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Chapter 4 - Plead


Li Hehua thought for a while, then confirmed to the man who was looking at her coldly: "Are you going to leave me"

Zhang Tieshan's eyes flashed with surprise when he heard the words, but he quickly recovered his coldness and took the letter of divorce out from his arms and placed it on the table, "This is the letter of divorce, you go and clean up your things.

Don't let me drive you away."

The letter of divorce has been written, he is really determined to divorce his wife.

Looking at the letter of divorce on the table, Li Hehua think about what she should do in her mind.

Crying at this time is not feasible.

The more you cry, the more people won't like it.

Besides, crying wont result to anything good.

Then she can only be soft and see if she can make this man soft-hearted and take back his divorce idea.

Time to put your acting skills to the test! Li Hehua prepared in her heart for a moment, secretly pinched her thigh.

Her eyes quickly filled with tears due to the pain.

It looked like she was about to cry, and while there were tears in her eyes, Li Hehua said regularly: "I know you hate me now, you should hate me and it's all my fault.

I used to be a scumbag.

I don't have a clear mind, that's why I did so many bad things.

I regret it now.

I won't ask you to forgive me , as long as you can give me a chance to change, I will show it to you.

Can you give me another chance"

Li Hehua said this on purpose, on the one hand, to make the man soft-hearted and won't rush to divorce her.

On the other hand, it is to prepare for the future.

She is not the original owner.

Her future behavior will definitely be very different from the original owner.

With this, there will be a reasons to explain the change with her behavior and the original owner's.   

Li Hehua's words surprised Zhang Tieshan again, and he couldn't help looking at her.     He just came back and saw that the people in the house change because of her, he immediately planned to sweep her out of the house, but as soon as he said it, this woman punched and kicked at him like a lunatic.

After being subdued by him, she was lying on the ground, crying and rolling, which made the whole village came to watch the fun.

But that wasn't enough, she even picked up Shulin while he wasn't paying attention, threatening that if he dared to divorce her, she would kill strangle Shulin.

If he hadn't gone up to take Shulin down, Shulin would have been strangled to death by this wicked woman.

(T/N: Who is Shulin Hehe.

His is the bun!!!)

He was so angry that he immediately threw her out of the house and told her to get out, but this woman was shameless.

She smashed the door outside the whole night.

The people in the village can't sleep and can only come to him.

He could only let her in and give her the last two days to pack up and get out.

He originally thought that she would make more troubles if he came to divorce her today, but he didn't expect that she would stop and began to regret it.

However, he had already seen the true face of this woman, and he didn't believe a word of what she said.

She said this now, just to make him soften his heart and not divorce her.

But this wife must leave, otherwise he will be sorry for his poor mother, brother and son.

Zhang Tieshan gritted his teeth, and the words he spit out made Li Hehua feel cold, "Li Hehua, I don't care if you are truly remorseful or pretending, I have already written this divorce letter, you can take it.

From today onwards, the two of us will have nothing to do with each other.

Everything that you want to do is your own business, it has nothing to do with me."

Li Hehua was a little anxious, it seems that this person is really determined to let her go, but she really can't go now, she hasn't figured out anything yet.

Where should she go if she leave from here Go and wander in the street

No, no, no.

She must find some way to stay and get through the current difficulties.

It seems that what she said just now is not enough.

This man doesn't believe that she had changed at all.

She has to think of another way.

After much deliberation, there is only one way to go.

Forget it, saving face is nothing, survival is more important now.

Li Hehua put aside her pride, stepped forward and grabbed the sleeve of the man in front of her, and plead in the tone of the original owner. 

"Tieshan, I know you hate me, if you want to divorce me, I won't dare to say anything.

It's all my own fault, yes, but we are at least a couple.

Show me some kindness, let me stay here for another two months, okay It only takes two months, and after two months, I will get out of the way obediently.

If I go back on my word, you can drive me out, okay" Two months should be enough for her to find a way to earn some money and rent a house of her own.

However, this statement still didn't work very well for Zhang Tieshan.

He shook off Li Hehua's hand and looked at Li Hehua coldly, his eyes were a little scary.

Li Hehua looked back, swallowed her saliva, and continued to bite the bullet: "Tieshan, believe me.

If I lie, I'll die! Can you give me two more months of tolerance I'm a divorced woman who has no money on her body.

I need to find a way to make some money to survive, can you give me two months to earn some money"

Zhang Tieshan looked at the pleading face of the woman in front of him.

He didn't feel a slightest bit sympathy in his heart.

On the contrary, he is more disgusted.

Money Earn money to survive Haha, it's really funny.

All the money he sent back over the past few years has been stolen by this woman.

Not a penny was spent on his family, and now she's telling him that she has no money He has been kind enough not to ask her for the money back, but now she says she has no money

Zhang Tieshan remembered what his family members looked like when he came back and the anger in his heart couldn't go away.

He really wanted to end this woman immediately.

If he were asked to see this woman for two more months, he couldn't do it!     

Zhang Tieshan stood up, he didn't want to listen to this woman's nonsense anymore.

He walked out directly, "I have already written the divorce letter.

I'm not willing to admit that you're my wife! Pack up and leave my house immediately.

If I come back and you still haven't left yet, I will not be polite!"     

Seeing that Zhang Tieshan was about to leave, Li Hehua became anxious all of a sudden.

Her heart silently recited that the man could be bend and stretch.

Not caring about being humiliated by his ruthless rejection again and again, she followed him with her thick skin for two lifetimes.

She ran after this ruthless heart and suddenly hugged Zhang Tieshan's waist from behind.

She hugged Zhang Tieshan tightly, desperately, and refuse to let him go.

 "Don't go, please, please let me stay here for a while longer I beg you."     

Zhang Tieshan was hugged by her so suddenly, his body froze for a moment, and the next second he was about to break free.     

Li Hehua felt that her hand was about to be broken, but she still held onto it with all her strength and didn't let go.

"Tieshan, I have nowhere to go after being divorced.

I need some time to arrange it.

I  certainly won't stay her, I will give you a note okay" (T/N: Like a contract, I guess...)

"Oh! Ridiculous! Your maternal family is powerful, isn't it They love to back you up! Since they love you so much, wouldn't it be good for you to go back and live with them Don't fool me with all these nonsense!"     

Li Hehua's body stiffened, she didn't expect that the original owner really had a maiden's family.

It seems that the maiden's family did something to make this man angry, and now the man wants to drive her back to them.     


So does she want to go back to the original owner's family     

No, no, even if she has her family, she can't leave.

First, she doesn't know where her family is, and she is not familiar with them.

If she goes back, she might get exposed.

Second, the original owner's family didn't care and leave the original owner with such a look (fat).

It's either they didn't love her, or that her maiden's family are not good people.

Third, as a divorced woman in the ancient times, what kind of treatment can she get (T/N: Well, equality is still absent at this time.)

Therefore, unless absolutely necessary, the she cannot return to the original owner's family.

Although it is very difficult here, at least she is able to learned a lot in the past two days, and although this man hates her very much, it can be seen that he is not a bad person.     

Having made up her mind, Li Hehua said, "I won't go back! I won't have a good life when I go back.

I want to find a place to live by myself, so please let me stay here for a while."     

Seeing that she didn't want to leave, Zhang Tieshan was angry.

He shouted, "Let me go!" He suddenly increased his strength, broke free from her, and threw Li Hehua to the ground at once.

Li Hehua only felt pain in her buttocks, her palms were rubbed hot by the ground, and her eyes were quickly filled with tears, but at this moment she couldn't care about the pain, and pleaded again: "Just let me stay for a while.

I promise that I will be obedient and won't cause trouble for you.

I will cook for you and do housework for you, okay I'll do whatever you asked me to do.

Once I find a house, I will leave as soon as possible."     

Zhang Tieshan just wanted to break free.

He didn't expect to throw her to the ground, but it was impossible to apologize to her.

Seeing her tearful yet still pleading to him, he felt annoyed.

Why does this woman have to stay a while longer Is it a way to procrastinate But no matter what, he wil divorce her.

Well, for the sake of her being Shulin's mother, he will let her stay for a while.

If she doesn't want to leave then, he will not care even if she is a woman.

Zhang Tieshan took a deep breath and strode out without saying anything.

Li Hehua watched his figure disappear at the door, wondering whether he agreed or not.

It doesn't matter, whether he agrees or not, she has to stay here for the time being.

Even if she is scolded, she has to endure it.

When she earn enough money, she doesn't need to beg anymore.

Forget it, she'd better go and clean up the house.

Maybe the man will be tolerant of her when he sees that the house is clean and won't rush to drive her away.

Thinking about it, Li Hehua endured the pain on her body, moved her fat body with difficulty and got up.  She took the mallet out and started to wash the sheets.

After struggling for half an hour, she finally cleaned the sheets, pillows, towels, etc.

While hanging and drying it in the yard, Zhang Tieshan came back again, but this time he was not alone.

He was followed by a little teenager and an old woman in her forties and fifties, and he was holding a little boy in his arms.

Seeing Li Hehua drying clothes, Zhang Tieshan walked into the room with a sullen face, as if he hadn't seen her, which made Li Hehua even more uncertain.

The two people who came in behind Zhang Tieshan also saw her, and their faces suddenly became ugly.

They looked at her with displeased eyes.

They followed Zhang Tieshan into the house without paying attention to her.

Li Hehua pursed her lips and continued to finish the work at hand, then wiped her hands and followed into the house.

Inside the house, the little boy that Zhang Tieshan had just brought in was sitting at the table playing with the little cloth ball in his hand.

He didn't look at her, while the other three were packing their luggage and seemed to be ready to move in.

Li Hehua doesn't know what she should do.

Go up and help They will definitely not appreciate it, but she can't do nothing.

After thinking about it, just go to the kitchen and cook.

It's already noon, and they definitely haven't eaten yet.

Let's cook something and eat it together.

However, there is only that little brown rice in the kitchen, and there is no other choice but to make brown rice porridge.

Entering the kitchen, Li Hehua found that there were two more bags of grain in the kitchen.

She opened it and looked.

There was a bag of white flour and a bag of fine rice.

Li Hehua was a little surprised.

After eating a few meals of brown rice porridge, her mouth quickly secreted saliva.

She had never wanted to eat white rice and noodles like at this moment.

However, these things are not hers, she can't use them.

After thinking about it, Li Hehua turned around and walked out of the kitchen.

He found Zhang Tieshan in the yard who was moving things.

After doing some psychological construction in her heart, he called out to him, "Zhang Tieshan."

However, Zhang Tieshan didn't want to pay attention to her.

Not even a glance was given.

Li Hehua twitched the corners of her mouth and continued, "I want to make some lunch.

Can I use some flour from the kitchen I want to make some noodles for everyone to eat at noon."

Zhang Tieshan ignored her and continued to do his business.

Li Hehua was a little disappointed.

She turn around and go back to cook her brown rice porridge.



T/N: Direct translation of the title is  "Prayer" but I change it to "Plead" because I think it is more appropriate.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!


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