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New Planet Namek, an obscure planet hidden in the depths of the universe.

Its existence is not conspicuous among the many stars, and few people know that there are dragon balls on this planet that have the power to create miracles.

Since the destruction of Planet Namek, the simple and kind Namekians have moved here.

Time is the best medicine to heal scars.

Now more than a dozen years have passed and with the passage of time, the longing for home gradually shifted to the construction of the new home.

Now Namekians are living a simple life on the new Planet Namek.

Without attracting any attention, they were living their lives quite comfortably, but one day, news of the new Planet Namek’s dragon balls leaked out and enemies from beyond the stars arrived from afar.

As they bared their fangs on this peaceful planet, disaster struck again on the new Planet Namek.

“Give us the dragon balls or I’ll kill all the Namekians here.”

The short Sorbet, with a ferocious look on his face, moved threateningly in front of the Namekian Great Elder Moori.

Because the number of Namekians was not large, and the combat-type warriors are even rarer, so when facing the menacing enemies such as Sorbet, Namekians look very helpless and could only watch blankly as their clansmen were being mercilessly slaughtered one by one in front of them.

The aged Great Elder Moori looked at Sorbet with grief and indignation, his eyes bursting with hatred, “I will not give the dragon balls to an evil guy like you.”

“He he he, stubborn, you won’t give it, right… ”

Sorbet’s eyes flashed with cold light.

Swish, swish, swish, a dozen laser beams shot out from the ring on his hand, “Puchi!” “Puchi!” and blood splashed out.

The soil was soaked with blood and several young Namekians fell to the ground.

Sorbet actually killed more than a dozen young Namekians in front of Moori.

Great Elder Moori watched with a grieving expression, a trace of sadness flashing in his eyes, but he cannot hand over the dragon balls.

Back then, Planet Namek was invaded by the evil aliens because of the dragon balls.

At that time, Great Elder died together with Planet Namek.

Now more than ten years later, the new Planet Namek is facing the same predicament again.

Is God testing us Moore thought in sorrow.

“Lord Sorbet, this is the dragon ball we found in the village.” An alien wearing Battle Armor flew over with a football-sized dragon ball and handed it to Sorbet.

Sorbet looked at the orange-yellow dragon ball, his needle-like eyes flashed with joy as he said excitedly: “Good, good, so this is the dragon ball.

It’s so big.

Everyone, listen up, quickly spread out and collect the rest of the dragon balls.” Sorbet gave an order to the accompanying aliens.

Receiving Sorbet’s order, the aliens with different appearances quickly dispersed to various villages in the new Planet Namek.

The tragedy was staged again, and it didn’t take long before the seven shining Planet Namek’s dragon balls were all collected.

Sorbet excitedly looked at the dragon balls and recited the chant in front of Moori.

“Come out, Shenron, please grant my wish!”


Even after a long time, the sky didn’t change.

Sorbet frowned and recited the chant again, but the result was the same.

Planet Namek’s dragon balls didn’t react to the chant he recited.

“Idaya, what the hell is going on” Sorbet asked his sergeant with a dark face.

They’ve come all the way to the new Planet Namek from far away, but the dragon balls they found aren’t working at all

“Perhaps Planet Namek’s dragon balls use a different method than Earth’s dragon balls.

Maybe a specific language is required to make a wish on Shenron.” The alien named Idaya thought for a while, feeling that it may involve some secret, so he said to Sorbet.

“Is that so” Sorbet paced back and forth gloomily, his mood becoming irritable.

He suddenly grabbed the collar of Great Elder Moori and said rudely: “Quickly tell me the summoning method of the dragon balls.”

“Hmph, don’t even think about it! I won’t tell you, you shouldn’t even think about using Planet Namek’s dragon balls.” Moori’s aged face stared straight at Sorbet, his voice full of deep hatred.

“It seems you want to die!” Sorbet’s face was cold and his voice was bone-chilling.

He threw Moori to the ground, preparing to kill him.

Woosh, woosh, woosh, several volley of attacks from high in the sky interrupted Sorbet’s movements.

Raising his head, he saw five green figures flying over from not far away.

The five figures landed opposite Sorbet in a line.

With rapid fighting sounds, the aliens around Sorbet were all knocked down.

“Doni, Ain, Jirou…” Moori exclaimed in surprise when he saw the people who had arrived.

These Namekians who arrived just in time were the few combat-type Namekians on the new Planet Namek, each with a strength of no less than 5000 Battle Power.

“Great Elder, you have suffered.”

The five combat-type Namekians helped Great Elder Moori up, then removed their coats and looked at Sorbet and the others with a resolute look, powerful energy erupting out from them.

“Beep, beep, beep…” The single-lens energy detector in his ear reacted and the Battle Power of Doni and others was quickly displayed on the lens.






Sorbet looked at the newly-arrived Namekians in surprise, their Battle Power quite impressive.

I didn’t expect that there would be strong experts on such a small planet… But if it’s just this, it couldn’t stop him.

He waved his hand expressionlessly and a purple figure appeared beside him.

“Lord, what are your orders” said the purple figure.

“Go and kill these ignorant guys.” Sorbet said sinisterly.

“Yes!” Replying in a low voice, a breeze rose on the ground and the purple figure disappeared from Sorbet’s side.

Bang, bang, bang, the sound of fierce fighting appeared and before the scenes of the fight could be seen clearly, the combat-type Namekians were sent flying in different directions.

Crack, a green arm was directly cut off and the Namekian, whose arm was severed, screamed in pain.

“Jirou!!” Great Elder Moore cried out loudly.

“He he, Cassote was a member of King Frieza’s 1st Corp, and his Battle Power is above 10,000.

How could weak Namekians like you be his match”

Sorbet said happily, pleased with himself.

He wanted to destroy the enemy’s spirit.

There are not many experts like Cassote in their army.

Although these people were not as famous as Mr.

Dodoria and Mr.

Zarbon during King Frieza’s time, but now, they are amazing trump cards.

“Hurry up and tell me about the dragon ball summoning method.” Restraining his temper, Sorbet asked again.


Moore stared at Sorbet with hatred.

He knew that he definitely cannot reveal how to use Planet Namek’s dragon balls, otherwise these evil aliens not only wouldn’t let them go, but would continue to harm other planets.

Seeing the Namekians remain stubborn and refusing to answer his question, Sorbet lost his patience.

His countenance became gloomy, and he knocked Moore out with a punch.

Then, he sinisterly said to the scientists around him: “Go get the equipment to translate Planet Namek’s language.

I don’t believe that with the power of universal technology, we can’t decipher these backward native’s language.

If we have to make a wish in Planet Namek’s language, then it will be easy.”

“Yes!” The alien scientists nodded.

Then, they grabbed a few Namekians and have them converse as the computer started recording their conversation before simulating it.

Previously, Sorbet had been speaking the common language of the universe which is widely used throughout the starfield.

It is not difficult to decipher the language with scientific and technological means.

It only needs a few dialogues of everyday used words and expressions.

Through the supercomputers’ continuous simulation and analysis, it is not difficult to decipher the grammatical structure.

After about half an hour, the computer simulation was finally completed through brute-force “language reading”, and Sorbet used the simulated “Namekian language” towards Planet Namek’s dragon balls to summon.

“Come out, Porunga!”

As soon as the voice fell, the colour of the sky began to change and a large dark cloud floated over, finally summoning Porunga.

As the entire planet fell into omnipresent darkness, golden lightning rose into the sky, bringing boundless pressure.

Porunga’s huge body appeared in mid-air.



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