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The sudden pressure on my cheeks made me wonder for a moment what had happened.


Masa-kun, you are making a strange face.”

Chinatsu-chan was laughing at an unexpectedly close distance.

She had both hands plucking my cheeks.

She pushed, pulled, stretched and played with them in various directions.

What the h**l is this… I was confused and Chinatsu-chan was doing whatever she wanted to do to me.


hey Masa-kun.”


Chinatsu-chan’s hand moved away from me.

I was puzzled a moment ago, but when her warmth finally left me, I felt lonely.

“Is that really such a big deal”


She smiled gently.

“If Masa-kun was there at that time, did you think I would be angry at you for why you didn’t help me”

“Because …”

The girl I liked was in a tough spot and I did nothing about it.

On the contrary, I turned it into an opportunity for myself.

That’s because it’s true.

“Masa-kun, you are more serious than I thought.”



So serious that you’re worried about such things..

but there’s something cute about it”


I feel like I’ve been told something that didn’t make me happy as a man.


This time she held my hand.

My hands were sweating profusely due to my nervousness, and I felt sorry for her.

But she didn’t seem to be bothered by this and looked me straight in the eye.

“I’ve been helped a lot by you, Masa-kun.

I can’t thank you enough for listening to me when I was having a hard time, and for putting your body on the line to help me when I was in danger.

… I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me.”

“So Therefore,” she continued.

“There is no need for you to worry about anything, Masa-kun.

We weren’t even lovers at that time.

You should not blame yourself like that, saying that you absolutely had to help me.

Besides, even if you had come in to help, I don’t think Kentaro would have listened to you at that time.”

Indeed, considering Osako’s outburst the other day, if I had left without a plan, I might have only agitated him even more.

“Then, Chinatsu-chan will you forgive me”

“L I K E I said, there’s nothing to forgive.

Rather than that, Masa-kun, your responsibility lies somewhere else.”


Was there anything else that I’d done to take responsibility I couldn’t think of anything else.

When I asked her, Chinatsu-chan’s face turned bright red and she answered bashfully.

“I-I’m going to make you take the responsibility…for making me fall in love with you, okay”

Since Chinatsu-chan said such a thing with an upturned gaze, my face suddenly became hot.

Because of her, I was saved.

I really don’t want to betray you, Chinatsu-chan.

I sincerely want you to be happy.

“I’ll definitely take responsibility.

I’ll make Chinatsu-chan happy.”


When I expressed my determination, for some reason Chinatsu-chan let out a strange voice.

It was a cute voice.

“What’s wrong, Chinatsu-chan”

‘Then it sounds like a …… p-proposal.


I couldn’t quite hear her voice as she turned her head down.

But she didn’t hate me.

That’s enough for me.

I’m glad I was honest with Chinatsu-chan.

Thanks to her, all the rancor in my heart had been cleared away.

“Thank you, Chinatsu-chan.”

“Ah ……”

I put my hand on Chinatsu-chan’s chin and made her look up.

A face dyed in vermilion.

When I was reflected in Chinatsu-chan’s eyes, her eyes relaxed.

“Because I really love you… be prepared”


We kissed.

A kiss that made me feel like I was drowning … deeper and deeper.

It felt hot and sweet and mingled with her.


Hah …… hah …….”

The moment our lips parted, I regained my breathing as if I had remembered.

My head was foggy.

There was only Chinatsu-chan in my field of vision.

Her face approached.

I could no longer determine which way she was approaching.


They kissed again as they sought each other.

Again and again, they … sought each other.


I took Chinatsu-chan home.

All that remained was to return home.

Her steps were light as she headed home as if she had grown wings.



My facial muscles were not doing their job properly.

I was aware that I looked as if I couldn’t look in the mirror.

But that’s okay.

Chinatsu-chan likes me.

Not only that, she healed my troubled heart.

Cute and kind Chinatsu-chan.

I decided that I would always believe in her.

“What’s that …”

At the corner of a residential area.

There was a small park.

The park only had a slide and a sandbox.

Not enough for a children’s playground, I guess.

“Kentaaro is amazing!

“Kentaaro’s castle is so big!”

In the sandbox of such a small park, Osako was playing with kids.


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