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“Those who have gathered all seven dragon balls, please state thy wish, there can only be three wishes!” After the big and sturdy Porunga appeared, the huge head looked at the people below as a loud voice resounded in the sky.

The eardrums felt a stinging pain, causing them to go deaf.

It can allow three wishes

Sorbet was dazed for a moment before saying in surprise: “The first wish, please resurrect King Frieza!” After Sorbet finished speaking, his voice was quickly translated into Planet Namek’s language by the computer.

The strengthened Planet Namek’s dragon balls can directly revive people who have been dead for many years without the need to restore the body first, so when Sorbet made the wish, lumps of meat fell from the sky and then these lumps of meat quickly combined together to form a petite figure whose entire body was snowy-white.

The figure stood in daze, moving his limbs in disbelief as it exuded a cold and evil aura from the whole body.

“I…I came back to life…”

Frieza opened his palms in disbelief.

One second he was in that nasty “Hell”, and the next second he was resurrected.

This feeling of power was completely different from the nothingness in Hell.

“Hahaha, this king has come back to life!!”

Frieza burst into loud laughter, then he twisted his neck, his bones making crisp cracking sounds.

“King Frieza, I am the one who brought you back to life.” Sorbet hurriedly stepped forward.

“You are” Frieza’s scarlet eyes looked at Sorbet, his cold eyes had no emotions at all.

The frigid cold seemed to freeze even the soul with just one look.

Sorbet quickly explained: “This subordinate is Sorbet, I was a member of the Frieza Corp.

After the Corp fell apart, I brought a small number of troops to guard Your Majesty’s territory, but because of our lack of manpower, we could only control a small part.

“Oh!” Frieza responded indifferently, then turned to look at the huge figure of Porunga in the sky, a strange light flashing in his eyes, “What is this huge guy”

“Your Majesty, that is the Shenron of Planet Namek.

This subordinate used it to resurrect Your Majesty.

It can fulfill three wishes in total.

The first one was to resurrect Your Majesty, and now there are two left…”

It’s not that Sorbet didn’t want to use the remaining two wishes for himself, it’s just that he doesn’t dare.

He has experienced how terrifying Frieza is a long time ago.

If King Frieza knew that he had used the wishes without permission, even if he had rendered great contributions by resurrecting him, he would be annihilated by the angry King Frieza.

So when he knew that Planet Namek’s dragon balls could fulfill three wishes, he didn’t dare to overstep his authority in the slightest and obediently left the other two wishes for Frieza.

Thinking of this, Sorbet felt a pain in his heart.

“Hohoho, this is Planet Namek’s Shenron” Frieza’s eyes flashed with fiery light.

Back then, when he searched for Planet Namek desperately, wasn’t it just to find Planet Namek’s dragon balls to fulfill his wish Now that Shenron is in front of him, he just needs to make a wish.

Looking eagerly at the big and sturdy Porunga in the sky, Frieza was about to make a wish for immortality.

“Your Majesty, we need to use the Namekian language to make a wish to the Planet Namek’s dragon balls, and I’ve just completed the translation device here.” Sorbet eagerly offered.

“Umm, not bad.” After giving Sorbet an admiring look, Frieza nodded in satisfaction.

Although he wasn’t very impressed with this subordinate, it has to be said that he really knows how to conduct himself.

In that case, it would be impolite for this king to decline.

Raising his head, Frieza’s scarlet eyes flashed with a cold light like a poisonous snake, and he was about to make a wish, but at this moment, something unexpected happened.

Hearing a “whoosh” sound, the dark night suddenly turned into daytime, followed by Porunga’s huge body disappearing.

And seven white spherical stones fell from the sky.

Frieza was stunned for a while before shouting angrily: “What the hell is going on, where did Shenron go”

“He he, it’s because Great Elder Moori died.

Since dragon balls have disappeared, your wishes will never be achieved.” The combat-type Namekian, who was only barely alive, said coldly.

“Great Elder” Frieza was startled, and turned his head just in time to see the Great Elder named Moori dying, with a big hole in his chest.

Moori woke up when Frieza was about to make a wish, and decided to commit suicide.

When the Great Elder who maintained Porunga’s manifestation died, the dragon balls changed back to rocks.

“Good, good, good, damn Namekians!!”

Frieza’s eyes flashed with anger, just a little, just a little bit and he could have obtained immortality.

This is his long-cherished dream, but that damn Namekian, he chose to commit suicide at such a crucial moment, making him miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Anger kept burning in Frieza’s heart, and he was itching to destroy the entire planet.

“You said your name was Sorbet, didn’t you” Frieza asked coldly.

“Yes, King Frieza.” Sorbet felt extremely flattered and hurriedly responded.

Nodding indifferently, Frieza stepped into Sorbet’s spaceship without looking back, “Follow me, I’ll let you enjoy the most beautiful fireworks in the universe!” This kind of treatment, only Dodoria and Zarbon had the opportunity to enjoy before.

“Yes, King Frieza.”

Sorbet’s blue face was full of excitement, his voice stuttering.


Then, in the deepest part of the universe, a rumbling sound of explosion shocked the starry sky.

A dazzling gigantic fireball appeared in the universe, blooming like fireworks for a brief but with beautiful brilliance.

The new Planet Namek, together with all the lifeforms on it, exploded into final glory amidst a violent explosion, and then dimmed, turning into dust in the universe.

Namekian finally disappeared into the universe after going through several bumps.


“What are you going to do next, King Frieza Are you going to recover those lost territories” Inside the spaceship, Sorbet was bowing respectfully as he stood in front of Frieza.

Frieza stood by the porthole, a glass of red wine in his hand.

The blood-red eyes were facing the bright night sky outside the porthole, his calm pupils gloomy.

Suddenly, Frieza downed the wine in the glass and chuckled, saying elegantly: “Those lost territories can be seized anytime, but before that, this king has some more important things to deal with.”

“Sorbet, do you have any information about Saiyans”

Frieza couldn’t forget about that blonde-haired Super Saiyan.

It was because of him that he failed when he was on the verge of winning on Planet Namek and spent more than ten years of purgatory-like life in Hell.

Including the Planet Namek one, Frieza lost to that Super Saiyan twice in total!

Sorbet was stunned for a moment.

He didn’t expect Frieza to ask about Saiyans.

Don’t tell me King Frieza wants to seek revenge against those Saiyans

“What’s the matter, don’t tell me you don’t have any information about Saiyans!” Frieza turned around and said coldly.

“No no no, King Frieza, I do have some information about Saiyans here.” Sorbet panicked and quickly replied with an odd expression.

“Currently Saiyans are mainly living on a planet called Planet Hongshan in the East Area, but King Frieza, the Saiyans there are too strong, I couldn’t fully investigate their information, but the former Planet Vegeta’s Prince Vegeta and some Saiyans are living in North Area’s Earth.”

“That traitor Vegeta” Frieza’s face turned cold.

“Yes, Vegeta is currently living on a planet called Earth which is in the southern part of the North Area together with a few Saiyans.”

“Vegeta…” Frieza muttered to himself.

Although in his heart, the one he hates the most is the Super Saiyan who defeated him twice, but he does not intend to let that traitor Vegeta off.

But his two defeats have made him more cautious, and he didn’t plan to take action until he was absolutely sure.


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