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Chapter 1395 - Are You Looking Down On Me

Everyone had treated Lin Yun as the leader amongst them when they directed their gazes over to him.

Not only Ye Ziling, but even Zhao Yan and Gongsun Yan turned to look at Lin Yun.

This simply surprised everyone.

The Fleeting Cloud Sword Sects disciples were strong and had already proven themselves when Feng Zhang could evenly face against a Jiang Saint Clans genius.

As for Ye Ziling, there was nothing to say about her because she was stronger than Feng Zhang.

But they seemed to believe in the last person that walked up, which instantly placed Lin Yun in the spotlight.

“Whos that person A Lesser Elysium Core Realm can beat so many people”

“Even Gongsun Yan didn\'t say a word when he stood out.

This is weird.” Murmurs resounded from the surroundings as the crowd looked at Lin Yun.

“I heard that you suppressed Qin Cang, who was first on the Empyrean Ranking three months ago on the Profound Wither Island,” said Jiang Tian.

Others might not recognize Lin Yun, but he could instantly recognize him, and his tone was filled with hostility.

“It appears youve looked into my background,” said Lin Yun.

“I heard you obtained the Great Saint Origin on the Profound Wither Island.

Im now curious if its real or fake,” said Jiang Tian with a playful smile.

The Saint Clans already knew what happened on the Profound Wither Island a month ago, but they were skeptical about Lin Yun obtaining the Great Saint Origin.

After all, it was something that only Samsara Edict Realm experts could refine.

Lin Yun was only in the initial phase of the Elysium Core Realm, and refining it meant death to someone like him.

“What has it got to do with you” Lin Yun calmly replied.

He was losing interest in the test because he felt he had guessed everything wrong from the start.

He had no interest in Jiang Tian and wouldnt have stood out if they didnt provoke Ye Ziling.

“Youre arrogant!” Jiang Tian smiled.

“Ill be honest with you.

Qin Cang fought me ten times before I reached the Heavenly Elysium Core Realm, and he lost all ten times!”

“Is there anything impressive about winning against someone at the Quasi-Elysium Core Realm when youre at the Greater Elysium Core Realm” Lin Yun said in a mocking tone.

Qin Cang said that before, and he didnt seem bothered by it.

Even Qin Cang wasnt bothered by it, so why would he, Lin Yun, be concerned

“Looks like you still dont understand.

Qin Cang is nothing before me, and that means that youre not enough to make me let the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect go!” Jiang Tian smiled.

Lin Yun locked his brows together and replied, “Why are you taking it this far I dont understand why youre taking it this far with someone of your status.

Even if there is a feud, its not too late to resolve it after the test.”

If possible, Lin Yun didnt want to fight.

If a full-blown battle occurred, then Feng Zhang, Liu Qingyan, and Ye Ziling might lose their chances to enter the Sword Sect.

“You still dont understand Maybe Im not direct enough.

What I meant is that you are not qualified to talk to me.

Understood If you want me to let this matter go, answer me honestly if you have obtained the Great Saint Origin!” Jiang Tian smiled.

Lin Yun was surprised when he heard that.

Ye Ziling and Zhao Yan also became alert because Jiang Tian only seemed to care about the Great Saint Origin.

“I already said that it has nothing to do with you,” replied Lin Yun.

“Still not going to be honest It looks like Ill have to teach you a lesson, then!” Jiang Tian soared towards the sky with his sword aura soaring even higher.

The surface of his body started to become dark purple, making him look like a metallic statue before he appeared before Lin Yun in the blink of an eye, throwing a punch out.

Aside from the Terranean Rivus Sutra, Jiang Tian also practiced another body-refining technique.

Upon reaching a high level in it, even saint artifacts couldnt put a scratch on his body.

Lin Yun ducked to the side and avoided Jiang Tians punch.

If it were two months ago, Lin Yun wouldnt be able to last ten moves under Jiang Tian.

Jiang Tians attainment in the sword had reached a terrifying height, and his cultivation was also at the Heavenly Elysium Core Realm.

“Terranean Rivus—Myriad River!”

Jiang Tian used the Terranean Rivus Sword Technique.

As Jiang Tians attack bloomed in his hand, he used his fingers as a sword.

He gently tapped the air, but that caused the surrounding air to tear apart as starlight flowed like a river, charging forth.

“Divine Solar Lunar Fist—Heaven and Earth Unite!” Lin Yun remained where he was and threw out a punch.

When both sides clashed, they flew out, creating a massive shockwave from their collision.

All of the disciples from the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect and Jiang Saint Clan had long backed off, fearing being caught in Lin Yun and Jiang Tians clash.

A genius on the Elysium Core Ranking was indeed terrifying.

A fine crack appeared on the golden crow and silver phoenix holy spirits, and Lin Yun had blood dripping from his left hand.

Excluding those whose ages were over a hundred years old, Jiang Tian could be ranked in the top ten thousandths with his strength.

If it was only amongst those in the same generation, it shouldnt be a problem for him to make it into the top thousandths.

But fortunately, Lin Yun wasnt slacking in the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect and had made preparations to clash with geniuses on the Elysium Core Ranking.

Otherwise, he wouldnt even have any odds of winning.

When he circulated the Azure Dragon Saint Art, a faint light glowed on Lin Yuns arm that healed his wounds.

This scene surprised Jiang Tian because he was at the Heavenly Elysium Core Realm.

Although he only formed a single star in his violet palace, he was still a genuine Heavenly Elysium Core Realm expert.

His body-refining technique wasnt at all inferior to the dragon clans body-refining technique.

So he was baffled as to why Lin Yun could still stand on his feet.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up, and he emotionally yelled, “You really obtained the Great Saint Origin You also obtained the Profound Wither Great Saints inheritance, right Youre fortunate.

Its no wonder why you can face me when youre only at the Lesser Elysium Core Realm!”

“I already said that it has nothing to do with you,” Lin Yun replied indifferently.

“Hahaha! You cant refine the Great Saint Origin, not to mention that it might involve the secrets of the Southern Emperor.

So how can it have nothing to do with me” Jiang Tian laughed with his eyes shining brightly.

In his view, Lin Yun was simply courting death to act with such a high profile after obtaining the Great Saint Origin.

When he unleashed his attack again, eighteen astral rivers coiled above him before gathering on his hand.

He then used his fingers to condense them into a dazzling sword ray.

“Divine Solar Lunar Fist—Dragon Sun and Moon Cauldron!” Lin Yun executed the second form of the Divine Solar Lunar Fist.

When he threw his punch out, a sun and a moon flew out from his body, making his punch look like it was trying to split the heavens and earth apart.

This shocked everyone when they saw Jiang Tians majestic sword suddenly become tiny in comparison.

When both sides clashed, Jiang Tian was sent flying back and the astral rivers above him nearly dissipated.

“Divine Solar Lunar Fist—Eternal Light!” Lin Yun took another step out and unleashed countless punches that rained down on Jiang Tian.

“What fist technique is that” Jiang Tian was shocked because this fist technique was nearly comparable to a low-grade ghost spirit martial technique.

Lin Yun probably brought it to the manifestation stage, or it wouldnt be so powerful.

“Oh my god, who the hell is he!”

“Is he also a disciple of the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect Isnt the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect a little too heaven-defying How did they nurture so many monsters”

“This is too terrifying.

He doesnt look like someone who came from the wilderness.”

“Didnt you hear what Jiang Tian said That guy defeated Qin Cang, meaning he is the undisputed king of the Empyrean Ranking!” Exclamations resounded from the surroundings with everyones gazes falling onto Lin Yun.

“You guys are so outdated.

That person is Flower Burial Lin Yun.

Hes the one who swept through the ten realm sons on the Ninth Heavenly Path, known as the strongest genius in the history of the Heavenly Paths.

But I have no idea why he came for the test when he couldve just directly joined the sword sect.” The youths from the other saint clans said as they looked at Lin Yun.

“Holy **, are you serious”

“Did he really obtain the Great Saint Origin”

“He suppressed Qin Cang”

“When did such a monster appear in the Ancient Barren Domain… why dont we know about him” Everyone at the foot of the mountain had disbelief on their faces.

They had never heard of Lin Yuns name before, so they had no idea who he was.

But now, they knew Lin Yun was an underdog who could fight someone who was stages above him.

The battle between Lin Yun and Jiang Tian created a huge phenomenon that caused many people to back off.

Just like that, the first stage came to a pause because no one dared to continue up.

Another clash later, both Lin Yun and Jiang Tian backed down.

As a cold light flashed across Jiang Tians pupils, he drew his sword with his sword aura, causing the surroundings to tremble.

But in response, Lin Yun merely tore a piece of cloth from his clothes and used it as a sword.

“Are you looking down on me” Jiang Tian questioned furiously.

“At least youre not blind,” replied Lin Yun indifferently.

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