient had a malignant tumor.

However, after the reconstruction, he found that the changes in the patients brain were probably abnormal signals caused by cerebral edema.

“There is indeed a problem.

Boss Zheng, take a look.” Chief Kong then hung up the CT scan of the liver.

The two family members were stunned.

They were introduced by an acquaintance to Chief Kong to look at the radiographic films.

They had already inquired beforehand.

Chief Kong was born in radiographic films, so his ability to look at the radiographic films was extremely high.

He was especially good at all kinds of difficult and complicated diseases.

Chief Kong was also very good at treating cirrhosis and ascites.

The person who had introduced him to this place was very familiar with the medical industry.

He should be from the medical circle.

But… Why would Chief Kong find a junior doctor to look at radiographic films for a diagnosis Should it not be the other way around Or did the Imperial Capital have special rules

He really could not understand it.

A junior doctor could not understand the radiographic films, so he found a white-haired old chief to do it.

The old chief doctor took action.

With a glance, he knew what illness it was.

This was logical.

Asking a junior doctor totake a look was too bizarre and perfunctory.

“Chief Kong, theres a problem here.” Zheng Ren was used to discussing the illness with Chief Kong.

He did not care about the doubts of the patients family members.

He took out a pen from his coat pocket and tapped on the radiographic films on the radiographic film viewer.

“I think so too.

The density is not right.

I suspect that its caused by cerebral edema,” Chief Kong said thoughtfully.

“However, this kind of cerebral edema on the radiographic films look like they take up a lot of space.

Its very rare.”

“There are changes in the liver and the upper extremity of the kidney.

The patient still needs more tests so we can properly confirm the diagnosis,” Zheng Ren frowned and said slowly after looking at the radiographic films for a few minutes.

“Its not a tumor!” The patients family was stunned for a moment before they had asked.

“No, its another disease.”

“What disease” the patients family asked in a daze.

Before they came, they had already visited many hospitals.

The diagnosis given by each hospital was a malignant tumor in the brain.

However, the treatment sequence and methods were different.

They could not make up their minds and wanted to ask Chief Kong to take a look and give them a suggestion.

However, they did not expect that, after coming to the 912, the entire diagnosis would be overturned.

Was this… reliable

“I suspect that its galactoidemia, which is commonly seen in infants.

This patients galactoemia is very mild, which is why it only began to act up when hes an adult,” Zheng Ren said.

“Chief Kong, what do you think”

“Theres a high probability that a tumor in the brain can be ruled out.

We need to do a three-dimensional reconstruction to confirm it,” Chief Kong was very experienced.

He was also uncertain about the diagnosis of this disease, so he explained according to the usual routine.

The office was silent.

No matter what, Chief Kong and Zheng Rens unified judgment was that the malignant tumor in the brain was a misdiagnosis.

They judged that it was caused by a cerebral edema.

After the patients family members experienced some happiness and excitement, they were a little confused.

It was not a malignant tumor.

That was a great thing! Although the truth was in the hands of a few people, so many experts and professors said that it was a malignant tumor, but the 912 directly denied it.

Was it true or not

Zheng Ren and Chief Kong discussed a few words, then used a pen to write a pile of things on a piece of A4 paper and handed it to the patients family.

“Here are the tests that need to be done.

Hurry up and get them done,” Zheng Ren said.

“The results of these tests come out very quickly.

Lets leave them a WeChat message and check them one by one.

Send them to me so I can take a look.”

“Ah” The patients family was surprised.

The doctors in the Imperial Capital were all cold and aloof.

Why was this young man so enthusiastic

Actually, he was not cold.

He looked at more than a hundred patients a day.

On average, a patient could only look at a patient for about five minutes.

Who had the time to chat more

That was why he appeared cold and aloof.

And this young man was obviously very free.

He actually said that the results were for him to look at.

It was really unreliable.

The patients family immediately had a much lower evaluation of Zheng Ren in their hearts.

Even the little respect they had left was almost gone.


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