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Summer meant swimming pool.

As promised, I visited the pool with Chinatsu-chan.

Perhaps because we came on a weekday after our tests, there were not enough people.

Neither my middle school nor the high school I attend now had a swimming pool.

If I wanted to swim, I had to turn my feet this way.

“Oo ….”

A breath of admiration escaped me.

In front of me was Chinatsu-chan.

She was in a swimsuit.

“H-How do I look Does it suit me ……”

Chinatsu-chan looked up at me bashfully.

Despite her demeanor, her swimsuit was a bold white bikini.

It was frilly and pretty, and also seemed to increase the voluptuousness of her b*****s.

I could see her cleavage, which was not usually seen.

A pretty girl with large b*****s.

I don’t know what you call these girls.


“… loli big t**s.”

“W-What did you just say”

“I said, Chinatsu-chan, you look so cute that I forgot to breathe.

The swimsuit looks really good on you.”

“Eh, ah, i-is that so…… Masa-kun, you also look so robust and c-cool….”

Chinatsu-chan shyly returned my compliment.

My swimsuit wasn’t that interesting, So I concentrated on burning Chinatsu-chan’s bikini figure into my eyes.

I did some warm-up exercises before getting into the pool.

I didn’t jump in, but slowly soaked my feet first.

“It feels so nice and cold!”

Her smile was as bright as the sun.

It seems that her excitement went through the roof when she got into the pool.


It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the pool and I’m already enjoying it.”

“Masa-kun, Masa-kun”

“What’s the matter, Chinatsu-chanWaaapoo!!”

Water was splashed on my face and I involuntarily closed my eyes.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Chinatsu-chan with a face like a mischievous child.

“Fufu~~, You’ve turned out to be a fine man, Masa-kun.

A good man dripping with water.”

(T/N: 水も滴る or dripping with water is an expression used to describe someone as beautiful/splendidly handsome)

“Now you have done it, Chinatsu-chan!”

I splashed water on Chinatsu-chan, too.

She happily said, “Kyaa” as she got wet.

Chinatsu-chan’s light colored red hair became wet and moist.

The sunlight also made it look more shiny.

We returned to our childhood and enjoyed splashing water on each other.

Perhaps it was because she raised her arms to splash a lot of water, but I could see movement in her exposed chest.

The movement that the men didn’t have was mesmerizing.

…… swimsuits are the best.

“There’s a flowing pool over there.”

“Let’s rent some floats and go as far as we can.”

It was liberating and our spirits went everywhere.

I put Chinatsu-chan on the float and spun the float around as it flowed.

That alone didn’t stop me from smiling.

“Look, look, Masa-kun! There is a swimming pool over there.

Let’s race!”

“… Chinatsu-chan.

I can’t accept that match.”

I became serious in an instant.

“Eh, why”

Chinatsu-chan was perplexed by my sudden lowered excitement.

After thinking about whether or not to say something, I decided to make a confession.

“Because that pool… it says it’s three meters deep.”

“It’s a pool for swimming races, you know”

“… A pool where you can’t stand on your feet is scary, isn’t it”

Chinatsu-chan stared at me with a blank face.

I would like to believe that it was my imagination that her almond eyes seemed to be accusing me.



“Perhaps you can’t swim”

“…… yes.”

I covered my face with my hands.

It’s embarrassing …….

Because I had no choice.

There were no pool classes in middle school and high school.

It’s no wonder I was not a good swimmer.

I also had a bad experience in elementary school when I almost drowned in the ocean because I couldn’t touch my feet.

My body still remembered the panic I felt at that time.

“But, Masa-kun, you can put your face in the water, can’t you You were able to flutter your feet just a little while ago.”

“I can do it as long as my feet can touch the ground.

I can’t when my feet can’t touch the ground…”

Chinatsu-chan showed a little thoughtful gesture and then took my hand.

“I understand.

Then let’s practice.”


Chinatsu-chan grinned at me.

I could sense nothing but good will in her smile.

“I’ll teach you how to swim in deep water.”


“Relax, Masa-kun, relax.

If you put too much pressure on yourself, you’ll sink.”

“Ha …… ha …… ha …… ha ……”

While the flowing pool was crowded with people, there were not many people in the swimming pool for competitive swimming.

Thanks to that, I had no trouble practicing swimming.

With Chinatsu-chan taking me by the hand, I practiced my breathing and flapping my legs.

“Yes, yes, yes, that’s it.

Swimming doesn’t change whether your feet touch or don’t touch.”

I practiced as Chinatsu-chan carried me along.

I felt my fear gradually fade as I got used to it.

“Then let’s try crawling.

I’ll be right next to you, so don’t worry.”

(T/N: Front Crawl)

Chinatsu-chan got out of the pool.

She overlooked me, and this time I started swimming alone.

I almost felt my anxiety return a little as our clasped hands were released, but I felt Chinatsu-chan’s gaze on me, and my desire not to show her how uncool I was won over.

“Don’t keep your head too far above the water.

Keep your body parallel to the bottom of the pool.”

“Puhah …… puhah ….”

“While your face is in the water, exhale through your nose.

That way you can take a big breath when it’s time to catch your breath.”

Chinatsu-chan’s instructions accurately entered my head even as I was swimming.

The more I practiced, the smoother my movements became, and then I got the feeling that my body was floating.

“Masa-kun, you’re good at swimming.

You have a knack for it.”

“No, it’s because of the way you teach me, Chinatsu-chan.”

Although it took some time, I became confident enough in my swimming to no longer feel anxious about not being able to keep my feet on the ground.

I was able to do what I could not do.

I was very happy about that, and I couldn’t stop being excited.

“It’s getting late, do you want to have lunch”


I’m starving.”

“I’m sorry.

I took up so much of our time because I can’t swim.”

“Fufu, that’s not true.”

Chinatsu-chan was laughing happily and leaned in close to me.

“There are things even Masa-kun can’t do, and I can teach them to you.

That may sound strange, but it makes me happy.”



I see.

I’m glad you don’t find it annoying.”

“I don’t think it’s annoying.

Rather, you can rely on me more.

I want to do my best so that I can support you, Masa-kun.”

As I thought, Chinatsu-chan was not only cute.

She was cute and cool.

That makes me want to do my best to be a man who can support her.

“What do you want to eat, Chinatsu-chan”

“I think I’ll have a frankfurter.”

(T/N: Franfurter)

On the way to the stand.

I thought as we walked, our arms touching each other.

I wonder why men and women’s skin feels so different.


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