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Chapter 5 - Stay (1)


Li Hehua entered the kitchen.

She found that the old woman was scooping some white flour, and it seemed that she was planning to make lunch.

She didn't know who this old woman was, but she guessed it was Zhang Tieshan's mother.  Wanting to try if her guess is right, Li Hehua tentatively called out, "Mother."

Zhang Lin looked up at Li Hehua, the next seecond she turned his eyes away.

Her tone was very bad, "Don't call me mother, I can't afford to be your mother."

Li Hehua knew that she guessed right, this woman is Zhang Tieshan's mother.

Although she said not to call her mother, the call should still be called, at least until she leave this house.

Li Hehua stepped forward and took the bowl from her hand, "Mother, I'll do it, you can take a rest."

Who knew that the hand that was stretched out was slapped, "You don't need to pretend here.

You're so good, aren't you What kind of daughter-in-law are you pretending now Our family doesn't dare to bother you."

Li Hehua sighed deeply in his heart as he looked at her hand that was slapped.

Another person who hates her very much.

Forget it.

If she doesn't let her do it, she won't do it, so as not to annoy people.

It seemed that there was no way to stay in the kitchen, so Li Hehua had to pick up the bucket and continue to fetch water.

If she didn't find something to do, it would be embarrassing for her to stay there.

She went to the well, but this time, she didn't meet anyone else who was fetching water so she stayed for a while.

She stared at the mountains in the distance for a while.

Guessing that the time was almost up, she picked up the bucket and headed back home.

When she got home, she saw the other four people in the family sitting around the table and eating.

When they saw her coming back, they just looked at her and continued to eat with their heads down.

Li Hehua pulled the corners of her mouth and gave everyone a smile, then carried the water back to the kitchen, poured the water from the bucket into the water tank, and then sat down on the small bench and gasped for breath.

After she had enough rest, she rubbed her hungry stomach and stood up to eat by the stove, only to find that there was nothing left in the pot.

It was all finished.

There's really nothing left for her.

Li Hehua felt a little wronged, but she's not qualified to say her grievances to others.

She was the one who wanted to stay here.

She can only suffer and accept the treatment others had given her.

Otherwise, she will have to leave.

Why did she have to be so miserable After thinking about it, it's all because of the original owner.

She's carrying the black pots of the original owner.

After a moment of sadness in her heart, Li Hehua regained her energy and decided to make some brown rice porridge to fill her stomach.

She wanted to make something to eat directly with rice or white flour, but it would be bad if people get irritated and swept her out of the house, so let's just eat some brown rice porridge obediently first.

She has to find a way to earn money as soon as possible, buy food for herself, and then find a shelter as soon as possible, so she won't have to be so pitiful in the future.

Li Hehua took some brown rice to cooked porridge.

After eating directly in the kitchen, she cleaned the tableware and chopsticks she used before leaving the kitchen and entering the room.

It's just that the room she just cleaned has luggage and the bed is covered with sheets.

It looks like someone else outside wants to live in this room.

This is the room that she has been working so hard to clean for a long time, but now it is occupied by others.

She really wants to go out and say that this is the room she cleaned, but she can't say it, nor is she qualified to say it.  Maybe the people outside just think that if she can't bear it, she will leave, but she must persist now, until she finds a place to live.



T/N: Hello people! So for much faster translation, I will change the way of doing it.

Chapters with 2.5k to 3k words will be divided into 3 parts.

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