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“My Silver Form is still not a match against that Saiyan.

After so many years, that Saiyan must have become more powerful, so I still need to train for a while…”

Frieza thought coldly.

His more than ten years of life in Hell wasn’t completely useless, at least as he endured the music of those hateful “little angels”, he honed his will and now has the possibility of making a breakthrough in future.

He believes that it will only take a few more months before he can make another breakthrough.

“Humph, let them be complacent for a while.

When this king’s training is finished, it will be the end of those Saiyans.

At that time, I’ll let them see how powerful this king is.”

As he thought this, a bone-chilling cold spread out from Frieza and swept through the spaceship, as if dozens of refrigerators were turned on at the same time, the temperature suddenly dropped below freezing point.

Standing next to Frieza, Sorbet could feel the soul-penetrating cold even more.

He wiped off the sweat, his heart tense.

The only fortunate thing is that King Frieza doesn’t want to seek revenge against those Saiyans right now.


Ten days later, a small spacecraft arrived on Earth.


Chichi and Dende live in the spacious palace.

On this day, a young Namekian arrived on Lookout, bringing along bad news about the new Planet Namek.

“The new Planet Namek has been destroyed” Dende was stunned by the unexpected grievous news before becoming sad, and asked the young Namekian to explain in detail: “What happened Explain everything in detail.”

The young Namekian, who was only a little older than Dende, said in sorrow: “Ten days ago, a group of evil aliens arrived on New Planet Namek, and they asked us for dragon balls as soon as they came.

Great Elder was worried that something bad was going to happen, so he ordered me to come to Earth and ask for help.

Later, I secretly went back to take a look, but the new Planet Namek had already disappeared.”

Mentioning this sad news, the young Namekian was grief-stricken.

Dende felt the same way and said sadly: “It’s dragon balls again, Namekian has suffered disaster several times because of them.”

Hearing this, Chichi comforted him: “Don’t be too sad.

New Planet Namek may have been destroyed, but we can use Earth’s dragon balls to restore it, and at the same time, your people can also be resurrected.”

“Yeah.” Dende nodded, then instructed Mr.

Popo to take out the dragon balls stored in Lookout.

“Wait a minute, I’d better inform Senior Brother Goku about this matter first.

Since the other party can find the new Planet Namek and knows about the Planet Namek’s dragon balls, they should not be simple.

We should investigate the matter clearly.”

“Yes, notify Goku and others first.” Dende nodded after thinking for a bit.

Then, she picked up the communicator, contacted Bulma, and then contacted Goku who was far away on God of Destruction’s Planet through Bulma.

Goku soon arrived via Instant Transmission, searched for a while in the area where the new Planet Namek disappeared, but didn’t find any suspicious traces.

“Strange, I can’t find any powerful Ki.

Could it be that the other party has gone into hiding” Goku investigated and found nothing.

In the end, he could only revive the New Planet Namek and the Namekians through the dragon ball.

After Great Elder Moori was resurrected, everyone learned about the identity of the one who attacked them from him.

“The culprit is an alien named Sorbet and his accomplices.

They robbed the dragon balls of New Planet Namek, and then resurrected a demon named Frieza.

I saw that they wanted to continue to make wishes, so I pierced my heart and disappeared together with the dragon balls.

But I didn’t expect those lunatics to not even let off the entire planet in the end.”

Speaking of this, Great Elder Moori felt very sad and angry as he glanced at his people who died innocently.

“Frieza” Goku blinked at hearing this name.

He had a bit of an impression of this name, as if he had heard of it many years ago.

He thought about it for a moment, and then remembered after Bulma’s reminder.

Isn’t that the demon who was killed by Xiaya on Planet Namek He actually came back to life.

In fact, in this world, Goku and Frieza didn’t have much interaction, they haven’t even met once.

Back then on Planet Namek, Goku was locked in a fight with Abo and Kado brothers, while Xiaya and Frieza were locked in a fierce fight on the other side.

The two did not meet directly.

So hearing that Frieza was resurrected, Goku didn’t feel much fluctuation in his heart.

At most, he thinks that another strong expert has appeared in this world.

As long as they are his opponent, there is no way Goku would be afraid.

Besides, Goku’s current strength may be inferior to Xiling, Myers, 18 and even Xiaya, but Super Saiyan Blue’s strength is also in the middle and upper level of the first level of Divine Realm, very close to the second level of Divine Realm.

If Goku encounters Frieza, it will definitely be a great fight.

“Next time, if I meet that guy named Frieza, I must have a good fight with him.” Thinking of this, Goku couldn’t help but feel eager.

But since that guy Frieza was resurrected, where did he go Goku knew that a demon as infamous as him couldn’t just disappear and go into hiding.


On the other side, when Goku returned to God of Destruction’s Planet, Vegeta learned the news of Frieza’s resurrection from Goku.

Vegeta said disdainfully: “Even if Frieza has resurrected, so what I can still kill him.”

If they have time to worry about Frieza, they might as well think about how to improve their strength.

Although Vegeta has not yet broken through to the Divine Realm, due to his training on God of Destruction’s Planet during this time, he has gradually stepped into his own path, and it wouldn’t take long before he will definitely be able to break through.

At that time, since he would have broken through to Divine Realm by relying on his own strength, then even when compared to Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue transformation, his strength wouldn’t be much inferior.

Goku also understands Vegeta’s confidence.

After all, Frieza is already the past.

Moreover, he has never met Frieza, so in his heart, Frieza just represents a strong expert from the past.

Speaking of the strong experts, he has seen quite a few.

“Oh, the Frieza you’re talking about, is it a Frost Demon That guy has a lot of potential.

If he is allowed to train without any obstruction, it might be a big problem.” Whis walked over with a faint smile.

In his eyes, Frieza can only be said to someone with not-bad potential.

“It’s fine, just give me a chance to defeat Frieza by myself.”

Vegeta was full of confidence.

Frieza’s resurrection seems to be an opportunity given to him by God to defeat Frieza with his own hands.

Whis smiled faintly, and declined to comment on their self-confidence.

Of course, it’s good to be a little confident, as long as you don’t become too conceited.


At the same time, in the depths of the dark universal starry sky.

A distorted light suddenly flashed in the void, and Champa and Vados appeared in the starry sky of Universe 7.

“Boom!” A beam of Destruction Energy shot out, and a vast planet turned into dust.

“Champa-sama, this is Universe 7.

If you recklessly use Destruction Energy, it will attract Beerus-sama and Whis’ attention.

Aren’t you looking for wishing beads Then, please keep a low profile.”

Vados was dressed in a green robe, her silver-grey long ponytail fluttering in the void.

In response to Vados’ warning, Champa restrained it a little and stood with his hands on his hips in the void: “Vados, let’s find the wishing beads quickly.

As long as we can sneak away the four wishing beads of Universe 7, we can obtain a planet full of delicious food.

At that time, Beerus will definitely feel very envious.”

Thinking of Beerus’ envious expression in the future, Champa opened his mouth wide and burst into laughter.

Glancing at Champa speechlessly.

Vados’ pretty face showed a hint of helplessness.

She tapped down into the void twice, and the t


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